So yeah…

I’m a little tired emotionally from today? It was not really a great day … but ended ok. Whew. Not my best Friday.

So they did cancel… they call me last minute and say that.

But she said she asked the doctor… if this was your daughter what would you want?

He said he wanted an MRI on my breasts and CT scan on whole chest. 😳 so they wanna do all on same day… so all day Wednesday I will be in hospital again. 😢 … all day 😳

I do not know to trust them or not … I’m a little nervous with it. I do not trust them. We see

I don’t know if it’s them or going back to hospitals – but it makes me cry? Where have no control that I cry… it just makes me. So I cried little today

And then I freshened up before picking up daughter – I fix my face … but I am allergic to crying because my face is puffy plus I am also red and freckly after crying. So I’m pretty sure that’s an allergy to crying ✌️

But I had fixed my face…’and looked good… I could pass for not having cried… but she gets in the car and she’s like … what’s wrong ? Why you been crying? 😳

I say oh nothing. She continued to grill me for a minute… but I don’t want her to worry at this moment or be afraid … she cry for me last time so… that is also hard.

So anyway. I guess it’s thorough ? I don’t know if I trust them though or they just wanna be out early tonight?

She did kinda get me when she said she asked the doctor if I was his daughter what would he want?

Because in funerals we do same… if this was our own loved one – how would we want them cared for? Just compassion for another human being

So we see. They can say anything … so I’ll just have to see I guess

My week going to be little and this is my work a lot week!!

I have Monday off as paid holiday for Memorial Day!! First time we don’t have to be in office – usually we always work – but we just have phones on Monday

Of course this all occurs during month end 😳😮

My kids ended up coming to spend our Friday together. ❤️ so I at least got that. ❤️

We were gonna have to cancel because of test and rest of weekend one of the boys works weekends

So we got to still have Friday ❤️

So it ended ok.

I’m a little quiet but also fine. Really tired

I will read and respond tmrw.

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  1. It’s not always bad news Trisha when they cancel. I get your fustration and as a cynic l too can relate to where you are coming from regarding the cancellation because l know how emotional you were preparing for this – but cancellations happen, it’s hard for those who are cancelled because it is happening to US not the cancellers.

    Have a great Sunday 🙂

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    1. Hey 👋 … yeah am ok… needed to step away from the world for a minute – was highly overwhelmed

      Am ok-ish… still anxious for Wednesday and being in hospital with those tests. Hoping I do not panic – I hope they have Valium ready!!

      I’ll do a post tonight. As long as not in full panic 😳

      But yes, I am ok-ish

      Hoping to not cry to my people today 🙏🙏 I’ve been off work for 4 days. I’ve been silent from the whole world.

      We see.

      I post later – off to work.

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