Ok well …

No one called me to cancel anything ❤️ but I still have to make it to my appt and hopefully that happens – I just don’t trust them. So I just expect cancel call… I hold my breath that they don’t.

We see

Speaking to them they are more humane than Kaiser … definitely more caring and kind

Kaiser is more of a medical conveyer belt … get ‘em in, get ‘em out and don’t care.

So they better in that aspect but we see … I do not trust.

I feel more comfort – but I just still don’t trust. We see


Ya know what…we just need to be back in the 1980’s … you would LOVE it! It was just best moments to grow up in …before the world bridged over in craziness

Very thankful to know that peace of life of that time❤️✌️

So whatever … it’s 2022, so I do not trust. We have a crazy world – of course I am not gonna trust!!

And what is there to trust in anyway? … because they don’t really do anything to fix any issue… just fight over who’s better and who doing what. Who the hell cares

They need to stop fighting, figure out how to be adult and work together, if they can’t figure it out then … whatever … no change

Why is it everyone else’s life changes so severely – yet these politicians don’t – just fight instead of changing to work together and solve the shit!!

Holy crap grow up

It’s the division of the parties and as long as it is that way, you will not see any change.

So how do you care or have faith when they can’t stop fighting for a minute to even do their jobs or figure out how to make it work – ugh 😑

Can we think logically please and adult?

Whatever – we see … but they never change so… also don’t trust that.


So … no more

In other stories…

Remember the vet guy who helped me with hot tub? So I call him to ask about something electrical in house

And he say to me … Were your ears burning ?

I laughed and teased “you talking about me?” Lol

He going to help me with electrical

I want to ask if he can show me how to do something with my car? But I don’t know if is something I be able to do?? So we see – he probably too busy anyway.

I’m so over tired right now!! But I am not working, “mostly”, tmrw … I do have few quick work things to do in morning but I work from home for that really quick.

Ugh tomorrow is hospital Friday … ugh ok .

Ok. Well maybe it will , maybe it won’t

I need to sleep …my eyes are trying to shut… and I am fighting a very losing battle to keep them open lol

I never get to stay up even when no work next day lol omg!! Yup officially old this year

Speaking of which… I have gray hair sorta coming in at my temples 😮😮😮 is because of all the stress … that wasn’t there before!! I also do not like texture of these gray hairs 🧐 they are weird

Ok my eyes are getting very angry at me … Ok gnite 😘✌️❤️

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  1. I will probably get flamed for saying this but grey hair in women is pretty sexy – just saying. So there is a highlight to the grey even if a little weird now.

    I started turning grey when l hit fifty, but l wanted to be grey at 35 and when l got to the hairdressers and said l would like to be grey they turned my hair platinum blond which was SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO not a good look for me! 😦 Hahaha I wore a baseball cap for a few months so as to not look like some strange robot!

    I will be thinking of you today as l know most of your friends here will be too Trisha with regards your appointment. Try and stay as calm and positive as you can and know as corny as this sounds, we are all there with you even if just in heart.

    As to the world, l agree, they are all just crazy warmongers who need to sit down and try and reach a solution instead of all this power hungry death dealing.

    Sleep well 🙂

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    1. You ask for gray and they give you Blonde? These are totally styles now lol … so would be totally normal now

      Yeah… the world 😑 I needed break from it for minute

      I have to go to bed for now… I have to be up really early

      I will be back soon 😊✌️

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  2. Gray hairs, probably due to age or probably due to stress. I would say mixture of both. Gray hairs are still hairs, and as long as they stay up there, it’s good.

    I hope you have good sleep and everything goes fine after that too. No worries, all will be well.

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    1. Oh yes I am happy they still there – I will keep whatever hair!! 🙏

      That is very true but you did make me laugh little bit with that 😊❤️ thank you!

      Peace and wellness to you also 🙏🙏

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    1. Oh change my oil ? Just so I know? And if I can even do that?

      Also fix a rear brake light ? Should be easy right?

      And whatever else I could possibly try? I really don’t know so I am curious


      1. Brake light is crazy easy!! And CHEAP (like, a couple bucks). Headlights, blinkers, and “fog lights” are all easy to replace but head light bulbs are hard to grip in some cars (tight position).

        Oil is relatively easy. Oil filter needs a cheap tool. Oil has to be taken to a mechanic for disposal so it’s easier to just let them do the whole thing.

        Also easy: air filter and interior a/c filter (almost no one knows they have one!); check/top off all fluids; replace front grill; replace rear view mirror; check/replace fuses; run an obd scan before going in for a repair (devices can cost as little as $12 and prevent being ripped off).

        I don’t know how to use a jack. I’d like to know that, just to know.

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      2. Yeah see you make it sound easy lol … but I don’t know if are things I would be able to do? I dont have the strength or good with tiny spaces or having to force anything into place lol or out of place

        I also would not know what I was doing!!

        I wish I knew – but I need someone to teach me? But then like I say… I don’t know if things I can be able to do?

        Some subjects are NOT my strong suits


      3. Yeah, I get the “able to do” thing. I have a string “male” side.

        All the stuff I mentioned, maaaaybe minus headlights, would be easily within your strength & skills! You can literally figure out a brakelight bulb simply by trying. Oil & oil filter require ability to be under car and reach up… easy after that. The others… youtube or I’ll teach you!!

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      4. I can’t really reach up – I have chest and breast issues /also strength

        I can’t do anything that requires a lot of strength or reaching lol

        I will have to look at YouTube


      5. Oil stuff usually doesn’t take a lot of strength… depends on howmuch of a jerk the last petson was. Filters can be just enough tight or redonk overkill tight.


      6. And, seriously, get an OBD II reader… cheap and can save you thousands.

        Also, in case it ever comes up, lots of oarts can be bought on Amazon so you only pay for install. I’ve done that with power mirrors and the a/c fan.

        Do you replace wipers yourself?

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      7. Sometimes they say they wont install a part I buy because is not OEM or whatever that is?

        I do not like car guys – they see me coming and they think – cha-Ching 💰

        Hahaha not yet I haven’t lol


      8. Honda’s are known to only like OEM (orog equip manufacturer) parts but most other stuff isn’t.
        Dealer will always require OEM, try to do unnecessary stuff, and overcharge. JiffyLube & placesike that really prey on women – have been found to sell services & parts without doing any of them.

        Talk to neighbors or view local facebook group to find a good mechanic!!


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