Read this…

Could it be this??? …

“myoclonic jerks”

??? Why they not just say is that?? So we know what dealing with – why make us panic??? What is this???

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    1. Maybe it suddenly get worse?? I don’t know 🤷‍♀️

      The neurologist is gonna have to order the MRI 🙏🙏

      Whew … also my day of reckoning coming… I have to leave on Wednesday 😳

      Whew 😥 I dunno

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      1. Okay. I know it must be hard especially given all the circumstance Trisha, but try and remain calm, let them investigate. The human body is so utterly complex and is oft filled with chain reactions when triggers are tagged.

        I know how you feel. Having been ill for as long as l have with this digestive problem and with no formal diagnosis, l can conjure up all sorts of ailment and more so with the internet presence.. we can find all sorts of things.

        I get how frustrating it is, but let them do their thing, don’t sit back and do nothing though, be proactive as you are being, keep them on their toes 🙂

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      2. If they actually do their jobs and have compassion then I have no problem.

        And if they not gonna give us answers – then yes I gonna MAKE them check for things

        And I also have no problem being a squeaky wheel… because is my mother and I do not want her dying without peace and care!!

        Also I am in United States so over here is the almighty dollar – not sincerity

        Is big corporation even in health care. Big drug companies and red tape bullshit

        So yeah – I be on them until they tell me answers – want me off back? Then tell us what wrong.

        Otherwise I not gonna stop.

        I go after doctors at work for causes, is like pulling teeth

        So- damn right I not gonna let go here. Is my mom – I’m gonna make sure she ok.

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      3. The medical industry in the UK is becoming similiar to that of the US, money orientation and little empthy. Of course you have the minority who care, but we all now have to push and push and push whereas before it used to be dealing with doctors and consultants that cared.

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      4. Sucks!! Makes healthcare really suck!

        In England – does your government provide your medical care?? Or do you pay for yourself?

        Also… care within the whole world has declined from what has been in past. Humanity is different now ☹️

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      5. In the UK, we have private health care [the paid for kind] and the NHS [NNational Health Service] which is care provided by the government. Sadly in the last twenty years the government has cut the budgets on the free care and the NHS has spent their own budgets unwisely as well making issues harder.

        In truth, everything is just declining health care wise – free and paid for.

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      6. Here in America people like the idea of government provided healthcare – like you guys – we look to you guys to see…

        But the United States government would MESS that shit up!! 100%

        They would definitely misrun and misspend … it would be crap.

        But private health insurance we required to carry or you be fined on your taxes 🤨

        There is state care provided by each state for those who can not afford health insurance…. But the level of care is omg awful!!

        And the private insurance – doctors get kick backs from BIG drug companies to push their drugs …

        And then anything that gonna cost money like surgeries, hospital stays or different tests… is fight with insurance company – you have to do back flips to have the procedure approved

        They understaffed/overworked/underpaid

        It’s not about caring for people – no longer is it about that oath they take. That’s bullshit- it’s all about money!!!

        The almighty dollar once again 🤨

        I am not fan of doctors because of this and I don’t trust them to actually know what doing or how to actually care? They cold usually

        ** but I will say… as with everything else … sometimes you can find a diamond 💎… a doctor who actually cares and one who takes oath seriously and knows what doing, is not effected by money, but instead people.

        The world just makes it harder to find those diamonds because of greed and that almighty dollar… but those diamonds do exist – they just rare

        The state of the world is very sad with all their greed and mismanagement

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      7. “The state of the world is very sad with all their greed and mismanagement ”

        And that last statement of yours of truth Trisha says it all precisely – this is the current state of our world, sadly and horrifically shambolic.

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      8. I know 💔☹️ is so sad to see it going this way.

        Money truly is the root of all evil because – how you stop it? How you change it? How you fix?

        Money and power.

        Money gives you power – so is like a poison ☠️

        We have bigger pandemic with that! Worldwide ??

        In the 80’s and 90’s they would say…

        All about the Benjamin’s … because Benjamin Franklin is on our $100 dollar bill 💵

        Money is always glamorized – you just don’t know the evil that comes with that.

        Is very sad.

        Every Christmas I think about how used to be… loving towards fellow man/neighbor, willing to help others, being kind or humble- remembering what the holiday represents.

        But that is lost now… it’s been commercialized – even religious holidays ☹️

        It makes me so sad during the holiday. I stay away from those things and we have simple Christmas – few small presents out of love- but be together most important – so don’t really care about the presents. Not what is about.

        If they can make a buck off it – they will

        You think you can’t get blood from a stone? Well if there is money involved – people will try!!

        And everything is mismanaged. Just everything. It’s insane.

        I can not even imagine 100 years from now… I would probably roll over in my grave at this rate.

        I wish for my mom to live forever because I want her… but if they ever create a way TO actually live forever ♾… would you want it??

        I am tired of the world bullshit – kinda exhausting

        So I dunno if I wanna do forever? I love life and love experiencing life for all that it is ❤️

        But would I want to live and see what they do to this world?

        I dunno. I am tired. That seems like heavy load to live forever when so much unrest always.

        I was sitting with my mom and her friends yesterday and I jokingly say to my mom…

        Stop scaring me, you supposed to live forever! Always! Lol – she my mom, I always gonna want her ❤️ 🙏

        But when I say that, it wake ALL of them up to heads shaking no and waving hands in a fashion to say no lol

        See they all know – even when they forget!!!

        Life is tough. The world makes it tougher.

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