This is ridiculous!

I LOVE life, but it is dumb sometimes and also… I can get lost in death!! 😮😮😮

Today there was this story … 😮🤨

🙁 this is ridiculous … stop this shit!!

Ok I think the entire world needs a mental health eval!!! Boy could you imagine the results of that?? Cause everyone is crazy!!! I don’t know what happened to people … but everyone is crazy!

Covid lasting effects – the event that made the world go nuts!!

Ok so… United States – how you gonna stop this??? You got balls? You gonna stop it? Or you republican and democrats just gonna fight over it? You gonna handle or what?

I’m really tired of things continuing to happen, we boo hoo, cry, complain, get mad… and then what? Where is your action?? Can we do something THIS TIME?? You actually gonna do your jobs?? We see.

I’m just tired of seeing it everyday recently – fricken stop!!!!

So if it is not Covid or whatever new thing there is now… now people not gonna wanna be around other people

Omg you making a world of anti social!! Is that what want?

Ugh ok I have to move away from that – because this is awful and I want to see action …

I am for strict gun laws, but I do also support the right to bear arms… however … perhaps you seriously need to do mental evaluation on every person who requests … and it should take awhile, you should NOT be able to walk out with gun right away. The should be doing FULL evaluation – that will take you awhile, government agencies are slow, they are not usually fast and they should NOT be fast with this. Perhaps also anyone in household for mental eval also?

I know it’s tough – but hello ?? What you doin? Why is this shit happening – fix it then!!! Isn’t that why these people in government make the good money and pensions and things ?? Isn’t this their job to fix? You took that job, stop your fighting and fix the shit! Protect your nation! What are you currently doing?

I’m gonna assume nada – because they never do anything but fight… so here we are … and yes I am mad… innocent people losing lives – do you not understand how precious life is? Or is it ok? Is this just something we have to be ready for?

This is what they will do… they will think they have these brilliant ideas to fix – but there is always something wrong the other side doesn’t like … they fight and fight and nothing gets solved … and then the memory becomes distant until it happens again and then just keep repeating all that.


Ok yeah let’s move on, because nothing will be done anyway.

Oh … oh wait til you hear about today… so ya know, I am old …but NO ONE is phased!!! Except in way that I look young but am NOT young!! No one ever believe me … and then these things happen…

So there is this ugh 😑… this is this man in his 30’s who tell me today oh god, ugh 😩… that he really likes me, etc etc …

Ok so then I explain I am old, he should go be young… I am boring and no fun. I like my freedom and my peace. He does not know me, I have no idea where that came from today- I did not expect!!! Left field

And let me tell you – was like a deer in headlights! 😳

Ok so that would not be the way to approach me at all… that would be incorrect ✌️ …way too over the top, you don’t know me.

That will make me cautious!! ⚠️ because now I gotta watch him and be careful!! Ugh omg – I hate that! I feel like it’s sorta like fear of stalking? I think I have that fear too? BUT that’s because it HAS happened, couple times … so I just be quiet or try to!!

Ok ☹️ I ask him … what you want with old lady?

He say I don’t look old, and loves my personality – yeah ok … I hear lines all the time.. so ok whatever


Yeah that’s kinda really young, and also approach way too strong – back your truck up!!

Ugh 😑 I just can’t at this moment at all and nope not ready … and I do not know if I would even be ok or comfortable with 30’s? I dunno … that may bother me ? no offense … I do not want to be the REALLY old one… and that is huge age gap… I kinda sorta like within my age range I would do maybe 10 years either way… anything over 10 years I dunno??

Oh and I did not tell you this part 😳…

He say… let me just take you out, and you not worry about anything, let me take care of you, show you how you should be treated 😳😮 … check this youngster out lol 😮

Ok hold your horses!!!

That also sends up few red flags 🚩

So just so we absolutely clear there. ✌️

And then sometimes these guys think is gonna be a selling point to let me know how much money they make!!! I do not ask, but then they just tell me how they financially stable they are and blah blah blah…

On occasion that is sometimes their opening line?

Ok well great for them 👏

When a guy starts uncomfortably speaking of money like that… I think… ok so what is his bad angle because he is trying to impress me with money?? So what are you hiding? Why you trying to blind with money? Sup with that?

You don’t just go around divulging how much you make!!! Omg … some info should be private until know someone – why would you want someone who would want you for your money anyway?

He keep saying I am beautiful 😑 ugh 😩 I appreciate compliments, yes.. 🫶 .. but he just keep saying that with almost everything he said. That makes me HIGHLY uncomfortable

Beauty fades … so can money so 🤷‍♀️

Eh… failed approach! Do not be so umm?? superficial and shallow!! Also, not any kind of trophy type – nope 👎

So I can not really have that on my plate right now. Let me just chill. You never know what someone goes through – just don’t add to someone’s plate – very important to know someone first.

Don’t try to blind me either ✌️

Why can’t use own merit of who you are to catch my attention?? … see ??? Ponder that one! Lol

It’s just that take some time to know who someone is!! … relax and don’t be a dog!! Chill 🙌


Just chill and let me see who are?

Ok well anyway… work just beats me up – I so exhausted!! Always!

I be reading in minute – I have to eat … I be back shortly

3 thoughts on “This is ridiculous!

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  1. I can’t remember the last time l was chatted up in truth, maybe twenty years ago, l remember the time l was chatted up by a man/men though hahaha that is something l will never forget! Between 1987 – 1993 l was always being chatted up by blokes! I could never fathom it, l didn’t do anything to warrant that behaviour, l didn’t deliberately frequent locations that could happen in – l was on the social nightclub scene a lot though – dancing and raving and of course in the 90’s l was an escort l saw and heard all sorts of things then.

    The shooting is a nightmare, the world needs to take a step back, but it won’t it’ll just get worse.

    Liked by 2 people

    1. I wonder why that’s is? Why can’t they just be real?

      That’s funny… but I guess you never know what someone may like?

      I hope they wake up and figure out how to handle this… these mass shootings are too much!! It’s like every day now!! Cmon!!

      It’s really hard to see happening in my nation ☹️💔

      It will get worse with this economy and gas and jobs.

      They better move fast if they gonna fix. Just shake it up… why not? Slam down something – is not working by doing nothing

      Liked by 1 person

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