So Tired!

I am just so tired 🥱 a lot! I am exhausted and maybe getting burnt out? Not really sure ? We will see

I’m kinda quiet? I dunno ? Am doing ok… little overwhelmed, but just quiet.

I have so much work! I could work 24/7 if they let me.

No … it is not Covid… we do not currently have any Covid cases

Is just the last of the 1920’s… the 1930’s & 1940’s mostly. Old age or health issues mostly

Hospice care makes me little nervous. I’m not sure if I like the way they do things.

But cancer DOES hurt!! It really hurts!! I do not know how to describe? Like ache and pressure and hurt? I don’t know how to describe ?? But is awful pain…

So medication is definitely needed to help comfort and make pain subside a little.

It’s just since I know that pain and then work in death and see hospice – it kinda just hits me a little. That kinda quiets me little bit. It just hits me a certain way.

So it just chokes you little bit

And I dunno ?? Usually I’m fine but I’m overwhelmed with work so maybe sensitive?

So I dunno? I am in thought with many things

Tmrw someone is coming to see my gutters and check them. I had him come give me a quote on Sunday … but he has to look and see if damage so he doing that tomorrow – after I get out of work

When he came on Sunday and I open door, he seem very taken back? And then was like “well hello”

He seem like decent hardworking guy, comes recommended and is a veteran so ok

When he was leaving, he went to shake my hand – I thought? But instead took my hand like a man does a woman when he is about to kiss her hand lol

He did not kiss my hand, just gently took my hand and did ever so slight bow lol – that was different, but guys do funny things anyway, always, so whatever

I was kinda quiet and just smile.

So anyway – I have to go to sleep – I fell asleep after 5… and woke at 8pm … but I have to go back to sleep. I am so tired a lot lately!!

Ok I have to sleep – again – good night 😴💤🌙

4 thoughts on “So Tired!

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    1. No thankfully they out until Wednesday so I have til tmrw

      But I can’t do the workload and let quality of life suffer and that’s what’s happening

      I am getting burnt out


  1. I hope you don’t overwork yourself, and try to find a way to make yourself keep comfortable in the hectic schedule. I respect the work you do, it takes a lot of courage and a strong heart. I hope you take care. Have a wonderful week ahead!

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    1. Awww 🥰 thank you very much – that was very kind to say – thank you. 🥰

      I appreciate that very much!

      It’s crazy sometimes 😳 definitely takes a certain kind! And is not always easy. You have to be dedicated 😮 it’s death 😳

      Week has been little on the weird side – but we see it all. Weird is fine … was weird not crazy – except Tuesday was crazy!!! 😳😳

      I hope your week is going pretty well too! Hopefully not crazy ✌️

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