Sooo tired

Today was NOT my day! I had a Murphy’s Law day!! 😮😮

Someone vandalized the funeral home. 😮 Is nothing sacred? That is poor humanity! We give peace and help people through loss of loved ones … including someone like that.

We were hit as well as another local business. I walked into that by myself this morning. I was not ready for that today!!

I say to my staff – do not speak to me today unless you have a contract, a check or an emergency.

And then they were all awesome – I always help them and today they turn around and say to me – what can we do to help you and they all jumped in ❤️ … teamwork – makes the dream work lol

Now if only the world could learn that shit???

So my whole day was police and things – I could not wait to get away from work!!!

So I leave for day at end of day and come home and there are police all over my street 😮 and in front of my house…

Seriously life? Really? All day?? And at home? What?

I do not know what that was about… I told an officer if you need footage – I got angels and security footage lol – but they say nothing like that.

So I did not want to know – I went right inside and locked myself in because no!!

I went and checked hot tub – but I was not in mood to get in suit and get in hot tub and if I see the creepy person today – just no!! So no – I did not want to risk that chance

Also… a topic today was this stupid abortion thing… men get women preganant in first place – is NOT only the woman

So where is that law that says every man MUST have vasectomy and that can be reversed if needed… how would men like that since you can’t keep in pants anyway? You want the government making that decision for you?

Where is the law for a man?? Yeah sexist!! Also you take that away and you gonna see more upset upheaval and protests… if you take that away… people gonna do it anyway – do you want it to be safe and humane???!!

The government should not have control over anyone’s body

Hello… this is United States ?? Why do some have freedoms and then others think ok to control people? I do not think so.

I will tell you right now… I get a bad diagnosis with either a return of cancer OR Alzheimer’s … yeah whether you assist me or not- I do not care … I am not going through those things!

I want it on my terms and I do not want my family to watch me deteriorate – no!!

So either you help me or not… but I will handle it. My life. I’m not doing that again!

So… do not tell me what I can or can’t do with own body…

However one of my coworkers say to me “well you already let them” 😮🤨 …what???

And he say to me “well you got vaccinated right?”

Dammit – I did let them – I fell hook line and sinker. No more – done with the vaccines and what will be will be. I caught it anyway last time… so eh whatever – do people care still?

Currently they are saying another strain and huge Covid wave is coming?? ok well I’m tired of being scared so whatever

I am tired of shit. I have also had a day from hell, and I am tired

Anyway – can we stop with these ridiculous things ?? Countries have a war and people wanna start fights. 🤨 leave it alone. Mind your business, not your body – not your call

Ok I am just too tired- I see comments another time because I have to be up in 4 hrs ugh 😩 to do again – I’m so tired 🥱


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    1. Yes it was!! I was not ready for that yesterday. Or any day!

      Very sad someone would do that to a place of respect like that. ☹️

      Now I have a TON more work!!


      1. After dark, the area is like the zombie apocalypse. Kinda not kidding. ☹️

        We are right next to million dollar homes … and so much homeless ☹️

        It just gets worse and worse – but then how fix??

        Rents going up, no one really wants to work??, landlords freely raise rents … you at mercy… everything expensive – gas is atrocious! I don’t even wanna know what yours is – mine is heart attack level! I can’t even look at the pump!!

        So… government is no help and people can’t seem to find jobs or the jobs are now remote or going robotic.

        And then people exhausted and give up and then are homeless and hopeless 😔

        Unless you have or meet good earth angels – it is very hard.

        People need help and that is all gonna get worse

        They are either on drugs, alcohol or both… or maybe something else? I do not know… and some are disabled mentally ?

        Some have no one.

        Is just very very heart breaking – very much

        We should be focusing on this issue!! Omg totally!! But everyone too busy fighting over literally just about everything

        So anyway – there is a section on my way to work that both sides of street and homeless tents and motor homes and looks like Fred Sanford’s junk yard? I’m sorry but it does

        I just find it heart breaking

        Or that any vandal would would be so heartless to harm a funeral home – is respect for the dead – regardless of who anyone is.


  1. I don’t know whats happening in USA. I open reddit and twitter and all they are talking about is some abortion laws. 😷 I mean we live in 21st century and have the modern health care system in place so why so much fuss. Also don’t want government to make excessive laws about what we should we and not do with our body. It’s bad and sends a wrong message. I guess more feasible option is to bombard contraceptive knowledge among the youth. It’s gonna work fine. I can only imagine how bad things can be around the world and here if they are bad in USA like that. Shameful

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    1. Ugh just starting fights everywhere ! Ugh 😑

      Also notice how broken the system is?? Yup – it’s all broken!! Courts, government …

      All we do is fight over everything – every single thing is split down political lines

      It’s disgusting

      I am disgusted by both sides!!! Yes very shameful!

      Someone leaked information about overturning Roe vs Wade … a United States Supreme Court case from 1973. The right to an abortion

      You have pro-life – who believe a life is a life from conception and who are you to play god? And also, take responsibility for actions.

      And then you have pro-choice who believes it is a woman’s choice what to do with her own body

      There are laws currently on abortions … you can not have an abortion in the State of California once the fetus is viable… at approx 23 weeks

      (But for my job – we consider 20 weeks a person – they have funerals and they are named.)

      So… who has the right? The woman or the unborn person?

      Ugh it is such a hot button issue… they gonna have huge problems with this!!

      Ugh – which came first? The chicken or the egg?

      It’s gonna get bad with this one either way – if is big upheaval fight … that be bad.

      If they just slam these laws down – women will find a way to do anyway – this country has already watched that!!! Potential to lose both lives.

      So both ways be bad.

      People just like to fight evidentially?? Omg

      Every time I turn around is fight about something somewhere!! Omg

      But this one is big one… they do not get the right to tell a woman what can do with her own body

      I am a type that won’t listen to stupid laws. If is regarding my own self, they can mind their own business.

      I live in the United States – I have every right to be free. So they can bite me thinking they have any say over anything regarding my own body, well being, or life. Screw that!!

      So yeah they gonna have fight on hands – is building… it will explode into protests if has not already – I’m sure it has… I have not turned on tv or seen any news.

      I just don’t want to be all mad and get sucked in with media bias. I like to keep my own soul peace and just ignore society lol

      I come here for society lol ❤️ I like it here better – way more peaceful!! I enjoy people here very much!!

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  2. Hey Trisha. Just a heads up. Sorry you are having such a rough time at work. I decided to close the Guy blog down and it will become a closed site sometime this week. I will still be reading your blog, just from the business blog which hasn’t opened yet. Just wanted to let you know 🙂

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    1. Awwww ☹️ why?? Guy is interesting and fun to read and answer.

      Is it too hard to keep? For quality of life? Does it stress you? Or take away a lot of time?

      I will miss Guy blog

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      1. Hey Trisha, l take a lot of time to create posts for my blog. But, trying to maintain two blogs of that quality and one, mainly a business blog, is difficult. So l decided to create a business blog with a personal twist instead.

        It’ll not be the Guy blog or even resemble the Guy blog because the Guy blog has run its course, but Earthly Comforts will have strains of similarity to it.


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      2. Lol … 😩😩

        Okay … but it does not let me follow your business one soooo I can’t read you – no comfort lol

        It’s funny … with my blog I am pretty free ? I don’t really plan. That would get me all jumbled with a blog. Trust me!!

        BUT if was a vacation 😮 I am generally very planning lol … and if excited with it, I will be obsessively planning and gathering info… timing it, reservations… all of that… I lock it down lol ✌️😄

        But with a blog?? I don’t think it be ok for me like that? I like more freedom in this.

        Where I can breathe 🧘‍♀️

        Not that I don’t love planning vacations – totally do if able.

        Is like cooking… I love to cook for my friends and family … but to do it as a job – then I think I would hate it.

        Is just relaxing to zone into cooking and make what you want for who you love. Is peaceful.

        I don’t want pressure put on it – ahhh there we go … that’s it!!

        I feel like planning my blog would make it pressure and then I would not love anymore?

        But yours is business so I suppose you do have to have business plan – so with business I can keep in planned sorta-ish (but my business is different, everything happens and comes at you 😳)

        But again – I can’t read your business lol ✌️😩🤷‍♀️ how I do that?

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      3. You can’t read the business blog just yet as it isn’t a live blog it is being created and developed 🙂

        With a business styled niche blog, it’s best to have a planned structure. Mine isn’t going to be a ‘typical’ styled business blog, more like a stylised niche business model with more of an individual bent to it.

        I couldn’t run a blog without any kind of plan hahaha even the Guy blog was under a strict schedule of routines 🙂

        I would go insane if l had to just go with the wind 🙂

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      4. Ok … will you keep guy until your business live?

        Well yes if it’s for business planned structure is best – and also time consuming – I understand

        So funny – we so opposite there… I am guard but personally want to be free.

        I work in pressurized business 🤨… so I balance with peace and freedom ? I am free spirit lol …

        I don’t like pressure … at work I have it all the time.

        I do not want to follow anything like as …how I am supposed to be or do things lol

        I am water sign 💦 – I flow lol 😄✌️

        We are very different there – how funny – very interesting

        I plan many things though for future? I aim – I sorta plan if I know what will or possibly come at me ? I am a planner

        But only certain areas – other areas… I like to be free ❤️ 🙌

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      5. I am an earth sign so l need stability with my feet planted firmly in the ground 🙂

        Am l keeping the Guy blog? No it will be activated for deletion this week. it has been stripped almost clean aside from two posts that are there now. I have been working through all my media files to see what needs saving.

        The business blog will be live in June 🙂

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      6. Oh you make me so sad!!

        Could you try one being free? Just periodically post when it meets your fancy? To say hello to your fans ? No pressure?

        Weird to think that be pressure to someone 🤔 how come?

        You speak freely to me?

        Business – YES – all about structure – you smart – you know what you doin!

        But personal, definitely more free spirit … I live in California lol 😄😄

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      7. Hey Trisha,

        There were many reasons for the Guy blog to finish. it wasn’t a decision taken lightly. I did write a small post about it.

        I have no regrets with the decision to say Goodbye to Guy it served me well for nearly five years, but people change and l have changed significantly in those years.

        I will still be reading from my ‘fans’ blog posts anyway. I am still in WordPress. The business blog is merely a niched blog with a slant 🙂

        But when l am committed to something l have to give my all and this is no different to whether it is a blog a business a relationship or a person, l give 100% to that adventure. I simply couldn’t run two blogs with the same level of dedication.

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