If you curious…

Is a different state than mine – is east coast – Connecticut. So be slight differences in laws and regulations? But generally that is like a funeral home in United States – not all look like someone’s home? But they have a feel to them. This persons video is closest to my world.

(By law you do not have to be embalmed in California either)

You really can’t be weirded out by the human body. – you giving people last moment of peace on earth. And all of us have bodies. Lol

Funerals used to be different here though…

It became big business because took that responsibility off your shoulders when you already devastated in grief

I remember the parlor at my grandparents house … it was exactly as they describe – the nicest furniture and photos – nicest room in house … you weren’t supposed to be in there without purpose or you could use it wanted silence just for sitting in peace or saying rosary ? But was not a room normally used … for company yes maybe… and I remember seeing those funeral photos in that room.

Even now we will have families who the next of kin can just not cope with the death – and how you gonna plan a funeral like that?

Is uncomfortable subject for most… and in devastation is hard to go through

So turned into big business – you don’t watch it because no one wants to think of death ever. But you should.

And it’s a documentary and really long… but if you curious… also a thing around my job

(I love that documentary – my kids can not stand the documentaries I watch lol – they roll their eyes) but is curious and fascinating – many things to learn or know

As with anything – the more you know – the better

We help anyone … we help whatever religion how they would like. Whether you religious or you not … we do how wish.

There are many workings.

We work with many churches and have many different kinds of services

I have a chapel and reception rooms… also arrangement rooms … we have urn rooms – but we do not have a casket room – we do not have caskets ⚰️ on site until the decedent is casketed and we have our own Carecenter – we use only one.

It’s crazy to look at how evolved 😮 corporate America stepped in … is like blood in the water to a shark – money

Nothing in life is free – or death

You really need to shop the funeral homes for best price – but also make sure is good care!! Meet them, make sure you like them!!

During Covid when we could not have services and the industry changed for a minute … it was just the simplest of goodbyes 😔 …alot is for closure to the ones who are left behind and the dignity of the person. The way we send off our loved ones – there are sooo many traditions!!

When you can’t have those – people have another devastation… is their final act of love for person who pass – it was very hard cause broke peoples hearts again

It can be devastating and sad… it can be beautiful and touching … it can be interesting or anything actually – is many ways it can be.

We try to be a comfort and help someone through loss. I try to stress how important it is to shop around funeral homes for pricing and also the specific care you want – we all have specialties

We can do anything but mine specializes hugely in Catholic and Greek Orthodox (because of the population around my funeral home) – my funeral home is also the funeral home for a local hospitals infants – so we see many babies and things – we give a flat cheap rate for infants or fetal deaths.

I have another who specializes in Jewish funerals – or Muslim … the ones that have to go really fast due to religious specifications

And my other one specializes in Asian funerals – a lot of Chinese funerals

That is my 3 … but there are 9 funeral homes in my local network that all have specialties

We can all handle whatever comes to us – we just specialize in what comes to us the most at that particular home.

And you do not have to be religious for us to do whatever way you wish.

Make sure you like the people helping you… you gonna be with them through grief and that is a lasting memory – you want to make sure you are in comforting hands and with people who know your traditions and what you want.

Even though my specialty is not Jewish or Muslim – we are familiar and we would reach out and pull in my Jewish or Muslim team – because we have connections with every religion… we also have the washing rooms they will need for their rituals- we have all the supplies for anything

When they have Catholic or Greek Orthodox at another funeral home – they call us because we are the experts and we have those connections

I have one that is so amazing with Greek Orthodox – I call her my Greek Goddess because she is THAT good and has such a tight connection in Greek community. When the parishioners ask their church who to use – they say us ❤️

And then we have tons of Catholic because high population of Italians in the area of the funeral home – we have many very beloved families

Many have used my funeral home since turn of century – it has moved around locations but we have handled many families from their great grandparents to themselves – some families will swear by us because of that.

Back in the day they used to live right in the funeral home – you may see some private family owned ones still do that… and on occasion in the winter with our storms – I have been known to stay over night lol 😮✌️ some have little apartments lol

You have to help someone pass. So we just do our best.

** as with anything there can be corruption, obviously even in 2022 (look how world is) … so again – shop your funeral homes … you have every right to know them, ask questions – they taking care of final goodbye of your loved one!! You want to feel comforted and also secure!

It is not us who set the prices – that is corporation not us.

If you are a United States veteran we can get you honors and a flag 🇺🇸- we do that alot

We also do a lot of ship in’s and ship outs all over the world – we have to deal with many consulates (😑) every single document must be translated and correct – ugh we just pay a lawyer to do that!! It’s very involved.

It takes orchestrated team. Sometimes like I say… it can be like a symphony. Sometimes it’s insane but sometimes it’s really awesome!

But that is my world in those videos

Every day my world is death, hospitals, regulations etc

When you are on this side – you have empathy – maybe because you know the pain of loss?

We all have stories as to what drew us to this profession!! 😮

And someone has to do it. That’s how we do it in the United States 🇺🇸 … each state has own laws and regulations. But that is closest to my world.

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  1. Wow, Trisha – you could easily have titled this post “Death Becomes Her!” I now know more about death and the process than l did before. Many people don’t like the subject, but l do; l have both profound respect and a healthy fascination. That is a lot of funeral parlours for your locale.

    I remember when l was Googling the Bra company in your area [did you follow that lead up, btw?] and thinking at the time that Sac had a lot of funeral parlours for one spot. But then l thought, how many does Sandwich have? We didn’t have any here, a few over in Deal and more in Ramsgate. But then we only have one active cemetery here.

    Interesting post.

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    1. Yes a lot of funeral places here – this area very large and populated – is the Capitol of California

      That’s just MY corporation – there are family owned funeral homes too and then also many cremation only places.

      Interesting … do you live in small out of way town or village ?

      Cause some areas are sparse like that with funeral homes

      They use us or whatever they find nearby

      Big cities will have everything – but smaller ones not always. We will pick them up and take into our care if they choose us.

      I have 2 cemeteries in my network … but many other cemeteries we use too… depends on what the family wants

      There are different kinds of cemeteries too – there is catholic cemeteries and Jewish cemeteries … many different kinds

      Is interesting job lol ✌️ I learn stuff every day! It also makes you think about what you want for ownself or loved ones

      I get to see and know what I would like 😊❤️✌️

      Thank you very much! I am glad you liked it.

      I was thinking what people must think with it?

      And every country probably different here and there ?

      But yup that is my world 🙌

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      1. Hey Trisha 🙂

        I am surprised at the lack of funeral parlours in Sandwich admittedly. But it might well be that a population of 5000 doesn’t warrant it’s own parlour or that that business type hasn’t seen a dedicated market space here.

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      2. We sell something with our prearrangements called TRPP… which is trip/travel insurance

        If you choose us – and you have that… we come get you anywhere in the world

        So technically you do not need to have funeral homes near you… some do not like you see

        Interesting though

        I will have to look up later I have to go to work ✌️ have a great day!!! ☀️

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  2. Got to know a lot about how things work in funeral homes. I have always thought of it being a very professional work. You people do very important work, comfort people and help them go through tough times. Needs a very big heart to be able to do something like this.

    God bless you and everyone who decides to do such wonderful work. 🙏

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    1. Thank you!! I posted that to show you what I do sorta lol …

      It’s very coordinated and professional work.

      We have many angles to attend to … because you have the person who died, whom you are caring for… and then you have the devastated family

      You have to help the family go through it too… not just the person who died

      I also get a small taste of all religions and see all the traditions

      I learn new things everyday – we never know what coming at us

      Sometimes we do tragedies … homicides … accidents … and even suicides

      Those are really hard – and the babies too 💔

      They all hard because is loss so…

      Even indigents – is sad

      You do need heart! But then your heart also breaks for them and the loss – doesn’t matter what religion or faith or no faith … loss is very hard for many.

      The people in my team are thoughtful and kind and loving … and empathetic – good people

      We keep balance with the sadness… we all have senses of humor lol ✌️ you have to!!

      God bless you too! Thank you – glad you liked – hope it gave you glimpse to my world 🌎

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