Just sayin

So… Ugh 😑 Wednesday

Ugh 😩

Ok it’s not even a big deal. But yes it is. Ugh!! Force self …force self!!

The hospital called me today…while I am at work in work mode… many doctors, nurses, hospitals etc have my cell phone number because I talk to them all the time… I need them to give causes of death and sign off on the death certificates…

I deal with this hospital at work…

So when they call… it’s weird because I think is for a decedent and it’s for ME 😳😳 so it’s very weird. Kinda knocks the wind out of you for one quick minute. 😮

Anyway… she tell me the technician want to reschedule and only do breast not anything else …

I panic immediately and say “oh no, no no! Not just breast!! Entire chest… no no no” … so she put me on hold and came back and said the original technician was out to lunch…

But she asked some colleagues and they say “yes chest, but maybe reschedule for more powerful machine” 😳😳

So I say “oh no please no”

… because I don’t wanna do this in first place – please don’t make me panic like the other place… I already had bad experience so ya know – we see … I don’t trust.

Also – perhaps they should put something in my chart so they are aware what they dealing with? That is not how you make someone feel ok. they should be in chart already.

So… totally panicked on her 😳😮 I almost wanna say nevermind – I’m good thank you byeeeee 👋 …my heart raced

She make me wanna cry. I didn’t but I feel that panic to do that.

She said she would call me back and let me know

So I log online and look – first time I using online stupid thing… but is good I guess?

They did not cancel it… they better not or then I have second thoughts – don’t…. just let me do it and get done … nope not 2 days before

It is not only hard to have time off but also… this whole thing freaks me out a little. So

It is a MRI… with contrast…

So… I guess that’s put in through IV? ☹️

Ugh medical stuff 😩

Ok well whatever

Anyway… they will set up IV prior to first test … so I will do first test as is… and see …

Then they hook the IV up to the dye which will light up my lymphnodes and things

Each test or set of photos takes about an hour.


Please don’t cancel. No no!! Please don’t do that.

So we see… I have to make it to Friday without them canceling … if they cancel … I will probably just cry and tell them I will call them when I know my schedule. And then that be on back burner

So I am little nervous – whatever

I just don’t wanna go back to hospital anyway so that will give me excuse 😮


Anyway… it was FRICKEN HOT today!! Omg!! The air is like oven heat!! I don’t even wanna wear things!!

I am … mostly 😘… but I don’t wanna be, too hot omg – even still!! I think about hot tub but oh hell no!!! Not without buckets of ice or something?!

I am too old for heat and things!! Lol ugh

Ok who has perfect temps … let’s say umm… 76 to maybe 90… that would be perfect range … who has that all year long? Where on earth is that place because I want that!! Where is it?

Also… MUST have freedom lol … I won’t do well controlled … I would fight that… so MUST be free and let me live in peace… and maybe be somewhere in the middle of a nowhere ??

Is there a place like that?

Also… preferably with nothing that’s gonna kill me lol ✌️… and no fighting?


Just good stuff please

Where is this Eden – please tell me there is one somewhere?? Where is it? Who has it? What are the major issues?

If there is no freedom – forget it!

It is so hot here currently omg – you just always thirsty and can’t really move without being very uncomfortable – I am too old for this… where is paradise?

Anyway yeah… way too fricken hot!! And this is nothing … this is only little heat… we are only 100

This is just the first taste Mother Nature gonna serve omg … I’m way too old. It’s brutal heat.

You must stay aware of Heat Exhaustion and also Heat Stroke! drink tons of water and stay in shade or a/c!


I am hot currently … but then I remember winter … ok well sometimes you can’t have perfect lol ✌️ so which do prefer ??

Ok fine. I will take the heat … I say that right now at beginning of summer … let’s see what happens lol ✌️😘


I just need to get big giant glass of ice 🧊 🙌 maybe be wet or something?

Earlier this morning I stopped and got a drink… I was standing in line and I see this glorious Dr Pepper and it’s all in purple 🫶💜😮😮😮

What is this Purple Dr Pepper? 😮 💜


Well my people tell me is Jurassic Park lol … ahhh I see. I love purple and Dr Pepper lol ❤️

Jurassic park is good movie 🍿… cause COULD actually be believable with modern science as it advances – do not do this!!

The nurse called back about 6:30pm and said she would call me tmrw once they see 😞

Something about wanting a radiologist there, whatever … please just do it. Do not give me reason to hesitate omg no

Ok so we see

Watch… they will probably cancel… the person she needs to speak to left early today. So who wants to work late on a Friday? But then they shouldn’t have offered that one then… it was soonest possible appt

I just don’t want this right from start

We see

Little exhausted so we see – maybe is not good time

We see – I probably should have never said anything

Anyway… I do have something funny to share though … I am very sorry that this strikes me as funny but it does …

There is this person… they wear a hearing aide … ok well whatever … but they somehow have it blue-toothed to their cell phone … and to answer a phone call … they hit themselves in the ear twice lol

I am sorry but it is a very funny thing to see … fricken technology


I’m sorry that is probably nothing new … but none of my other people do that lol

If you do that, it’s a little humorous 😘

I be talking to them and they be like oh hang on… and they tap their head twice 😄😄 and start talking lol … omg it is the funniest thing

Just sayin ✌️

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