Happy Easter!

So… my old landlord/family invite me to Easter dinner tonight so I might do that? I think I will 😊❤️ they having ham and candied yams etc… I am by myself – daughter is with father today.

Don’t worry I will finish the story from earlier… regarding the one thing I want lol … but later because I don’t wanna be all “cry face” lol

My face swells if I cry so no! Not right now lol – later

But we see – I’m not sure I wanna go to dinner ?? I been sleeping and Mother Nature decided to come today so I also have pain – Happy Easter lol

I probably will go… because I miss them, and I love them so we see lol ❤️✌️


That… was one of my all time favorite movies – I love it very much ❤️ National Lampoons Vacation

It reminds me of my family… because we took vacations across the country and funny things would happen and amazing memories ❤️ I miss them

But as you see – I make families all over the place lol … I have several…

I have my cancer family, I have my catholic family, I have my work family, and then my private family – those who come into my life privately. 🙌 I have made plethora of families ❤️ … and at work I service families lol


Ps… I survive so well because look how amazing my families are ❤️ … I never go hungry, I am never alone if I don’t want to be, they include me always… always remember me…

My families ❤️ I am a family oriented person 😄😘


If you take mine away – I just keep making more 😘✌️❤️ it just happens ❤️

I survive in general and mentally because I have amazing people secured in my life ❤️

And here too ❤️ my WordPress family … Happy Easter 🐣🐇 ❤️

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