They want to cancel… they left me vc mail… I call back and leave vc mail – I still have my appt

But they wanna cancel

Alright so … we see how this is gonna go. 🫤

Ugh omg I don’t want to do this anyway. Go ahead give me excuse. You gonna help me or not?

They say they wanna order different kind. Well you should have known that prior to ordering that for me… what is that?? A mistake?? Why you wanna change tests? Nope.

You either get it right or don’t – you have me see a doctor who supposed to know what doing… I say everything … and he order this…

So what are you doing? Is mistake ?

Yeah flashbacks so… you either get it right or no?

I’m not gonna go through that again

So what you gonna tell me? You gonna cancel the shit? Ok well I will let you know when I am next avail ✌️ peace

I am not doing that again – do they know what they are doing????????? Do not make me question – I want to feel safe so if you can’t do that – I’m out ✌️

I’ll let ya know ✌️ byeeee

I’m just waiting for excuse to put off so go ahead … do that.

I will let you know what happens!! ✌️

You can say what you want … I just can’t then

It’s not meant yet. I’ve been dealing

And anyway… I wanna umm?? I wanna do something that I will tell you about later as to not jinx lol


It’s hard to find time off and all that. And it’s only gonna make me cry so…

This way I can avoid a little longer – either way I can lose my life so?

So yeah go ahead just give me the excuse – Another time then. ✌️

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