Today I worked – I did accomplish a lot of things … but it was also had a lot going on …

Connected HUGE with a family ❤️ awww 🥰

Since I just had loss and they have loss, there was a connection in spirit. 💔 ❤️

And then also my team are fricken rockstars!! Omg I love them ❤️

They hate to be called Rockstars though, lol … but we always do that anyway, is term of endearment lol ❤️ they amazing!

They amazing – you should have seen the coordination we all did today 🙌❤️ was like symphony ❤️

I was only one working – but death is my job – I just love when is such team work and goes so amazingly! ❤️ I just love my team

The family was apologizing to me for not knowing the procedure … I told them … we do this every single day, but normally NO ONE want to talk about death, at all, ever!

People wanna avoid that until they have to… no one just drops by the funeral home, well some preplan so they lock in current rates and will be taken care of in death. But usually people do not wanna discuss death

But there are a lot of interesting things with death … and if you ignore something that is coming at you eventually … isn’t that how we end up with all the problems everywhere anyway??

Not looking forward to see what’s coming?

It’s hitting me oddly … there is sadness but then also, like today with that grief connection with family, and then ya know – I helping them with their loss and I have my own…

Oh and then there is something I learn today about country boy. Hmm 🤔

So this is new news. I see.

I am not quite sure what I think of it … but he is breeder … they had puppies last night – so mine died and his was born.

That’s kinda deep.

I would not want one of those puppies… way way way too big of a breed for me… I am mostly chihuahua… but I like the small ones – I grew up with chihuahuas and beagles. (and birds and turtles and fish lol… and cats… Guinea pig… many pets – not all at once- ish) but more on the small side.

His be big… I can’t do that. I need small. So.

But it was just weird he tell my they had puppies last night when ours just passed away 😢💔

Life and death

Oh also… I know what is… sometimes men come on too strong immediately!! Ok stop ✋

That young one omg … ok see I can’t not handle that.

He like completely ready to just dive right in something – ok no! Back it up!

He is fricken on it 🤨 ok look I can not!!

That is way too heavy to me!! And also I don’t like that.

I am ?? I don’t know? It’s too much how much he comes at me… sooo that does not work.

That is too much – I am too old – nope 👎 … nope nope nope!

I do NOT want to dive into anything … and while he is nice guy… he is way too much!

I can not. Nope sorry nope.

I really don’t like that at all!! Back it up.

Never approach me like that

Also the way he does feels very ?? Umm 🤔 hmm too much?? Way way way too much!!

I’m not the one. I also do not want to move fast and I do not have time. So. Not the one. Yes I tell him.

I don’t know if he think I serious or not?

Whatever 😑

I am not the type to come on strong to. Careful.

I like it peaceful and chill – no pressure just enjoy life and if meant to be then will fall in place. So. I don’t want it forced and I don’t do well if you come at me too strong.

Big giant no to young man. Nope nope nope

Why is it so hard to just relax and be chill with that?

He is WAY OVER zealous!!


Way way way too much for me.

And he just seem desperate that way too – just relax. Back it up and relax ✌️


It gets a little exhausting something with this stuff? I just want it more “organic”? I dunno?

Plus I want it to fit right. He is not right!

I have way too much currently happening and I do not want someone thinking they gonna just come in my life? And definitely do not be pushy or overwhelming?

And I just can’t – too much

I don’t care time is ticking – I know. But I want the way life directs … “meant to be” … just see what happens … I don’t want forced. I just like peace. Something the world is not very good at. ✌️

I have my children – and a dedicated and devoted team… I found my people … I have good decent life with ups and downs …

So I am in no rush for anything. I see how life brings me?

It is currently beginning to rain – our weather has been really freaky this year??

The heat has been holding off and we been having rain … I washed my car a couple times in January but never failed the minute I wash it rain – so I wait until rain done

I was having thoughts of possibly washing it – but evidentially no… rain is coming 🙌 my lawn needs watering too.

We in June and we having rain 😮 wow! Weather been wonky- not like normal.

Well anyway… I work all day so I hurt and I am tired – I will be back tmrw because is Sunday and be rainy …

Web ex on Monday 🤨👎

Oh I hate Monday!!

I only have one day off this week – because all week is half days and I have to leave early to get daughter – is end of school year on Friday. Then I will have a sophomore ✌️ 10th grade 😮 … and that’s my baby 😮😮😮😮

Ok I need sleep

Good night 😘😴💤🌙

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  1. I don’t know anything about funeral homes. I just think they help and assist families when someone dies? Here people everything themselves. Atleast in rural areas, they decide and do it themselves.

    I don’t know about the cities. Yes there are funeral homes, I got to know a lot about it since the pandemic, as many people lost their loved ones. Never easy.

    But a normal human being doesn’t consider going to a funeral home anytime and see how it works. People don’t act like that. You are right. But eventually all the problems end up there when someone dies. Your words made me thinking. How it all works.

    I wish you a healthy week ahead. Weather is very unpredictable there. Take care of yourself. 😊🙏


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