Oh no!!!

She have stroke or something this morning

I rush to be with her – follow ambulance to hosp and they running tests she doing ok

She in and out, they running all kind of tests – I literally not even dressed correctly – I ran to be with her immediately (I’m a little freezing because ER so cold!) but I don’t wanna leave her side until I know what happening – make sure she has someone

My brother is 10 hours away so just me to be with her.

I am too scared to lose her

I walking tight rope at moment


Ugh I might pull up bed next to her cause my heart struggles to be ok – I worry and have emotions so much

I being strong and handling … but I wanna just …

“😭” to release – I am massive tense and scared

I’m soooo sooooo scared 😩💔🙏🙏🙏

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    1. I do, I am remembering to have self care 😊

      I am eating – most meals – I only forget when I am racing behind an ambulance to the hospital 🏥

      Then I forget everything, until I know she ok.

      But I do remember to self care 🙌

      Today after seeing her – I was all by myself but I didn’t wanna go home – I would cry… so I went out to eat all by myself and got a coffee all by myself ❤️ was nice calm serene afternoon

      My family came back tonight ❤️

      I am not alone anymore 😊❤️

      I’m gonna take the week off … because tomorrow my very last day with my family people … so I want day for them…

      And Wednesday, I won’t work because I fly home. 😩💔💔💔 I go back to cali 😩💔💔💔

      And then I not working Thursday – that my bday… and I not following a bday with Friday workday after not working all week – so I take Friday off too ❤️

      I’m gonna miss my mom though 😩💔 I have loved every moment of being with her ❤️

      But yes – I am self caring when able. ❤️ I know I need to stay strong through it.

      Thank you for always checking, being positive and caring ❤️🤗❤️


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