Dark and light

😮 so life… funny huh?

So this past weekend, the guy from few weeks ago – the one I started off with firey ??

He asked if we could have lunch on Saturday – sure fine … but then postponed til late Sunday – ok fine whatever but I am not driving far.

So he came out my way, and we sat and talk… dude is married – he said she live somewhere else (another state) and they getting divorced 🤨 … second marriage

Yeah no 🤨

So I told him, look I do not want to enter anything complicated – you are married and should have just told me that when I asked you…

I can’t be anyones savior – you have to do that yourself… so that’s a massive pass

He told me I bring light to his darkness 😳😮

That struck me…

Ok I do not like darkness … darkness is kinda heavy… I can’t have heavy. If you heavy – I can’t handle you. I like to love life.

I am not darkness – I am light … darkness overshadows my light 💡


I can not have heavy darkness – I am very careful – nope nope and nope 👎

Only with death is that ok – otherwise instant no.

So whatever – “men” – see… are you understanding how this is??

Well with some not all…

But then there are also things I do not understand… so I got home maybe about 5pm… and then Country boy text me…

Ok why?? Can you not if you are not on same page as me??? So what is purpose- I do not know… see I am telling you… he just does that so I think of him – he be on my mind 🤨

Sigh 😞

I like country boy… but I stand soooooo firm… so what’s the deal? He say one thing – but then acts different … so I kinda need distance if we not on same page there. Stop making me think of you

Plus he makes me laugh – but stop – we not on same page. Just let me distance

And then … not that it is anything – because it is not… totally not… strictly business …

But… the vet who helping me with things around my house 😮 careful

Well he’s the one who I didn’t know if he was gonna kiss my hand or not lol

Well… so… he’s funny and sweet… very sweet!! But check it… so dude sets me up with dining set … helps me with spa.. and gutters – it all makes me smile 🙌

I asked him if he could give me 2 estimates …

One for full on repair … and one to get me by until I have enough money for full on repair? Lol

So today he come to my house when I was still at work…

He price out the fence … he give me estimate for full on repair… and then just did the repair to get me by for free … and he doesn’t want any money

I come home and it’s amazing 🤩 perfect

He pretty incredible

But again – strictly business that’s it – I’m just saying … I know I pay him but he’s really sweet… plus he knows how to do literally everything lol


So also thank you for that ❤️ 🇺🇸




🤫 shhh 🤐


Careful lol

Just be careful ✌️

And then… so… I have not used hot tub because what?? I go sit in by myself?? And do what?

But then my coworkers are like no you have to get in – we dare you lol

Well ok fine … if you gonna say dare lol

So I did ❤️😮 It was very chlorinated lol … I was tense after work… sat in there with heat and bubbles for 10 minutes and I now I am not tense 😮

It is sooo cool!

Yeah ok …THIS guy better be careful… don’t meet me… make me laugh… fix everything perfect and do stuff for free … PLUS a vet ?! Yeah be careful ⚠️

Don’t be too awesome – careful


I will keep distance

Anyway… tonight I put on my bikini … my back yard is pretty private but back up to an alley – do you see where this is going?

So I get in … notice nothing… think I am alone… so then I get out but I don’t have stairs yet … thankfully I have long legs but that was a stretch lol – whatever so I get the towel around me and I start to head inside and I think I see something behind the fence …

But ya know – I’m scared of noises and things so nope not gonna check so I keep heading in and I have to go up concrete stairs to the slider and I get a full view and I see someone’s head – definitely a man

Creepy – can you please not do that


And then see ?? By myself

So whatever if you wanna see scars. But it’s really creepy all by myself

Don’t be creepy! That is very bad! I definitely do not like that.

Ok well whatever – so definitely not on married guy … ya know … funny thing… I thought to myself – watch this gonna be something shady – he from Sac… yup … I want zero entanglement in that.

And country boy … well he better figure out what he wants – cause I’m not playing around. You better state your purpose 

And military man … probably should be careful and keep distance … keep business …

We see who he is. But he just keeps being amazing

I pay him so… but he always gives me really cheap price or free – even with the quote today … he give me quote for repair and was already cheap … but I need time to budget …

So not only did he fix my fence to hold me over until he does repair – he refused to let me pay him… and then when I say ok I will start budgeting for it … and he says well I can maybe see where we can have be little cheaper lol

Well no… because I want to pay him what he worth… is ok for me to budget for it… you do not have to just do things for me… but that is very sweet. I appreciate … you take care of me… I’ll take care of you… so that’s all… his time, labor and help is worth something to me …so yes – let me pay you!!

So anyway careful… he drawing my attention

I think I am going to ask my alarm company to install cameras in backyard too. Yes I want full surveillance for my compound lol

But I seriously hear all kinds of things at night near my window and then that today – so yes – full surveillance please 🙌

Just because ya know? So whatever – safer

Ahhh moments you miss the middle of no where!!!

Ok well whatever … gonna crawl into bed. What day ugh Monday still – tmrw is Monday part 2

Alright – good night 🌙💤

21 thoughts on “Dark and light

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  1. Yes, you should get cameras installed everywhere if you like it. It’s better to trust your instincts and do it. Because people can be creepy and sometimes it can be terrifying when we have a family at home too. Have a wonderful week ahead!

    Liked by 1 person

      1. Awww lol… I FEEL you!! That will be us soon! It’s coming for us also 😳 … we are really bad in July August and September.

        Ugh it’s awful!! Just keep drinking tons of water – and check on your elderly friends or family … try not to move lol

        We have it brutal like you too

        What are your temps?

        How long does your heat season last? Ours is long – hence the fires you will see… when you see us on the news.

        You are on our news with yours lol

        Liked by 1 person

      2. Just the month of May. We have summers from April to June but such kind of heat and waves come during May only. Yeah right now we have roles reversed, it will come for you people too I hope it’s not like this though. 😂

        Liked by 1 person

      3. That’s not bad… we have awful time with the heat… we will be on fire later – happens every single year!!

        I can just make the hot tub have cold water and should be ok?

        This year, since I move and am now in town… I no longer have to worry about forest fires… so that’s a positive “for me” – but I used to worry eventually my luck would run out with that – I was always worried when the fires started

        The elderly neighbor who lives next to me, is a survivor of the Paradise, CA fire which burned an entire town to the ground ( was the power companies fault – their transformer started that fire)

        He lost everything – he was lucky to get out with his life 😮 thankfully he did.

        Hope you get some relief soon!! Be careful and drink lots of water

        Watch out for heat stroke and heat exhaustion.

        Liked by 1 person

  2. I so could do with a long cool woman in a black dress or no dress at all hahaha!

    Yes have the iSpys scattered around best to be able to see everything!

    Stay careful Trisha 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Lol you are too funny!

      Thank god I didn’t go topless or anything Omg

      Note to self – never do that, unless in middle of no where

      I want to go in tonight… but it’s weird all by myself and after that last night – little creepy.

      Maybe was a fluke – but if I see someone!!! If that happens again, I’m not gonna wanna go out there by myself. 🤨

      Yeah I just feel safer with those security cameras, the alarm system and the monitoring … it records everything for me.

      People are crazy so do not trust nothin. I am all by myself and no!! If I could arm my own body with alarm system then yes that would happen … I’m sorry do you have clearance for that hug? Lol I’m kidding – that might be too far lol

      Always always always hopefully safe lol

      I like protection, safety, and security lol 🙌 … also freedom and peace ✌️

      I have a little compound thing going over here lol ✌️😄

      Liked by 1 person

      1. “I’m sorry do you have clearance for that hug?” Hahahaha brilliant!

        “Security here Madam, He’s going in for the hug! Shall we take him down?”

        “Yes no hugging clearance!!”

        “Right you are madam, right everyone take him down, take no prisioners no clearance no hug!! Go go go!”

        I always wonder about those carefully designed holes in fences at so the wrong height ……

        Liked by 1 person

      2. There aren’t really any fence holes 🕳 … but there are gaps between boards in areas – I am saving for a repair – but is fixed for moment

        Lol security clearance hug 🤗

        Liked by 1 person

      3. … no just spaces between the slats lol – not all of em … I just gotta fix the whole fence – is old. Like me needs parts replaced lol ✌️😘

        Liked by 1 person

    1. No shit “fricken peepers” 🤨🙄🫥

      I want to get a gazebo thing that has privacy curtains. Eventually – I have to save though. Little by little I get it really nice.

      I waited until after dark so you can’t really see … and then I did go in – but I think I unbalanced still with the PH? So I am learning – is learning scale lol

      But was fine last night – I took shower after to get off chlorine … but I so comfy and tired… I lay down for one second right after shower and I was out!! It totally relaxes you!!

      I also wore a 1 piece 😮 I prefer bikinis. But it was night and didn’t want peepers lol ✌️ my plan seems to have worked?? I did NOT notice anyone. And I was alert 🚨


  3. Living alone is why I didn’t rrolace the windows on the back side of the house… I kept the bars on them.
    I also keep my front porch and hall lights on at all times. Back “yard” has motion lights and “booby traps”… semi-hidden cacti and otger thorny plants, and a LOT of windchimes.


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