Omg this morning

Someone left soap on my desk but didn’t tighten top… so I go to move it and it goes everywhere … we are scrambling to get director out for service and then she spills her coffee omg

So I was on my hands and knees first thing this morning!! My office smells like coconut and coffee lol

Was like keystone cops but with funeral people lol

Ok what day is it ? Tuesday? Ok – it has been so busy today!!

Ps we don’t do that 😄😄 those caskets are really heavy ⚰️ … never mind with a person inside!!

Nope sorry we do not do that unless you are to provide the casket holder dancers – but even that would probably have to be cleared through legal lol

So short answer – no lol


6 thoughts on “Omg this morning

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  1. Casket dancers were just on some show… oh… series finale of Blackish. I didn’t know they were a thing till I saw that.

    If you don’t already know, Folex is the best carpet stain remover in existence. Seriously.

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      1. Yeah l know, it was just the way you told it, it did make me laugh, but then l am 000’s of miles away and can see the funny whereas you are in an office smelling of coconut and coffee on your hands and knees not seeing the funny hahahah 🙂

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