Life happens

Ok so.. you can not “ask me” if I want presents early lol … what you think I gonna say ?? of course I gonna say yes lol … if I know you have something – yes of course I am curious lol

You can not give me early choice – don’t let me know you have it. You can’t tell me you have and and then ask if I want lol

So I got presents 🎁 ❤️ lol

They give me a dozen red roses 🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹

A cup for soup, tea or hot chocolate that says “mom in a million” lol ☕️ ❤️❤️❤️

And a wall hanging thing that says “Mom’s house will always be home” ❤️❤️❤️

Sunday happens to be Mother’s Day and my oldest sons birthday 🥳 … I am saving my presents lol 🎁

He was actually born on Mother’s Day … I did become a mother for the very first time on Mother’s Day lol ❤️❤️ sorry but no one can beat that present!!!

My oldest is spending night on Sunday … the 20 year old can’t – because he working this weekend – but coming over for little bit on Sunday night. ❤️❤️

We gonna have cheesecake for the big cake (instead of regular cake) – is my oldest’s favorite ❤️ I love cheesecake too ❤️

He turns 28 😮😮😮😮😩 lol … 28 years ago tomorrow (Sunday/Mother’s Day) I was a mom for the very first time ❤️

When I tell people I have 28 year old no one believes me!! Lol … this week I was telling someone how old he was turning and they say “wait how old are you?” Lol … and when I tell them MY age … they do not want to believe me… my looks are deceiving lol

I only look young because I still have same body always (well except for the breasts 🤨) … and my face is young looking. No one ever ever believes me. Plus the era is different

I think of my grandmother at my age and she looked like a grandmother – when she was my age – I was 10! She looked like a grandmother and was snuggly and grandmotherly. I do not look like that.

My mother and father both had young faces for a long time. My mother also always looked young. Also same body always – without the breast problems lol (I think that’s from my fathers side)

But I am still youthfully curvy, and dress young, with young face… is very deceiving!! I am always arguing that I am old lol… I have a umm I dunno ? My demeanor is quiet, my look is young with a reserve?


So… I had asked that vet guy to come drill me a hole for hot tub drainage… so he came over with his side guy worker (the guy he work with) and they drill me a hole. 🙌

But then we notice something weird with electrical… and I start telling him about how sometimes when turning something on somewhere else, or when a timer on a light turns off – it will turn off something else too … will shut off the living room fan, light or whatever

You know – the stuff I thought was ghost activity 😄😄 😳

So he looking at electrical and I have 2 boxes… 2 separate boxes 😮 one is for the main house, and the other is for hot tub and whatever else (I don’t know yet)

The hot tub box is very old and hot wired? Meaning – someone wired this house for extra electrical 😮 probably NOT permitted?

A section of the box the grounding is melted 😮 he tell me “I can do it but it’s not my general thing, but I have a friend I can call” so he take a picture of the box and will let me know. He said to be careful with my power – no crazy amounts of power – which I don’t do anyway… but he said could cause a fire so make sure my insurance is good which it is. Just in case, cause I have to see if someone can help me with it.

I told you!!! My garage looks like a former grow house!! The ceiling of the garage is completely TARPED in black tarp… I am afraid to remove it just yet, because I do not know what to expect underneath so let’s wait …

There is no garage door opener because of the tarp and this weirdo light lol … ok so… I probably have a grow house 😄😄 omg of course – of course it is – but whatever – I’ll fix it.

Well whatever – I have to fix that now and bring up to code… I hope is not crazy insane! 🙏 I knew house would have issues. I am ok with that. I plan to fix everything little by little.

I guess this was an entertainment house lol.

It is legal here – “California” … we literally have stores. I have not heard about a grow house in forever 😮 … it is little interesting to see a house like that and how it wired 😮 wow!

So anyway… also couple quick things … this vet guy… omg

He looks me right in my eyes, lol… I am careful, because my eyes can look seductive! I should always wear sunglasses lol … But he just catches my eyes, and then he looks into them when he speaks to me. 😮 I don’t think about when I know someone, because I know them… but it stuns me little when I don’t know someone… he just totally holds the gaze 😮

In business, I also do not think about? Is only when by myself and in my personal world. So there is that. Totally fine, just saying …because generally I am so careful, especially on own time – I’m just really umm careful “personally” lol

When he looks in my eyes like that, umm … I usually do not let someone look SO deeply 😳

He looks very deeply 😮

And then, I was showing him the second electrical box… and it was in an area you can not fit 2 people lol … so I opened it and went to shimmy by him so he could see, and he put his hand on my lower back … so I wouldn’t fall I think? 😮

But ya know, I am protective and keep distances – no one has touched me like that in long time, so be careful in areas 😮

I think this…

But then also, I think “no”…

Lol … I’m just careful. It’s a double sided coin!

I’m just saying … looking in my eyes and touch me like that – careful 😳

But also no. Peace is a prerequisite. Let me see your humanity

Anyway… I just say, because if it wasn’t for the fact I pay him to come do work for me… omg 😮

He’s funny. Down to earth. Sometimes I am quiet, but he makes me laugh. I do not know what to say much because I pay him … is not personal level… I laugh – and I do have convos… but I am quiet 🤫

There is something about him that reminds me of Massachusetts?? It’s really odd? I don’t know what it is? But there is a familiarity?

He always takes my hand WAY old school … he’s always very gentle and takes my hand almost as if he gonna kiss it? It is very different

I like it. He has my attention with that.

I am going to ignore that for this moment. He works for me… so I am going to be extremely careful! 😳

Also… he is charming… I am careful so he can not read me lol … so I am little quiet – gonna observe. Just be quiet and observe and people show who they are.

He seems very cool. I am just on guard 💂‍♀️

His words and actions draw my attention, and he’s charming so… ya know … no playboys or things that are not peace ✌️ – you must be peace lol

And careful…

So… interesting life things 😮 always 🙄

Anyway … Happy Mother’s Day to all the incredible moms everywhere ❤️ I miss mine – I wish I could have her tmrw. ☹️🌹 I love you mom ❤️ always ❤️ want you back!!

I went to get this video and the very first comment says “ Remember when a guy could eat a bat 🦇, without sparking a worldwide pandemic “ lol

Ok so that’s a little funny 😄 ahhh fun times lol

Ok whatever – gnite 😘✌️

10 thoughts on “Life happens

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    1. Hahaha that is hilarious – no I have never seen that! We get your English shows but they turn them American lol (like friends and the office) lol

      But I have not seen that one. That is funny!

      HBO used to have a show called “Weeds” about a single mother trying to make it, did that lol

      How funny … but I am plant grim reaper ☠️ lol … I don’t know that it would go well for me lol

      But I do want the house to be resell-able when I am done. I do not want fire hazards.

      Is it legal in England? Do you have stores?

      So funny when this happens to straight laced people lol- oh life 😄 has to throw some comedy in there lol

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Weed isn’t legal here and l don’t think it ever will be sadly.

        Friends was American to begin with, whilst The Office was indeed an American remake. But Saving Grace was a film released in 2000 so you should be able to get the original on DVD 🙂

        Liked by 1 person

      2. I am advocate due to cancer things. Also mental health for some.

        Yet they allow alcohol which is thousand times worse!

        Most of America is legalizing – I don’t know if is all states yet? We were one of the first.. if not THE first … so Californian lol

        I will have to see lol … England so proper

        There are huge benefits with it. Is very sad. Even ancient times – didn’t they find something in a cave in Israel? Lol

        So whatever is a plant and has benefits – god giveth

        Is people who place stigma for way is taught for them to believe

        It is not bad – it is very helpful with many things.

        But like everything stigma so whatever

        We don’t care anymore so whatever – you really should visit America lol

        I would say California is most free to be state. This west area.

        The east coast more on the proper lines lol but even them.

        All hell broke loose and here we are

        But is not bad – is just what you taught to believe and it is mind altering… just like alcohol …

        I would rather have pot legal than alcohol

        England would benefit huge! It’s a money maker for government too … why not join that almighty dollar?

        But that also depends on the general population too

        Is England prim and proper ? Tv kinda portrays that? And you do have royalty

        If is part of your society already chances are it’s a matter of time

        I did not inhale lol 😄😄 I am American – I can say that lol … hopefully you know that reference lol … if not – that little joke is for me lol

        In parts of Nevada prostitution is legal…

        So ya know / you don’t know another’s life or what they believe

        America is pretty accepting of many things, we also have Amish, and different types of societies such as moron etc…

        So live and let live ✌️

        And to the government : mind your biz, stay outta mine!!! Hate when they try to control lol ✌️ bitch please lol

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      3. Is the UK prim and proper? No not really. I think there are probably elements of prim and proper in all countries. Yes we have royalty, but they are mostly supported 81% by the over 65’s.

        There is more movement towards Republicanism now and that is becoming very popular with the 18-24 age group who are fast becoming anti-monarchy.

        Overall the support for royalty is around 60%, but this is different between age groups.

        The support will decrease as the years progress from now. In the early part of the new century so 20 years ago now, overall support for monarchy was in the high 90s % wise.

        There are plans to delegalise cannabis but there has always been those against it.

        Liked by 1 person

      4. Well that’s a hard one, because royalty is part of your history and tradition soooo much! Compared to other times – they seem more ornamental now?

        I don’t really understand their duties very well?

        I know they support causes, issues and things.

        But it’s very hard when is deeply rooted in tradition! It so deeply set

        Well it was not accepted here by many – the original reason it was allowed was for medical purposes – cancer, glaucoma, mental health – all the things it helps

        But then, everyone had medical issues so they just said fuck it lol and … now it legal

        It remains illegal on the federal level – but everyone ignores that cause states make their own rules – whatever I dunno?

        Under states that allow – it’s legal under state law

        Federally is illegal but what they gonna do? Lol it’s a runaway train now – they better just jump on board – no way they can turn around now without huge issues

        States are each individual state makes own laws

        Federal law is the entire United States and their governing laws

        No one cares about federal in that area… just about all states are legal and if they not yet – they get deliveries from other states

        If you don’t like your state – either cross the state line to another where is legal or have someone send to you

        They can not control – good luck

        Same as alcohol once was during prohibition

        So whatever

        I be back have to run ✌️


    1. Thank you very much 🥰

      Today is also my oldest sons birthday… 28 years ago today I became a mother 🥰❤️ he was my best present ever ❤️ … they all are.. but he was BORN exactly ON Mother’s Day for my first time…

      The other 2 … one is week before Halloween and daughter week before Christmas lol – holiday babies lol

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Well I always loved them before … but then my world changed and there were moments I didn’t love them anymore … and then they be heavy

        But I have better peace now so I cherish them, and we just together. ❤️ peaceful/easy

        Hahaha seasonal lover lol

        Liked by 1 person

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