I’m going to Texas. Booking flight now.

She not doing good 😭😭 I’m losing my mom 😭💔

I be back when able 😭💔

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      1. Hey there fine lady! That’s what I’m driving at which is how you pull through so much and yet you are strong and positive, man oh man, my hat goes off to you! Some women are so strong in the most important ways; after all from my vantage point, being a mother, that alone would be so strenuous an effort as I see it; so I feel like God bless them but I’m best being just who and what I am. 🙏
        😊❤️ And you bet, you’re very welcome!
        Keep doing as you are! Many more blessings to come too! 🙏
        Brother in Christ Jesus,

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      2. Well you never know how strong you actually are, until you need to be. ✌️

        I’m actually not strong – but life makes me be strong – I don’t really have a choice in the matter

        I may lose my mom, but my life continues to go on after I lose her so… you just do best you can with cards you dealt.

        Is also best to have place to vent or release tension…

        Also … my blood family is small now so to be with them is more and more special as time moves forward … they give me strength because they also have same grief and emotion as me 💔 I know how they feel – they know how I feel … I can cry with them ❤️

        And life has all kinds of emotions – both happy and sad … sometimes life is beautiful and amazing … but no one ever said would be perfect … you have to have some storms before you can have a rainbow…

        Bad things in life happen – you must be strong

        You have one life so make best of it.

        I also stay away from social media so I don’t have the negative influence ✌️ I stay away from that.

        I am also somewhat an adult lol … so even though sometimes I don’t want to adult lol … I am forced to ✌️

        But life is also what you make it… it not always perfect or happy … but life is beautiful for what is.

        Sometimes I am mad at life or sad … but sometimes it’s amazing.

        Is hard for me now because is my mom…

        I love her very much. She is great mother! ❤️ best ever!

        I am alive and I sorta survive so life is good… but also emotional.

        I try to appreciate and not take for granted ✌️🙏❤️ life is so precious

        I just cry currently because my heart broken with my mom so… just emotional. Happy to be with mom and family

        – cherish every single moment ❤️✌️

        And thank you 😘 that was very sweet and kind for you to say 😊❤️ thank you 🙏

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      3. Hi Trisha, So true we must hang in there and try because the alternative isn’t better but makes matters far worse; so facing the music is the only real option! And I know you understand that adage, “That which doesn’t kill you makes you stronger,” I have to say from experience it’s absolutely true!

        Well you say you’re not strong but I guess that is a relative term and when we come right down to it who really is strong in the sense of invincible; nobody because the other adage kicks in here, “nobody gets away alive,” So like you I “accept it for what it is,” and carry on trying one day at a time because then we get stronger in the sense of we make adjustments and cope; but I do hope we at least get older and wiser because then hard lessons are learned well and have great value giving us wisdom for sure!

        Sorry to hear how things are difficult for you mom which obviously adds an additional burden for you to cope with; but with your outlook and insight along with experience I believe you can handle it all; I know how it works having lost some close family and relatives too and I can’t say I don’t miss them, but this man I used to work with who had studied theology for years and was planning to be a priest told me after losing loved ones like he had too, even beloved pets that “no one owns them they all belong to God” and “we have to learn to let go;” easier said than done, but when it happens we do make it again by coping and adjusting; besides we have our memories and hope of being together again in the beyond!

        “I can cry with them ❤️” it’s so important to have that and eventually all of us have that downsizing of immediate family which does make it more lonely but I say if you have even one family member that you can be that open and close with then that is a great gift!

        Hey I love this one which is beyond the “Glass half full” idea for sure!
        “You have to have some storms before you can have a rainbow.” That’s really a great and beautiful adage so thanks for sharing it!

        Staying away from social media is very wise and insightful of you because I say it’s mostly nuts and I don’t have it for that reason and others too! Lots of negatives and wasted time mostly; but this format can be good used sparingly!
        “Life is definitely what you make of it,” both my parents were always saying that when I was growing up and later on too!

        Life is so precious and a great opportunity as well as so beautiful!
        You’re doing great because you do “cherish every moment” and make the best of things!

        You’re welcome and 😊❤️ thank you 🙏 as well for all this great perspective you offered here! The more inspiration we can share the better I say!
        God bless you and yours! 🙏

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      4. Well yes every experience builds you for what is to come.

        Life teaches lessons – if you don’t face or learn your lessons it will haunt you with them until you do.

        I’m not very strong actually… I’m quiet – prefer my quiet little shell 🐚… know how to be social but I just like peace … I am also heart sensitive so yeah I like my shell 🐚 ✌️

        I am most sensitive with my mom or my kids.

        But I will tell you… I have earth angels – I have the most amazing people in my life so… is them who uplift my spirit, and help hold my hand so … strength is in numbers and it takes a village. ✌️

        People forgetting how to be social but you need people!!

        Every life touches another.

        My mom would always say during a loss – when you die everyone you ever loved is waiting there to help you cross over

        I dunno if I believe her sunshine and roses, but is a beautiful thought! ❤️

        Oh I can handle. I be strong to survive also. (Still kinda a weakling because of cancer surgeries) but I do have a strength to survive!! Hard core yup!

        I work very hard and take responsibility and have integrity so also helps to build rep for self with who are to be trusted.

        Network and make connections incase you need those!! Be good to others

        Also remember you never know what someone else has walked through or is going through.

        One of my lessons in life is learning to let go.

        Life will continue to give lessons until you learn – I think I learn? 🙏 I try to 😘

        Life is learning always!

        And yes you do have to accept and adjust to death.

        Haha, well my brother knows – we grew up together, only insiders know the family, otherwise they hard to explain? With him – I don’t have to explain. He know lol

        My sister-in-law pretty much knows family now lol … but even so I still tease and say – and you thought you only marry my brother 😄😄

        I only tease her because we been through so much. And losing our family like that has been one punch after another so he knows. We don’t even have to say anything – he just knows

        It is great gift. Is comforting to have him and his family. ❤️

        This format is only one I am ok with… none of the others I have anything to do with – much less even know what they are – I am not slave to whatever technology, or society.

        Your parents were very wise to say that all the time – I hope you listen ✌️ is true! You make the decisions that determine your fate

        I do ok but again am also just human … do best can. But not perfect

        I not able to help sister or mother – I stuck between losing both so… I strong but don’t know how to solve all problems

        I like to post on this forum because is blog – so I can say my story as I am ok to do… and maybe another relate ? Maybe it help someone? Or maybe someone help me with advice or whatever

        Is supportive and wonderful world of people ❤️ not experienced any negativity here ❤️

        So I come back 😊 been around here since end of 2019. Still here

        I am very protective with what in life. But that’s because once I was married to satan for long time 😘✌️

        He teach me lesson. Yup.

        So every experience and every person has a lesson or is a blessing. One or the other.

        I kinda think that you are meant to impact someone’s life somehow? Either you need them to get through something or they need you? There might be lesson involved or they be your blessing… or you are theirs ? Or both

        But I think people you cross paths with / is reason when impact made.

        And then lastly – all we have are moments … you do have to make best with what have.

        Life likes to test and see how you handle it lol ✌️

        Yes… you should cherish your moments because you never know – life can change in instant.

        I work in death and face death like all the time both professionally and personally 🤨

        Perspective is just half because of experiences and half because of seeing end of life.

        Laughter has kept my spirit up through my whole life ❤️ … I do believe comedy can help many things – it can help make lighter and also make laugh.

        It lightens the load.. they say the funniest people have so much pain…

        In my funeral world – my people are funniest people ever – they make me laugh all the time and you would never think funeral people have sense of humor – they all do!!

        They also all have stories of loss that brought them to the profession – some are quite profound.

        So- we aren’t alone when we go through things – I hope someday my blog makes impact even just for one person who might feel weight of world with something? Maybe relate

        Or maybe my goofy little rants from time to time make someone laugh? Even crack a smile so…

        Laughter helps you and also brings others too you! ❤️

        I have already learned the lessons how to be strong

        Is just letting go when is heart attached deeply – then I struggle … sorta tired of loss

        Definitely don’t want loss of my mom…

        And then also – something sticks in my mind…

        I face my own mortality few times in life but death does not take me… my time not over

        But still makes me remember the loss of life I think of.

        So important to know what you have when you have it and also know to cherish what do have… know what’s truly important

        So I dunno I think of a lot lately

        I can be inspirational – I have a positivity – I am optimist usually.

        But am also human so also have hard moments

        I want to show people life leads in many directions and one life can have so many things but you can survive and it will be ok.

        Life is rollercoaster 🎢 – it’s gonna make you sick sometimes if you go on the crazy ones …

        But generally is rollercoaster 🎢

        I believe we all equal and life is hard ✌️ … is how you learn to make your life ❤️✌️

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      5. You’re so right there is a learning curve here in this life, so if we are willing to trust in God the needed information or enlightenment will come; so that is the wisdom we all need, only it can come through hard lessons and experiences but also via Godsends which can be profound experiences to just talking with someone and the right things are said at the moment they are needed! That is why though I have difficulty trusting people in general these days I remain a bit friendly enough to open up in some situations to be receptive to their feelings and thoughts, even share some past experiences like I do being a good story teller or communicator; which I studied a bit in college days; and my using this writing venue in that way but I prefer in person so that is why I can strike up conversations with strangers easy!

        “My mom would always say during a loss – when you die everyone you ever loved is waiting there to help you cross over.”

        But I do think this what you got from your mother; “I believe her sunshine and roses, but is a beautiful thought! ❤️”
        Is a great thought and my mom said the same often to all of us growing up, so it stuck now and makes sense! Her mom said some things just before passing and I think it was a Godsend to spread the word of the God’s truth; how just before grandmother did pass the night before, she said her mom and dad came to visit her while she was lying there in the hospital.

        But being in your own shell is a good thing and not everyone should try to be gregarious or play the field as they used to say, it spells trouble these days because the world is much more hostile and people unpredictable in just the most basic of ways, which used to be common place normal behavior and decency! In other words why else is there so much suing going on often times based on real backstabbing and viciousness not out of an absolute necessity and truthful need for justice! People tend to be on the attack when given the leeway! Look at the freaking people in big government playing all their vicious games and doing the smoke and mirrors diversions to cover their own terribly corrupt ways; on and on it goes the same wicked games. This all makes the human race look like trash, and for the most part that’s what it’s becoming six ways to Sunday or as fast as the bad guys can get their way!

        I’ve used my own shell at times over the years to withdraw and find my own balance and peace because I can do very well alone being quite self-sufficient and had to rely on myself for long periods; just a built in quality as my dad would say when I was a kid “you like to go off to your own corner and be left alone at times;” but then the polar opposite was true when I came out being the entertainer and life of the party getting everyone to laugh because I can be a real clown too!

        “Life likes to test and see how you handle it lol ✌️”

        I agree and add how my dad always made it clear how life is a test, because God planned it that way; we are always being tested, and I agree with that! How else is character shaped, and who is the master potter but God!

        This here is a solid old school wisdom tried, tested and proven; “Also remember you never know what someone else has walked through or is going through.”
        My grandparents were always saying that and how unless you walk in someone’s shoes you don’t know what it’s like for that person so try your best to show compassion and kindness not ridicule or ignoring.

        This is so spot-on and it is all about building on family isn’t it– “and you thought you only marry my brother 😄😄”

        “– I am not slave to whatever technology, or society.” But that is the case so many humans are slaves to it now and its only getting worse especially if the nefarious have their way in this world and “set up a trap and control scenario” to enslave humanity; they are trying to establish that right now; we can see this plainly!

        Yes this blog venue is simpler and a way to vent or share some ideas and find maybe some good advice too, but you take it or leave it as you wish and not get all involved with so many strangers and tugs of war games or trick people are playing on one another! It is a crazy world out there too, that is truth!

        “I kinda think that you are meant to impact someone’s life somehow? Either you need them to get through something or they need you? There might be lesson involved or they be your blessing… or you are theirs ?” Or both, Yes this is true and a lady taught me this some years ago when I was living in California who I randomly met, but, it had to be a Godsend how it happened! She told me about the novel “The Celestine Prophecy” and it goes into this concept that you bring up quite well and interestingly! People coming into your life when needed often times.

        And again my family many of them told me growing up that laughter is so important so I always found ways to make them laugh and get myself cracking up too which is good for the soul and mind! Why else did the iconic “great generation Bob Hope” go entertain all of those troops in the middle of wars! So I get it, even in the funeral world there must be some relief or laughter to ease the human struggles and get through another day! Hope to carry on is needed by all people, so that is a great venue to get some while in the midst of a sad or traumatic time!

        This here is true; “I face my own mortality few times in life but death does not take me… my time not over.”
        I know from experience and my dad always told me “we are here as long as God needs us here for some purpose and when that is no longer the case it’s time to leave!” 🙏

        This is honest and natural; “I can be inspirational – I have a positivity – I am optimist usually.

        But am also human so also have hard moments.”
        Life has its ups and downs and that is just reality so we do our best to take each day as it comes while not losing hope and sight of our purpose for existing in the first place; with faith it will come out fine in the end!

        So I like how you used the analogy of the roller-coaster which is perfect, because that is life, and then eventually the ride is over and you walk away fine with a lot of excitement and things to talk about; I say “Kingdom to Come!” Amen. 🙏

        Thank you for the very extensive and helpful commentary here!

        🙏 Prayers for your mom and may all the angels help all of you through the times ahead! Peace and love! ❤️✌️

        Brother in Christ Jesus,

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      6. I am cautious with people too.

        In person, I do well because something about me puts people at ease – I have a soft gentle demeanor so I do well comforting OTHERS in death.

        I’m social because growing up I learned how to do that. Plus my mom was like that. I can also strike up convos easy.

        Well I have my shell because of everything went through – satan was awful… then my losses of my family just was a lot and you really see who people are when you go through very dark moments … some people I trust – some I do not.

        I don’t mind the shell… let’s me see who someone is before they come in my life so that’s fine… shell is protective ❤️ the world is crazy anyway.

        I have a gift of ?? I dunno… people just come to me always so that also makes me little protective – my personality is very approachable?

        Yes everything we go through does develop character!

        Yes – I always think – you never know what someone else is going through or has walked through … I always keep that in mind.

        Well I am a believer that social media is bad – very bad … dangerous. And people so addicted! I worry with that cause it’s the whole world.

        I think social media breeds negativity and division. I think it is brainwashing but ya know – I probably don’t know – but that is way I perceive it.

        Yes – I do believe you cross paths for reasons. Is meant.

        And yes, to laugh has allowed me to stay strong through everything ❤️ that is how I balance – with laughter.

        Yeah currently I am on that rollercoaster 🎢… it’s climbing to top… I just waiting for that plunge 😳😮 whew

        I do have some kinda angel that stays with me?

        Thank you for your kind words ❤️😘

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      7. Sounds like we have some common traits or strong points!

        I was going to ask if you have some kind of safety harness on that roller-coaster; so having an angel with you is even better!

        And going through hardship builds strength and character for sure, but you also find out who your real friends are too! But the world is crazzzy for real!

        “Social media is bad – very bad … dangerous.”
        You won’t catch me arguing with that sentiment! It is a another big tool of the elite to manipulate the masses and also distract them from the real imperative issues, like in the ancient Roman Empire give the people Bread & Circus and keep them goofy or soft! Because those fat cats at the top are looking at all of us as useful idiots or worse; so I analyze everything on the internet and never accept things for face value! Way too must BS and people running into oblivion on the World Wide Web, a “digital spiders web!”

        But with discernment and some needed comical relief you seem to strike the right balance; and stay on your toes to protect!

        And you’re welcome; also thank you for the good input with some down to earth truth, the kind I used to see more often than not before the digital revolution! ❤️😘

        Hang in there and keep the faith strong! Amen

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      8. Lol… pretty sure there is an angel cause I am still here 🙌

        Yes totally builds character. You do find out who is truly friend. Give you clarity.

        Just watch someone’s actions for little while.

        Yup 100% agree with social media a tool for manipulation and the entire world just falls for it.

        I just stay away from most all of it? I work a lot and then life happens all the time, so I don’t have time to waste on stupid things.

        But then also… I don’t know the things people talk about…

        And people do NOT understand why someone would remove themselves from social media – I don’t really care – but people do not understand that.

        Yeah… I miss people before technology too

        Thank you – always do 🙏❤️

        Have a good weekend. 😊

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      9. “The entire world just falls for it”

        That’s a huge problem that isn’t going away either, if anything it will get exponentially worse which is why I pray God comes sooner rather than later as this world is going stock raving mad!

        “Time to waste on stupid things.”

        But apparently too many people have too much time to waste or think they do! Wait and see what happens when they wake up and it’s too late! Nobody to blame but themselves for not using a little common sense!

        I liked people much more before technology and now I don’t like most of them, they make me sick if I let them; so I ignore most all of them! I like the people I get to meet in person that want that as much; then we engage in real humanity, like you with your specialized important work!

        People are so foolish and full of themselves on this insane, fake, twisted Cyber Artificial Reality!

        Dumb and Dumber!

        You’re welcome and have a good weekend too! 🙏❤️


        God bless.

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      10. Well yes, will get worse and is like toothpaste – once toothpaste comes out of the tube – you never gonna get it back in.

        It has good aspects like grocery shopping – cause I don’t have to … and it helps, because I struggle to carry things… so it makes my life easier for not having to grocery shop or carry heavy things.

        And I need massive communication with staff and team so… is wonderful with that. Mostly 🙄… because I had to jump on few yesterday for not communicating

        I can see the security cameras all the way from Texas 🙌

        It does have the ability to aid and help life or death…

        And without medical advancements – I probably already would have lost my mom! And it helps with doctor terminology cause you can look up what they speak of.

        It can be used for good things …

        But this is the world which is kinda corrupt all over the place … so is used for hate and brainwashing

        The governments have always wanted a way to control all people and look – they do – now they step into having control over your body when they already have mind!! See corrupt

        Reminds me of school of fish, when they suddenly change direction from this way, to that way

        The public seems to do that with whatever goes down!

        Also no problems are ever solved they are just upgraded to worse

        So you have brainwashing with hate also making people dumber … anger from so much unrest, plus the economy tanking – and they can’t get handle on deadly gun situations

        I have very low faith in Divide States with anything – especially after yesterday

        I am also done listening with all of it… I don’t wanna hear about viruses, or shit – I’m not doing anymore vaccines or anything

        I stay away from all of it – and also ignore.

        While I here in Texas they show me things on tv – shows and stuff – some are good… I like the show on Netflix about the Karate Kid ❤️

        At first I was like 🙄 oh please old guys trying to relive the 80’s lol …. But they do good job

        But anyway – they show me all this, and since I don’t watch tv or anything I don’t know anything about these things until they show me …

        They say “you live under a rock?” …

        I just don’t have time or energy for it after work or when not working.

        After work I am too spent and exhausted … and on days off – I either do chores, sleep or see my kids or friends.

        I don’t have time for non essentials

        I been too busy building my life for their hatred and mind control – they don’t listen to life… they not gonna listen to me

        I am also not gonna listen to them so whatever

        Divided States of America

        That’s what they create and then wonder why the world is like this.
        Very sad

        Have to run – going to hosp ❤️🙏

        Have great day

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