Oh crap

So I leave mid afternoon to grab daughter – was a day!!! Oh my god! Let’s just not.

So I rush home with tons to do right away on computer for work!

But when I got home I forgot I had workers here fixing my house with things and fixing that hot tub 😮 it’s a brand new hot tub 😮 so they drain it – I have to buy some hoses because I have none lol

And I have to put on my bikini and get out there and scrub 😳😮😄😄😄 omg why do I not see this going well ewww but ok – I have to do that – they are gone … I could pay them to just do it – but let me see – maybe me? We see how this goes

But omg it will work – they test it and drain it and I just have to clean and flush 🙌 should be easy? Maybe as long as no nasty bugs 🐜

Ewww lol … we see … I’m really not the type but ok I will get dirty – this should be fun. Ok I am off to Home Depot for hoses – few scrubbers … CLR?? For calcium stains and dawn dish soap I gonna be scrubbing and flushing lol… I also need bug spray

I also had them do gutters and clean and fix those … and they cheap so yay!!

But I say oh crap… because someone else wants me to come be their office manager

Omg my head spins omg – I think I will be sick with so many decisions omg … ok later I think of that – right now hot tub lol


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  1. With all the offers, keep in mind that the possibility for major pay increases won’t be around forever! If I had an opp, I’d jump. But there’s just nothing near me. And I may have missed my chance at having 2 homes. Oh well.

    CLR is great stuff! I’d seriously consider getting a drill and drill scrub brushes… lot less elbow grease! Then I’ll be right over with edibles and/or booze. I luuuuv hot tubs (want one SO bad)!

    Good luck, whatever you do!

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    1. You should come visit lol 🙌

      I will text you details maybe this weekend ?

      I pulled in so many directions and buried under so much work!

      Tonight we scrubbed… my oldest came over and help me… but I am very weak with strength… I don’t do well with repetitive motions for too long… I do not have a drill thing like what you say lol … I am not that advanced with equiptment lol

      Thank you! Ugh 😩 I will have to tell you


      1. Lol… well we got it all scrubbed down – we flushed it and refilled and shocked and chlorinated … it’s running amazing and has color changing lights and everything – it’s beautiful! You should see the thing – once is all squared away I will take photos

        You should come visit now lol.. I’ll grab wine from one of the local wineries and we have good fun relaxing weekend


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