The table …

Do you remember the guy who helped me with the spa? He’s the same one who I went to shake his hand and he took mine like he was gonna kiss it lol

He did my gutters, and my spa… and yesterday when he was over here helping me with last part of spa… he ask me what I gonna do with yard – I have a patio with a gazebo lol … I was gonna get a little table and chair set with a grill for that area

I don’t entertain but I will soon have a entertaining house lol

I been doing a lot of work on it too, just making it mine ❤️

Anyway – he mention to me he know of a table and chair set for free… do I want? Free? Yes I do lol

(My daughter sometimes says I sound like Mr. Krabs) lol ✌️

Anyway I said yes I wanted – let me know

And ya know … today was good day sorta … Today I got news I was not happy with. But whatever – corporation … they suck… they have no idea the staff and people they have and under paid and overworked

Whatever. So it was one of those – and then that makes me think of this decision .

But do I want to move OR do I want to leave all together because of the corporation?

I might leave all together ? Do I want death anymore? I do not know. Heavy choices

Is the grass greener ? Yes I think so lol

Boy 2022 gonna switch it up 😮 maybe ?? We see I don’t know 🤦‍♀️

Anyway … I came home all exhausted … and was gonna go look at spa – I opened my curtains to the slider and there it was 😮😮❤️

He got the set, came to my house and set up for me 😮 …I did pay him -cause you know labor and gas… and that was very nice (I use app to pay him) he is the bomb!

That was really nice to come home and see 😊

He is Air Force Vet. Really nice guy. Very kind

Ok well kids coming – I have to run

Try to be back later – but definitely tmrw! Trying to be realistic lol 🙏🫶

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