Saturday life

Alright – somewhat adulting. Did for a little bit – I think I’m done lol ✌️

I have grocery shopped lol – which I love now!!! All I do is go to the app… pick what I want or need… I can watch total… and select time of DELIVERY!! Omg I just love not having to step foot in a grocery store omg I love love love! ❤️

I don’t have to carry or load anything, I don’t have to be all weird lol … it’s just comfort of own home ahhh … yes deliver please and free delivery so yes absolutely – just bring that to me lol

I pay bills, I have to do stuff I haven’t done yet and oh it’s gonna be hassle – I like easy. So I sorta drag my feet – I do not really like jumping through hoops for things… I just wanna give my information – have changes made and be done. Nice and easy … but no …because things are stupid and it’s gonna be all complicated 🤨 whatever – at some point I will do that.

Ugh the whole world is very complicated!! I am little overwhelmed with really nothing – but something.

So let me ask something?? Ok say you have a decision to make?

And the decision rests between – what is best for you now in this moment?

Or for future? Big picture?

Both could be the right decision – so which decision would you make? Immediate satisfaction – or planned prosperity? Hmmm 🤔

And then if you wait for big picture that is sometimes risky ?

How safe do you make your decisions ? How would you see this?

What if your comfort is seeing big picture and you have belief in building? So what if waiting is more secure?

And what if the immediate satisfaction was little unsure?

So ya know?? I am not sure if I see that decision correctly because I always want to build and plan lol … what is your opinion?

If I wait – it still be hard. If I leave, kinda same but differently? So I dunno? Bleh

I like safe, so I always go that way… but there is huge incentive to wait. So I don’t know?

Oh I like easy way better.

I am also stressed with workload little bit because everything keeps breaking and I have to call people in to fix and corporate keeps trying to upgrade whatever and their stuff just sucks!! Omg !! Their internet and programs are awful and slow – but massively protected and encrypted

Oh … let me mention something since we are in the age of scams … we have families tell us someone from some funeral company called them and wanted personal information

DO NOT GIVE OUT PERSONAL INFORMATION!! ONLY to us!! And we are governed by laws, make sure it is us …

These scammers get their info from obituaries, or things posted; they fish… and when you suffering in grief – I will tell you …sometimes you are in a fog?? You don’t think straight… you are grieving. And since you planning funeral, you think maybe is us or something? – verify!!

I would say …just be aware and be careful – evil likes to take advantage when people are vulnerable. Maybe say “let me call you right back”, and then call the number YOU HAVE for the proper facility or funeral home. We understand and that won’t be a problem. We would rather have you and your info safe – don’t be venerable to a scammer

If you come to my funeral home you talk to or see me all the time. You will know who I am. So if you need help you can call. Or at least one of my people will know that family VERY well!!

So just be careful – you are vulnerable in those moments. Always be alert if doesn’t seem right or you are not comfortable.

Ugh so yeah.

Anyway… also … at my house – I keep mostly healthy food and meals – lots of fruits and veggies 🥦 🥕 🥗 🍎 🍌 🍉 🍓 ❤️ some nuts and things

I have some splurges like coffee chocolate and maybe chips? Just ya know – to enjoy.

We do eat chicken and beef as well. But at her fathers house is all junk food and processed foods

So ya know – your body reflects how you eat… so how do I teach a 15 year old how to take care of health and body but bring up so doesn’t take it as a body image thing?? But more as a health related thing? Is best to make smart choices with food when young.

As with everything “balance”

But because is 15… her body totally changed. She ultra sensitive and I definitely do not want her body self conscious. Just aware of health

I am seeing… and calculating a plan of approach lol – it’s just sensitive subject because of age. So I want to be careful … I do not want any body issues.

Love your body sweetie any way that it is… but health and inside – make sure you care for that also… love all your body.

Also she is with me sometimes when hit on 🤨 yes that happens … with all of them – doesn’t matter who with sometimes… but she see that… and she complain she not as beautiful as me… Ok well… “all this” takes care lol… I don’t just wake up like this lol

I shower – do hair and make up … pick good clothes etc etc – takes time to put together lol

I am usually always that way because of work … I have to look nice and respectful.

Plus I sorta try to eat right, I am picky eater and I don’t eat large portions. Plus I sorta exercise sometimes ish lol

But I’m always running around everywhere at work. So I think that counts for some cardio lol ✌️😘

I do walk. I love to walk.

She is 15, so good time to learn good choices and good habits – I just have to be careful how to bring this up without any issues with anything else.

My family has history of cancer and also auto- immune diseases … as well as Alzheimer’s … so… my dear … is best you take care of that vessel of yours.

But I’m also trying to be respectful about her own choices – just guide her a little … please make smart choices with everything – be smart!!

Don’t let them make you my customer!!

Yeah so doesn’t help I work at a funeral home – so ya know whatever – but I am strategically planning my approach lol ✌️

Ahhh parenting – fun times

Teens are different lol … because everything is literal, serious, personal … sometimes – moments of self discovery with who are and how see

So I just have to be careful so she remains mentally healthy … but I want that body healthy too!! You have to do both lol ✌️

Ok I have to go – I be back later

And look at this gem I found searching YouTube lol …

So yeah – take care of yourself and stay safe from stuff!!

Ok back later ✌️😘

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  1. Only scanned because I have no attention span.
    Choices… they vary. But it’s important to remember the wprldcan change without notice. I’ve lost ¼ my retirement account in 2yrs.. so my backup plans are now up on the air, just as work is about to get worse (coworker quit without notice today. I think there’s some family drama he needs to deal with but really don’t know.)

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    1. Very good point – plus I would like all things in writing as to what they want and expect. Both sides -to protect my ownself

      Ugh very hard decision. I have til Monday

      Thank you ❤️


      1. I know – that makes me not breathe lol

        Ugh omg … it’s a lot of pressure from all sides 😮

        I think about everything and weigh things and I still don’t know!!

        I do have to say by tmrw ☹️



      2. It is not letting me go to your page… I even try to search your name and go in that way and won’t let me … can you like a comment or post so I can try that way? I don’t know how to read you?? Did they change something??


  2. It’s good to pay attention to her. She will surely appreciate all the help and guidance. She should also enjoy newly found freedom and energy which comes at this age. Taking care of body seems like an easy thing but is not. I also take care of myself but you know body is sensitive so any minute thing will affect it. So I hope she take cares, all will be fine. 🙌

    And oh 😂these scammers are seriously very these days. I once almost gave my mums card number to one of them until I realised it was a scam. Got saved by a whisker. We need to be aware these days a lot. Take care🙌

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    1. Yeah, I try to teach and do as much as I can – so she can be smart in life.

      One day I won’t be here to give her lessons, guidance or support… so I want to make sure she is aware and will be ok, even if I am not around anymore.

      I want her to be strong through life. 🙏 have a good long life.

      No it’s not easy at all… you have to know your own body, and treat it well…

      Body/mind/soul ❤️✌️ always take care of them!!

      We talked this afternoon and she is open to nutrition and exercise info ❤️ I did emphasize the health problems associated with processed and types of junk food. Plus family history

      She listen and heard my words.. just like my own mother would do, and then even if you don’t listen right away – one day you remember those words and think – Mom was always right lol 😘✌️😄

      She’s a good girl she listens ❤️ I just like to be respectful of her and her own self image.

      The other night she had a dance at school… she put on this new dress, make up and put her hair up 😮😮 omg she was grown woman!! Omg 😳

      Like one minute she is my baby … and then the next she come walking down the stairs like this beautiful stunning woman😳😮

      So I don’t have much time left raising her – so just wanna make sure she will be smart in life with variety of things 🙏❤️✌️

      Yes the scammers are bad… they go after things people are very trusting with, and at most vulnerable times.

      Always verify if you think sounds fishy!! Trust your vibes and stay aware!!

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  3. What Trisha? You don’t wake up looking good? Really?

    Okay humour aside, good for you to help your daughter along albeit guiding hand wise. She is at a very tricky and highly sensitive age – you are quite right, everything is so serious, and more so l noticed with girls of that age.

    “So let me ask something?? Ok say you have a decision to make?”

    And the decision rests between – what is best for you now in this moment?

    Or for future? Big picture?

    Research everything thoroughly, make no rash decisions and sleep on everything.

    Bloody scammers and spammers are the bane of the new world!

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    1. Yes, I just want her to live smartly. I’m not always gonna be around so I want to make sure she takes good care of self 🙏❤️

      Haha before coffee – you get this: 🧟‍♀️

      Once I am awake, had coffee and showered – there is this: 💁‍♀️

      But I just want her to realize – I could roll out of bed and just “be” … but you just put in effort for certain occasions or things.

      If take care and have pride in things own, why not for own body – so I just want her smart

      She was very receptive ❤️

      Yes I am taking decision very seriously.

      Scammers are awful!! Yes absolutely the bane of this new tech world and era!!

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    1. Yes online much better than stores. Pretty much with everything.

      Except for clothing – I kinda like to go shop because I prefer to try on make sure is what want.

      Online photos can be deceptive and you can not feel the material or the fit.

      I do not like to return ✌️

      But food yes – all day long lol

      It is pretty great!

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      1. I can do most of my shopping online these days right across the range of products. Even clothing shopping, but thankfully l no longer have problems buying clothing. I think working in retail fashion and with many many fabrics gave me an idea of what some thing might feel like. That makes it easier.

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      2. I love 👙 bikini’s …

        I do not like 1 piece … going to the bathroom with a 1 piece is awful – you have to get naked just to use bathroom! That is so annoying!

        But with bikini OR tankini … I just be normal lol

        Plus I have long torso so I just don’t like 1 pieces lol

        I never have to worry about anything with Bikini or Tankini

        Way better than 1 piece

        I have one 1 piece … is cute – looks like from 1940’s pin up – wicked cute! But I never wear it because of going to bathroom issue.

        I do prefer my bikinis 👙 over all better 🙌

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      3. I find the tops of bikinis very awkward, l always look so flat … 🙂

        Yes one pieces would be a nightmare for toilet trips. Do they no longer have the all in one piece with the buttoned crotch? Or am l thinking that was a form of body suit from the 90’s?

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      4. Haha… well I like the bikini bra better because holds me better 😉 I definitely need underwire! Don’t need padding but need that underwire support because of my right side.

        Plus of course like I mention – bathroom bonus of normal bottoms for easy relief lol

        I don’t like being all wet and burnt struggling with a one piece nope 👎

        Those button crotch were jumpsuits to keep tucked in and there is no way I would wear those either ever!!! Nope 👎

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    1. Ha yes… I am Irish ☘️ … auburn/red hair and I have a lot of freckles – almost all of my family is Irish

      I sizzle and burn very quickly – 5 minutes and I will be red …

      California sun is like a burning laser!! I have to be extremely careful but I love that sun soooo much!!

      In the sun… not only do I burn quick… but then more freckles pop out every summer even though I am old 🤨🙄 … it lightens my hair and my eyes oddly too?

      Am very sensitive to sun, but I love California sun ☀️ 😮

      I just know I can’t be out very long and need lotion…

      Even with lotion I burn 🔥 but not as bad … and I hate hate hate the stickiness and smell of the suntan lotion 😝 yuck!! I wear it but I don’t like.

      I can have a beach day 🏖 or whatever or be outside – but I will be pinky …or if not careful – red

      My skin will turn purple and/or bubble like boiling water 😮😮 if too much sun – and that has happened a couple times – but I think I have learned now?? pretty sure … but sometimes it just happens

      Yes… yes I do burn easy 🔥 I have to be careful

      But I’ve had this issue all my life so I know all the tips and tricks of sunburns … and then I also know to be careful because of all these freckles 🙄🤨

      Do you? Lol

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      1. Oh l see. So factor 20K for you then 🙂

        I don’t burn these days that much. I did burn once very seriously, but that is because l fell asleep out in the sun in Greece once.

        But normally, l am pink for a few hours in the sun then it tans off really quickly.

        I love the sun and being warm.

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      2. Haha yup!! I have had several severe burns … I try to be careful …

        California sun is pretty intense

        If I burn, I know how to fix and make so I do NOT shed my skin like a snake lol 🐍

        I also know how to help the pain of a severe burn

        And I am allergic to aloe so I have to find other methods which work really well if needed

        I am the master of knowing sunburns.

        When you say Greece it instantly makes me think of Mamma Mia! ❤️ … and also Aristotle Onassis lol

        I love sun and being warm too!

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      3. I was on a beach in Crete and l was recovering from some of the previous night’s ouzo cocktails and promptly fell asleep on my stomach and they all thought it funny to leave me there for like ten hours sleeping off a hangover. When l awoke l couldn’t move and they through me into the sea. I was ill for days hahaha 😦

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      4. Awww that’s not funny at all!! That’s dangerous and mean.

        Your friends don’t sound very nice.

        That could have gone another way. Especially drinking!! You very lucky.

        And your friends seem little mean to do that ?

        My friends would have helped me inside and made sure I was ok. Someone would have stayed with me.

        Maybe because is boys? I don’t know? But that was not very nice of “friends”??

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      5. Oh my goodness! Well I hope isn’t a longer story of friends being mean! 😮

        I would not call those friends. Sorry… but how you call someone a friend and then laugh at them being sick or hurt?! – or not trying to help prevent them from that?

        Or just making sure they are ok??

        If they don’t care they not friends.

        But maybe that is just my view? I am careful and observant and of course quiet – until you know me 😉 … but I still have my quiet days. I watch actions and motives and things.

        So my view is protective ✌️

        You should keep good friends in life… the ones who sincerely care and you can just be yourself and enjoy life when with them 🙌❤️ those are friends!! They accept you as is, and have your back

        Get the ones that have your back!! Honestly and sincerely … those are hard to find as adults sometimes 🙄 because the world makes people ??? Jaded? I dunno… but there are some really amazing incredible friends – that’s why you be yourself and don’t follow them. Then the right people come into life and you happy, and can be self AND enjoy life always!!!

        They never pressure or never demand – never make fun or be mean.

        The problem is “FINDING” your people in life lol

        I have a friend who used to always tell me… people come into your life for a reason, a season OR a lifetime.

        So some people come to your life for a reason? Maybe you need them somehow ? You don’t have to know, life will do that.

        And some are a season… meaning they don’t stay in life long.

        And then ya have the lifers ❤️❤️

        So ya know – collect the good ones for a good life ❤️✌️

        With the correct definition “friends” actually care about you like family… you get to make that family whatever you want.

        Are they still your friends?? 😳

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      6. No, they weren’t my friends once l recovered. They weren’t my friends when l nearly drowned after they threw me into the sea. I was so burned and the shock of the water prevented me from swimming, so they had to hoist me out. When l had recovered from the burned back l told them to EFF off because if they were friends l might find my life easier with just enemies.

        I will be writing about it in due course. It all happened on a Greek holiday, l went with a college friend, and we met some people from England in the hotel. They were a disaster from day one.

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      7. Awww ☹️

        Well they were lesson to you. You learn from right?

        And yes you better off without 🤗

        You just have to be careful with people.

        You are very lucky. I’m glad you ok.

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