Ok so this weekend I was very silent from literally the world. Except my kids … and I got to have Friday with them ❤️ and Saturday I just did all my chores and bills 💸

Sunday my oldest came and spent day with me ❤️ I cooked for him. He will always come in hot tub with me lol … he’s like the only one lol … but is nice to have his company ❤️ makes the hot tub WAY better!!!

Was nice to have his company ❤️ we talk about alot

And country boy keeps checking on me – and he say Happy Memorial Day … I was being quiet… but usually we say Happy/Merry Whatever Holiday or birthday or celebration 🎊 I was just being quiet

But I said it back. He obviously thinks of me. I just don’t understand him, but whatever – he is supportive and caring so ok. Fine. We see. He’s been kind.

Anyway so I was just kinda quiet. Pretty much all weekend – I just wanted to shut the world off – because it is NUTS!! I needed to just not have the world for one minute – is too much – I needed time to be away. I just needed time.

I have been away from social media for a REALLY long time!!! My company has its own social media – nope – I not doing that … nope nope nope 👎

You gonna pay for my phone ? Then I will install – but otherwise no!! Nope – that was not a condition of my employment and … nope 👎 still no because I do not do social media like that – no!

Then!!!! The neighborhood welcome committee sends me invite to a neighborhood app…

So I am thinking this is app to tell you “FACTS” about the neighborhood?? Like weather, traffic, gas prices, school information, community events … blah blah blah…

But literally all it was is a neighborhood social media … and no!!! I am not doing that either!! That is awful!! Omg the way people talk to each other – no thank you – I’m good. I will stay in 1985 – do not care

I am not doing social media except this thing – ONLY this!! I actually like this lol so … no go on all others. I completely ignore all other social media things – I do have email if that counts lol

I do watch YouTube … but I do not post- I just watch whatever video – usually documentary or some funeral thing? 🤷‍♀️

Anyway… I do not do social media… I do not care – I refuse – only this is ok… so whatever … old school ✌️

Me running from social media lol ✌️😘 because nope, only WordPress.

See how beautiful that sunset is when you get away?? Yeah everyday without – is so nice…

I recently saw how people speak to each other Omg! 😮 ok so yup … wow did it get awful – I didn’t think could be worse but yup… never ever going back on social media – you all can have that. I am good!

It’s very peaceful without – quite zen 🙌

So anyway, I just wanted nothing of nothing – just peace that’s all… I did not have the “energy”?? (I do not know if that’s the right word I want??) But I just didn’t … and ya know things emotional so… I just go quiet.

Also… after they cancelled my Friday MRI which was supposed to be full chest and they could have seen everything … but they cancel by saying “you need CT scan too” 🤨 … well ok – I gonna “think” you know what doing

So they changed it to Breast only MRI and the supposed to be CT scan of whole chest .. but they did not book CT scan on my records and nope I not doing multiple tests

This is fricken America 🇺🇸 … almighty dollar always

So know your shit – I’m not gonna pay for things I do not need … so … figure out who knows what they doing and then let me know what tests.

Maybe should have set me in with cancer doctor to see ? Fuck the tests … I come see you – no fricken web ex!! Be doctor!!

I have a web ex appt with oncologist on Monday

What’s that gonna do… because now … you gonna see me first, before I gonna do anything. Now I don’t trust them at all. So Dr better be a good one… be ready. ✌️ might wanna make sure I have someone who cares and is experienced or no. So whatever, when know what doing, then you can order my tests. Yup. I’m gonna be real tough after last time… nope 👎 not doing that again – nope – know your shit before you touch me!

You do not know what happened last time – so no…

So whatever – I will wait.

So be it. Whatever. I cry either way and this way I feel relief… so when they make me feel at ease with what they doing – ok then I listen… but if gonna go off the rails and be all crazy – nope 👎 I am not doing – you will see me first… hello… what the frick is a web ex gonna do??!! You can’t virtually feel anything!!! So what is the purpose ?? Just 🤷‍♀️??

Just see me!! Or no tests. And done ✔️ solves that issue.

So yeah nope!!! 👎

When they see me and speak to me… maybe they know what they doing?? Cause they did not know what doing with this.

Nope nope and nope – Cancelled


You can say whatever you want. You do not know what happened last time. So no.

I’ll listen, I just saying you have no idea what happened last time. So.

You either meet me, speak to me, feel me… or no tests. I’m coming at them old school because no for this stupid web ex?? What is that?? For a medical appt?? Cmon!! For something simple – sure … but not this.

I have to pay for portion of these tests also – like I say … almighty dollar always

How much is your life worth? Ya know? Stupid but whatever

So yeah very simply solved by seeing me in person

So. Yup … I am absolutely going to be stubborn on that now after this past weekend nope … see me or nothing. Not doing any tests before seeing in person – nope!!

Fricken web ex 🤨 how you gonna see my boobs on web ex … like a doctor needs to?? Just stop ✋ that’s ridiculous. I do not like that.

Web ex 🤨🙄 I do not like that … only if is simple things – but not this so no. See me or nothing.

Yup I might be little hard ?? Certain areas I am hard ass… this would be one if you are going to make me doubt that you know what doing. If you make me panic completely nope 👎 absolutely not!!

So see me or nothing.

Not commercialized or competitive or mean whatever … remember life when we had one? Before technology?

So yeah … you have to see me first. I’m not gonna play games. Very clear – must see me first! This is a cancer Dr so … you see me first! Then I do the tests

Otherwise I wait. I’m not doing online stuff . Nope 👎 no way you can tell anything on a web ex

Oh god 🙄 web ex medical appt for something serious like this.. and they already mess this whole testing things up – the entire way… so

Now you gonna see me.

I don’t mind seeing my scheduled appts or tests and things – but not actual web ex appts !! Ugh 😑

Ok well whatever. But I am not normal so they don’t know without seeing me… so you either see me or you don’t .

They already show me reason to question what they doing. So. Yup whatever we see

I have web ex 🙄😑 on Monday with somebody? So whatever 😑

Maybe I should just cancel that too and say book me an appt to come in please. You need to see me first!! You can’t just go doing things – you have to see. So stop ✋

And again – how you gonna see anything you need to on web ex… and I do not mind in hospital setting in a private room I am always topless with that – fine whatever … only because I have to.

But I am SOOOOOO not cool with showing boobs on any web ex or whatever else you got going on – nope 👎 … so don’t go thinking that’s gonna happen because no. You need to actually see me.

I am fine at Dr office or hospital because is medical facility and whatever … but no way online like that – nope are you nuts?! Hell no

Ok so

Ugh whatever it will get sorted at some point… when they meet me and know what doing. 😘✌️

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  1. WebEx should not be an exam. It should be consult/results/info only. Very weird to try to handle your appt that way.

    JACUZZI! The closest I managed was a hot showrler while sitting on my shower chair.

    Was the link for NextDoor? That place is worse than fb!! So. Much. Hostility! And crazies…. neighbors be crazy!!

    Liked by 1 person

      1. I was on it for about 2 min. Refuse to go back. There are websites devoted to sharing the crazier posts… like the person who wanted to sue their next door beighbor because a giant sunflower grew taller than the 6′ fence and was facing into their yard. They were convinced it was a spycam.

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      2. I prefer to make my own opinions about people. NextDoor showed me things I didn’t want to see… horrible/hateful stuff. I got off it before I saw anything from people I know.

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  2. I enjoyed reading the social media part. It’s crazy there and people have become so abusive and take on each other like they are in some kind of war. It’s so bad out there. I use social media so I have also known for quite some time how fucked up it all is. Very bad for mental health and happiness. Very true.

    It’s always going to a doctor and getting checked in person or nothing. They don’t have brains if they really want to do an WebEx for something as serious as this. It’s good for things like consulting or psychologist where we can connect from anywhere and solve things but not serious things like this. I hope you don’t do it even when pressurized. It won’t be helpful. Get checked in person as you said and then the tests. WebEx isn’t solving any shit just a waste of time.

    I hope you took some time off and spent time with your kids. Feeling happy for you. Take care. 😊🙌

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    1. That’s sooo true … everything is some kinda war ?? And society is a bit abusive ?? Like lost heart?

      Yeah it’s been so wonderful not having in my life!! Very peaceful and I have life “freely” ❤️

      I know!!! Lol … I don’t know what they thinking with this web ex stuff 🙄 I dunno? BUT… People are crazy?? Who knows … I also feel like is wasting my time because I’m gonna have to go in anyway before they do any tests.

      Oh yes, I will insist – I can be stubborn, also …if I feel something important … I will stand by it

      Yes I had wonderful weekend with kids ❤️❤️❤️ thank you 😊 🥰

      Hope you are enjoying summer 🙌… are you still hot?

      We go really hot … then drop temp… and keeps doing that really oddly?

      What is your weather doing?

      Hurricane 🌀 season started … are you in path of storms sometimes?

      Here comes Friday almost!!! You already have Friday lol … I am still waiting on it.

      Hope you enjoy your Friday 🙌❤️

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      1. It’s getting better now. It still stays around 40°C to 42°C but it’s definitely getting better. Weather forecast is that monsoon will hit by 20 or 25th of June here. So it’s a big relief.

        I know summers gonna hit USA, July and August are very hot there. I hope you take necessary precautions and stay safe. 😊 Take care you too.

        Liked by 1 person

      2. Yes we be careful. Frozen neck towels and things help 🙌

        I’m glad your temps are better

        Ours are heating up lol 😮✌️

        Fires will come eventually

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  3. The secret to FB is to have no friends, then the application is actually fine.

    I have had an account since 2009, do l use it?


    Do l use it regular? No.

    Not the actual Face part. I do use the Instant Messenger part and that proved very useful when Suze was in Australia, because l don’t have a SmartPhone l have an old Nokia without an internet connection.

    The more people you have online the more you open yourself up to conflict. The less people you know, the less shit you have – it is that simple.

    Online appointments are the thing here also, not for cancer though, so that sounds your medical centre is basically being lazy.

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    1. I have been trying to reply to this for awhile now – but then I get interrupted and think – I will go back and finish in minute … but takes longer and then when I come back it has deleted what I was writing to you 🤨 where is my instant save feature?

      Anyway… well… i just don’t like the way people are towards each other… some are vicious … and people use social media to stalk…

      Messenger is overwhelming to me… I do not like at all.

      Since I have not been on since 2019 there are TONS of messages from TONS of people

      And I am not comfortable on social media. I think is very bad?

      This is ok. I am biased with WordPress because it is a kind gentle and peaceful… wonderful community and people ❤️

      ❤️ have a peace here? So I like this one so I am ok with this.

      Plus I did not know was social media when I first start lol … I did not know posted my things lol … I though would just save my words for me? But then I like it this way and with these people so WordPress is fine

      But I also believe social media is very dangerous because these algorithms they have … they almost like brainwashing? Make you see what they want you to see, spark fire in your heart the way they want you to react…

      I do not trust one bit… and think it takes away life ✌️😘

      Yeah well blah blah blah Covid … also lazy… fricken web ex? Really can we just do a phone call then?
      …and they can book me an appt. to come in?? I feel like it’s wasting my time??… but whatever

      I’m not comfortable on a web ex and they not gonna see nothing because I am NOT taking off shirt on a web ex… no fricken way!

      So whatever

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