Back in Sac

So I am back. I miss my family. 🤫 ❤️☹️

I love living in California … sometimes it frustrates me with cost of living and things … but it’s absolutely beautiful weather wise and I can have any weather or terrain I want, whenever I want it… it surrounds me… mountains, beach, valley, what you want?

I am spoiled and blinded by the amazing beauty California has – yeah I have like a spell on me or something? Cause I do love California – so beautiful ❤️❤️

And I appreciate having my rights here ❤️

I don’t always agree with the liberal side – but thank you for making sure my rights are intact ❤️

I could NOT live in Texas … I can visit. I can’t not handle the politics there – nope

Plus it’s flat?

Awww ❤️❤️❤️ Dallas ❤️

But yeah – I can not take their politics – nope 👎 … totally totally totally Californian lol … with tiny twist of Massachusetts lol ✌️

And no… I do not want to go back to Massachusetts – it’s too cold and I just fit better here. The era of my Massachusetts was my childhood – was my one constant ❤️ always had my family there. Always …

My grandmother was born in her house, so was my dad… I was born in a hospital… but the house been in family forever. So… where ever we moved – we always came back to Massachusetts ❤️

I was the queen when we went back ❤️ I loved visiting my grandparents lol aww

But no one there now.

My sister is in Maine – and ugh this not gonna go well. I say I help her and I pay for something and was big crazy thing, and then also… instead of coming to get help …she want me to fly her all over the place … I get she wanna see mom, but I can not afford that. She gonna have to come to me and get strong first. Earn it… I don’t have the money for tons of things – I help her stand but if this gonna go badly then I will stand back. I have to save for things and if I be providing for her while she get strong and she does not work hard and appreciate then you know – what’s the point? I can’t do it.

I can help her because I wish her to be strong and she would love life ❤️ I could help her stand so strong… come to me… but also “listen”… wax on/wax off – ya know?

I help & teach her how to stand strong if she come to me… but I can NOT be her knight in shining armor 🤨

You give a man a fish, he eats for a day… you teach a man to fish and he never starves

So sweetheart – whatcha want? Cut the shit – you want something then come to me and listen. I’m not playing and I don’t deal with lies – if you want something come work for it. Grow your ass up. Time to adult.

You wanna roar or what? Lol ✌️

Yes understand I have conditions … we have been through this before so there is caution. I don’t want to be left with nothing.

I am going to NEED her to be serious. Otherwise no.

And then in other subjects …

I have video on my phone of vacations or visits with my parents … I’ve been watching them over and over… and I just watch my mom and her words and things … she had just always been forgetful but the most recent videos from say… maybe 2010? Or 2012? She had lost her mom around that time.

I never noticed before … but to rewatch the videos – I think I can see it creeping on, but at the time I had no idea! I didn’t know. But I feel like I was blind. How I not see? I should not keep watching those videos.

But is interesting… sorta hindsight 20/20… would I recognize it again? Would I see it in myself? 😮

Yeah I probably need to stop watching those videos lol ✌️

Oh it is soooooo go to be home and in my own bed – omg yes! 🙌❤️❤️ totally locked away from all drama – ahhhhhh for moment … ahhhhh

I missed the Fourth of July … and my birthday was meh, because other things … but I did have amazing friends around me, both in spirit and in person ❤️ thank you ❤️ you make me smile and be thankful ❤️… Tonight kids coming to be with and we celebrate 🎊

Also… the day I left Texas – they were gonna be 103 degrees PLUS humidity 😵🥵 … but Sacramento was only a breezy 85 👏🙌❤️ … see you just fall in love!

But the heat follow me back cause we heating up … omg I brought the heat 😮 lol 💋

Alright well… reality will be coming back soon so… ya know I suppose I should do some adulting 🤨🙄 lol ✌️ … I didn’t say you have to like it, but ya gotta do it ✌️😘

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  1. Glad you are back to your place. Nothing feels better than home. Peaceful indeed ✌️.

    Your sister causing so much fuss. Sorry to say this, I just think you should give her some sort of deadline maybe? So she can follow it up. Else she isn’t going to do much like this I believe.

    Hydrate yourself, it’s still gonna be warm regardless of place as summer is yet to peak there.

    Take care 😊

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    1. Yes ❤️ very nice to be home – but I also miss them… they feel like home too.

      She seems to think the world owes her? But that is not the case – she think we all made of money so we should do for her… but that is not how is…

      We all work hard and save and be strong 💪… or try to… we try to be there before many many many times. So we are careful now. When she serious and ready she can come to me- I help her.

      Yes making sure to have water 💦 and eat …

      When I came home my kids bought me new dishes and beautiful silverware for my birthday and solar lights for outside ❤️ for the walkway. They surprise me ❤️

      They have been caring for my house and things while I was gone ❤️

      Thank you… I hope you also take care 🙏✌️❤️

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    1. Is so nice to be home – yet I still miss family. I loved being with my mom – thankful had the opportunity ❤️

      Thank you 🙏 you as well please 🙏✌️❤️ enjoy your weekend 😊


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