Angels and broken things

Ok so … I want to help that woman somehow – she is hard worker and just needs an earth angel. I might be able to help. ?? 🙏🙏🙏 we see 🙏🙏🙏

Others were my earth angels – let me see what resources I have for her. I have a couple connections so let me see.

I want to see a woman thrive! Just like I did because of my earth angels… pay it forward ya know

That’s the only earth angel song I know lol

I don’t want to know someone experience that same heartache so.

She cried, I could feel the bleeding of her heart so that kinda killed me little – I don’t want anyone to know that feeling.

The door dash girl was awesome… she was the one in coma … doctors just saved her life twice and she wore a big smile like mine … and that excitement for life when you know how special it is.

I told her – call me if you looking for job or know of anyone – this job does change your life and we do know how to balance and also do self care.

We see a lot… but it’s ok – when you do it for awhile, it’s not creepy or bad .. it can be beautiful. But the pain is hard. It’s a heart bleed.

Anyway, she had a wonderful amazing personality – she could do well with us – and it helps you through your own things – and we a tight family… staff is very close. Her personality was sparkling ✨

And then today we speak of our own stories and … the coworker I have today will go really far – she is massively driven and came out of bad relationship – this woman gonna own the world someday – she bright and driven… beautiful … smart – she also has this bright excitement for life and understands being grateful for what have!! Beautiful soul!

It was as if today was independent woman day or women empowerment day lol ❤️✌️

But I really want to help that one woman who cried this morning. I keep thinking of her.

The systems here in the United States are severely broken and that’s why we in this situation with homeless and things like that!! So I don’t know what miracle I can pull off … IF I can 🙏

And what the hell is wrong with men? Whatever – men are something else – I tell ya … then you wonder why women have a hard edge. Because of that crap!!

But I have to see what I can do! I hope there is something 🙏🙏 I really wish to give her respite like I had!! So we see – I will try.

Everyone needs a moment of respite from hard moments. To breathe new life back into soul. Just takes a moment !! Plus having the right people in your life too!

I want to be positive but I don’t know yet what I will be able to do. I do not believe in government aid or programs to help people – Maybe some work but most fail to help or make worse – so I will NOT turn to that… I’m sure she has already!! It’s like first thing you do… and this is what happens – sorry I just don’t believe in government systems – they are all broken! I do not trust them or believe in them from personal experience. It’s crap – you can try though – good luck.

Well whatever – it’s a world thing evidentially, because the world seems little broken currently also.

It’s very important to have earth angels 👼 also… people come into your life, in moments … sometimes they meant to help you through something or to be there for you, other times it’s to teach lessons – you never know what life will bring to you… just don’t lose hope – there are people who experience same thing and there are earth angels!! Patience is a virtue!!! I know time is of the essence also… it’s a very fine line. So we see!!! 🙏🙏

Work was good and I get everything done. But literally took me all day because of everything else that was popping off 😳

But it’s done – I’m done with end of month – I can relax 🙌😌✔️ ahhhhhhhhh

So ok… Sunday ❤️ my sorta day off lol (besides all my own work to do lol) it’s a never ending cycle lol

Ok I be back shortly to read 😊

4 thoughts on “Angels and broken things

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  1. Good luck. It’s hard when you see someone you want to help but can’t quite bring the pieces together.
    I’ve been burned by several people and have mostly stopped trying to help directly.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Yes I know… I be careful. I be supportive but also careful – I show right direction and give resources and things I am able to help with

      It’s hard and she’s still got a LONG way to go and many hard days! It’s not easy. She needs an outlet for her pressure and I can feel her

      I know she wants to feel secure – you have to build that

      Like anything – you build it

      This is why everything is broken / this should be taught in school / yes on academics but how about some real life and coping!! We are failing so badly!!

      But yeah I know to be careful – I will


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