Death Info

I’m going to give you some information you may want to know… especially the LGBTIQA+ community…

Ok so currently we are now being asked male, female or non binary for the sex on things …

Which is fine… but the information I want to give you is because my job is to give respect and decency to each person, as I would want for myself in time of death…

So if you specifically want to have Non- Binary as your sex – you need to clearly have that documented somewhere somehow – if you have prearrangements make sure they know your wishes!!

Typically… if you do not state how you would like to be respected in death regarding any matter… it will be who is your next of kin.. or who you give power of attorney/ healthcare directive to – that can make those decisions

If you don’t get along with father but want to identify a certain way… if he is next of kin – he will make those calls unless you specify otherwise.

We will ALWAYS go with the decedents final wishes first! – but if none are left for us – we rely on next of kin or power of attorney to make decisions.

If you don’t care after death then disregard the info… but if that is important to you and means something – then make sure you specify what your wishes are and make sure you have someone you trust making your decisions – if you don’t get along with or like your next of kin… or they don’t agree with lifestyle – they can make those decisions for you!!!!!

Regardless of what anyone feels – I just think that info is important – last wishes are very important and regardless of whatever religion or beliefs I have myself … it is the respect and dignity of a human being in their death. It is their final wishes hopefully 🙏

So… if you want that… make it known!!

And not just for that – but if you have last wishes that you would like – make that known!! Otherwise others decide things for you!

** ALSO… you can NOT just scribble last wishes on a napkin or paper – it does NOT work that way.

Put it in your prearrangements – so we know everything you want.

Or can be in legal documents or things like that

NOT napkins or simple paper – has to be legal for us to follow directions.

Anyway – take the info for whatever is worth to you ✌️😘

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