Day off

I am not being productive today at ALL!!

First of all… last week was like the slowest week ever!!! Time just ticked by omg!!! The week would not end!!!

Today I have a thousand things to do – I usually do on Saturday and then sleep on Sunday … but I work on Saturday so I not able to do all my stuff cause I have zero energy and I’m tired lol – my entire body just refuses to do anything lol … and my mind freaks out about all the stuff to do lol

I’m just so exhausted!!

I said to my kids on Friday – I was going to be running late home from work… they tell me “that’s ok we have key” 🔑

I said “ok but my house is messy” to me is dirty lol …

I get home and THEY tell me not even messy lol

So I say to daughter today – will you help me clean house shortly? And she say “clean what? Mum is all clean” lol

Every week I like to vacuum and wash floors do all laundry, wash sheets, clean bathrooms etc etc… have house always looking nice. Starts my week out best.

I don’t wanna lax on it cause then I will have tons to do lol …

So anytime I say my house is messy to my children they roll their eyes 🤨🙄

I also have to stop at grocery store … I did not order this week. I slacked because again – this past week kicked my ass!

I also have my own things to take care of, bill wise… and then eventually I have to take my car in – but definitely not today!! That will be another day

My daughter wants hair done but they appt only so I will call tmrw – she has her first concert coming up on Wednesday night!! In San Francisco 😮😮

Please no earthquakes 🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏

So… I am going to draw myself a nice big bath with bubbles, scents and candles – and I am going to do some self care because I need that. Then I probably get recharged and complete things hopefully lol

I need a larger weekend!!! I need a lot of self care lol 😘✌️

My song to the weekend:

I literally blink and it’s time to work again lol omg

But ok – I am building 😘✌️

I just tired lol 😘✌️ life kicks my ass sometimes

Ok I be back later – I think?? 🙏

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  1. My mother is also the same. She will freak out if their is too much household work because if not done immediately it will pile up. And mostly it’s dirty or messy but we don’t believe it’s messy 😂. All mothers are the same I guess. Have a great week ahead.

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    1. That’s hilarious 😄😄 yes exactly!!

      It does pile up if you slack lol

      We like our homes to look nice and be clean 😊 I function better when is clean 🧽

      And if there is many people even more reason to stay on top of it.

      That is funny though!!

      Thank you – have a great week also 🙌🙏

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  2. I have a whiteboard with all the jobs that l need to do in the house over the course of a week including the garden. i don’t live in a spotess environment like some ideal home exhibition, but l do want a clean house so l get it 🙂

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    1. Lol – I use whiteboards at work to keep track of everything happening with cases

      The house I just like to do it all in one afternoon and relax and pick up as week goes on. I usually do all cleaning and things on Saturday so Sunday I can do nothing lol … or try to 😉 … who knew doing nothing required effort lol

      I always want to think company coming over – even though I never have anyone over lol

      I am big into scents and things so I like it to smell nice when you walk in and if I stay on top of the major cleaning it remains pretty easy … when I start slacking the job becomes HUGE

      We live in house so it is lived in and not totally perfect – I have kids lol

      But I still love it and I’m very thankful for it – so I just wanna make it always nice ❤️

      I feel more together when is clean and organized

      If is messy I am scatterbrained lol

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      1. I use a whiteboard for the housework and another for the blog, l don’t really need to, but there is a satisfaction especially with theb housework to have a tick and a date beside things to see that l am on schedule. Whilst with the blog that helps enormously as l can see at a glance what is being done in three distinct areas.

        This blog, the business blog and study so l know everything is ticketty boop.

        As l change my sleeping pattern over and my days in essence become shorter and more packed, days blur line each other so at times it can be hard to keep divides in place. The whiteboard for the blogs and the study is literally visually imperative.

        Yes when you have a home as opposed to simply a house, you do want to make it nice, l agree. It doesn’t have to be perfect but lived in and nice is important.

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      2. Yeah that’s how we stay straight at work… we fill in services and paperwork approval etc

        Keeps on track

        Is same exactly for us at work – everything you say! Yup it is imperative!

        I am off to bed … it’s morning for you so good morning lol … but really good night lol 😉✌️

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