Happy Mother’s Day

Happy Mother’s Day to every woman who has mothered or cared for another ❤️

This is my favorite Mother’s Day video – it just makes me laugh sooo much lol ❤️ …


Oh yes… it still makes me laugh ❤️😄😄

Make sure you call or be with your mom ❤️ I wish I could be with mine!! I will talk to her later though ❤️

Today boys coming over to be with us – oldest is staying night, but 20 year old has to work, so he just stop by later to celebrate with us. ❤️ totally love Mother’s Day!!


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    1. Ooohhh just like my son ❤️❤️

      A person I know just found out they pregnant 🤰… their due date is January 6th

      I kinda laughed a little lol … an insurrection date baby

      Funny the dates babies are born sometimes

      I did love becoming a mother for very first time, exactly ON Mother’s Day – that was pretty awesome – no one can really beat that ever!! Lol


  1. This one was on when I turned on the Mother’s Day special last night. Another came on later. I only remember the part about the baby in the highchair having a diaper “blow out” with poop up to its neck.

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    1. Omg the blow outs – how funny

      How someone so tiny can make such a huge gross mess lol

      Is like “Chevy Chase” moments – of course they do that

      All of mine had those…

      I had my first and I was VeRY young 20/21… I can’t imagine either one of my boys with child or family yet 😮😮

      But with oldest, none of my friends had kids yet… and I was to be bridesmaid in someone’s wedding literally one week after I have him – so they had fitted me at 6months and figured how I might be…

      I am alien so my stomach went right back to normal as they came out 😮…

      Anyway I had to be fitted as soon as could after he was born … so he came with me to fitting and had a blow out – ok fine – new young mom in the fitting room at a bridal shop 🤨🙄 but of course

      So I had to change him – and then he peed everywhere as soon as I went to change him – omg lol – ahhh the memories lol

      The second one was pretty mild with blow outs, not any issues like the first …

      But the girl… the 3rd one … we were on car ride to Lake Tahoe – couple hour drive … and she had blow out in back of car and we had to pull over and handle that and was huge all up in her hair and everything omg

      Dude!! How are they so tiny and so full of shit?? Literally?! How does their bodies even hold that much?! Holy moly

      Humankind… been dishing out shit since the beginning lol ✌️😄


      1. My mom always told the story of my fresh diaper falling off the changing table. She bent over to pick it up and I covered her hair in diarrhea.

        My godson was my first experience with DUCK when changing boys!


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