What is happening?

Ok so… let me explain my life for you… it’s weird!!

Ok see this is why I keep to self… cause there is peace and it is easy and also chill… I have to have a side of my life like that to balance job.

Ok so… there was Saturday – dinner with country boy. It was good talk. But ya know… I do love him but we not on same page – we do not want same things… it’s not right. It doesn’t feel right – it does – but it doesn’t – I am at ease around him because I have known him so long and he’s chill. But again he is not on same page as me… I feel like he’s amazing but he will break my heart a lot and I don’t want that. I just keep a guard with him – I am not at ease trusting him with what I want.

And then remember that guy? He text me today. He say… hi, how are you?

🤨 I say … I am fine thank you – how are you?

He said he was fine and asked if I working – I said yeah always lol

And he asked if he can swing by? I said ok.

So he came to my work 😮

Today I had some corporation guy come to my door this morning and say he here to run a line, but my corporation didn’t tell me anything… they do this!!!!! He was running a phone/internet line

So whatever – the guy from last week? I think it was last week? He swing by my work and texts me when he’s there.

So I went outside, and he said… how come you don’t text anymore? I said well you are attached

He says he didn’t understand what I was asking and thought I meant is he attracted? No that was not what I asking lol

And he says you are a firey one lol

Am I? Lol 🤷‍♀️ maybe … yes because I’m not gonna put up with bullshit – so can ya handle it?


If you chill and peaceful and calm – I am same.

Depends on how you wanna come at me. 😘

Also… I used to be a cart girl on a golf course so let me tell you I can handle myself!!!

Yes if a man gonna have interest yes I am gonna be protective – either I be quiet or if you light a spark ok yes then maybe I be slightly firey.

Because I don’t F with shit 🤨


I like peace … I’m not going to want anything but peace… I don’t want no problems or drama

I want peace. So yeah ok yes… I came in hard maybe a little ?? Is just so I don’t have to deal with the crazy and jackasses …or Satan’s god forbid!!

And sometimes my words maybe different out here? Sometimes ok fine. I reask the same question in different words – do you have a wife or girlfriend or anything complicated? Point blank lol

Sorry I’m just gonna lay it out… if he can handle it? We see

He said no … but I still on guard. I will take me time.

It doesn’t take long for someone to show who they are. We see.

But we talking and kinda laughing… he has a beautiful smile… also… unless I know someone I don’t really like direct eye contact? Is weird… because if I make direct eye contact people thing that means something – so I just avoid

If I am speaking to one of my families at work I’m fine… or anyone from work… totally fine – at work it’s not a problem

But ok my own time depends where I am and who with? In a grocery store – no!!! No direct eye contact at all!! I just be weird funeral girl lol oh well

If with friends I am fine.

So anyway… my eyes are inviting just don’t look in my eyes lol

And then there are some people who you would swear look into your eyes so deeply that they see your soul! 😮

Well anyway… he wanna know if we can start over and just have dinner. And he knows I work a lot and also knows I have daughter so he says – if it’s this weekend or next or whenever you want.

Ok fine we see

I can’t this weekend.

I don’t know this one… all my people are funny – I tell them …and they tell me turn my location on lol being all serial killer protective lol … yes yes I know …this is why I say.

I don’t know this one at all. So totally do not trust. That shit is earned buddy. We see.

I don’t really know what to think of him?

And why is life doing this at this moment? Can life not throw everything all at once!! I do not do well that way… life needs to stop pushing things!!

Ok so this is weird to just see country boy and then this one – it’s just weird…

See I don’t do well with this – I just like peace

But what if he is peace? So I don’t know?

He see my eyes ..but I also see his – his are this incredible light blue 😮 and he just smiles when he speaks to me…

And that corporation guy that was in my location today… he comes out to leave and there I am speaking to this guy… and they knew each other!!

So that also raises my red flags… because hmm 🤔 just is. They work together … he has also done work for my corporation.

So I don’t know? Am guarded

We see – he will show who he is soon.

He also doesn’t know me. So … that might be scary too??

So hmm … interesting


But yeah – careful … we see who he is soon – just takes a minute… we see

And this one is also cute 😮 and I don’t know how to read him yet .. We see


He could just totally be a player in which case no! And done.

Ok I don’t know … life pushes – life is pushy

And with country boy … I do love him… but he would be too hard for me… he doesn’t want a woman so… he’s just not on same page.. he just wanna do his own thing… and I can’t do that – it breaks my heart so no

But I dunno this guy is at all. Meh.

I’ll get a read – we see – I just don’t know him

I will highly be watching 👀 …careful

I won’t see him for awhile anyway. Not this weekend – I have daughter – so we see how he waits – I have no other time … until the weekend after next week. So. Yeah. We see

So I dunno. We see …that’s all I can say

I am on high alert 🚨

2 thoughts on “What is happening?

Add yours

    1. Well I don’t mind that life keeps coming

      It’s just gonna come if you want it to or not.

      And not really – because actually I do still have the ability to say no and not give chance – hence halting this

      Maybe we see – I haven’t really decided. I’m just quiet. 🤫

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