Just work

Good Morning ☀️ Happy Saturday 🙌

I am working today too – end of month and I wasn’t able to get everything done because this week kicked my ass!!

Also… I have decided – either I’m not ready to date -OR- I should just NOT date. I’m pretty much done.

None of them are worth it

He pushed and pushed for me to meet him on Saturday – but couldn’t answer one simple question and was HUGE thing.

I asked if he was attached, because I was not going to go out with him if he was married or something – no… no way.

Well he wouldn’t answer with a straight answer – how hard is that? It’s a yes or no question. Not really a hard question.

So ya know – I don’t play that shit – my work is hard and can be crazy and I’m not dealing with crap in personal life too – so if someone worth it – they will be honest, and kind…

When I told him no, and that I was not comfortable if he can not just say, he was kind of an asshole.

So alright then dodged bullet and not giving my time to someone like that. See!!!

See!!! These are the things you deal with! So I learn lesson.

I like the way I handle normally better – you can’t just not know someone – you really have to know them before you give them any time!!

If you can’t answer one simple question, that IS a very important question – hello!!!

Whatever – at least I know what kind of person he is. Noted

I’m not into shady or drama- so nope!

Perhaps my movie would be horror lol … the horror of this shit lol ✌️

So yeah, if that’s my choices – then no, I’m good by self. I do not need to date – I handle all my own things and it’s peaceful – no drama or lies or anything so why would I want to invite badness into my life again after dealing with Satan- nope 👎

Anyway I have to go to work.

Have a great Saturday 🙌

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  1. Phew! Good call!
    I had to call doc’s office for lab results and before she could say a word, I joked “I’m pregnant!” Which made her laugh, surely confused coworkers till I started laughing, and made me realize it’s easily been 10+ years since I’ve had sex. I’d guess 40yrs since my 1 and only real “date”.
    I don’t miss any of it!

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    1. Well I certainly do not miss the crap that’s for sure – my life so peaceful and pretty good now!

      I’m not really good at dating and I don’t want to actually – it’s too over my head

      Sometimes I will “think I can” … or “think” I might be ready… but no… that is not the case lol

      I didn’t really have companion first time around – was raising kids all by myself anyway…

      I would like to find companion maybe? Actual love and respect … that could just be my own imagination… and if this is how guys just are now – forget that shit!! No way – I be good.

      I just never totally close the door – just in case??


  2. Oh dear, l wonder why aside from being an ass he couldn’t answer the question. It’s a pity you are not closer, l would take you out to visit this town, you’d love it. We could go for a Sandwich in Sandwich 🙂

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    1. Obviously he was shady lol – I don’t know why was so hard to answer that- so I’m good lol… sounds like drama

      That would be so cool in little English town 🙌 like a storybook… that would be fun!

      You would love it here too! There is just so much! Is hard to decide lol

      My favorites are Lake Tahoe/Old Sac/Sierra Nevadas

      But there is also San Francisco / Santa Cruz / Monterey

      There is just soooo much lol

      Reno is pretty close to me… about an hour and half – but Lake Tahoe is better anyway. Reno is the poor man’s Vegas lol

      And that’s only in my area!!!!! So much!!

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      1. They sound great, l’ll just get my rusksack 🙂

        I have never been to North America. I had travelled extensive both with and without my family till the age of around 30, then life took me in a different direction.

        It was somewhere l wanted to visit as a youngster, but my father never showed any interest and l never got the opportunity.

        Maybe one day. I think l have enough blogging friends now scattered across the States to advise me on the best places to visit for my walking tour 🙂

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      2. My mom always warned NEVER EVER leave the United States – you are not safe in countries you do not know lol … no need to ever leave United States – safe here and many things

        She drilled that into us always lol

        My brother didn’t listen and he traveled the world for a minute … mainly Ireland and Italy … but also India

        I always wanted to see Ireland 🇮🇪… because my family is from there … and also Lithuania 🇱🇹 … I want to know them through their places

        I would love to see Australia / but I don’t like all their dangerous things lol

        I love any tropical island lol

        You should come see – there is sooo much TO see!!

        Walking tour? Across the United States?

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      3. My mother said the same about England and yet we travelled extensive or rather my father made his family do that. I have never felt that England was my home despite being born in London. I think it’s because l grew up in Australia and then was forced to leave a country l did actually call home.

        Didn’t Forrest Gump do that hahaha ? 🙂

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      4. We traveled the United States lol – I grew up all over the United States – the whole country is my home lol

        I claim both Massachusetts and California …

        Massachusetts because my family is from there and was the one constant place that we ALWAYS went because family was there ❤️ and then we live there for long time

        California has become my home twice – once as a child we lived down in Southern California …

        And now here I am in Northern California – which is where I have a home and made my home

        It’s too cold in Massachusetts for me now… that winter is way too brutal and I can’t take that level of cold now! Their summers are beautiful but too humid …

        California is perfect except for the fires … I like the drier air and I love the weather here – it spoils me very much lol ❤️

        Lol Forest Gump… he just believed he could do anything ❤️ and he did lol

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      5. If you don’t like the cold, you may struggle with the British cold, winters can be troublesome, pending of course where you are, but the further north you get the colder it also gets.

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      6. I am not very strong in cold 🥶 my body does not like that

        The other day it was freezing here and my skin turned purple and blotchy.. it always has even as child.

        Just now that I am “older” I can’t take that BONE chill 😮

        I am much more alive and active in summer – I must have been a bear in a previous life lol … because in winter I want to hibernate

        Once you get spoiled by California weather and country omg

        I love California for that… I hate it’s politics and the running of the state but I am not a fan of governments anyway lol ✌️

        You would get spoiled out here lol

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      7. I prefer hot dry weather which is l guess why l miss Australia all the more and l have been back in the UK since 77 and l still miss Australian weather, so l can relate to the cold fronts being a nightmare 🙂

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      8. California is just same as Australia … with the only massive difference is when they have summer – we have winter … and when they have winter – we have summer

        Yeah you get really spoiled by weather

        So weird to think that people just move along to other countries like it’s nothing lol

        Maybe is because is under the queen?

        We do visit Canada and Mexico sometimes lol

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      9. I don’t know if it has anything to do with a queen being present. I know my parents were supporters in the royal family. I never have been, l don’t wish the family any harm, but it matters not to me whether we have a queen or Daffy duck.

        I think it’s fascinating how many microenvironments are now present in countries.

        It used to be in England that we had four seasons that were the same in the far south to the far north in so far as Spring, Summer, Autumn and Winter and whilst there may habeen differences pending how far north you were in comparison to the south. Scotland would still be sharing winter as much as say Southampton. But now, whilst both areas can still have ‘winter’ the climate impact is huge.

        America like Australia have both different climates and be in different seasons to each other … like wow.

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      10. Hahaha just live in Australia while it’s summer – then go to California’s summer when they have winter and it be cold lol

        Would be perfect – always summer 😮😮

        Well the United States is huge … so is California in its own self… all states have different types of seasons and weather

        And regarding the royal family…

        To be honest – I don’t really know what they do? They just people. They have all kinds of scandals

        I actually like Meghan and Harry lol – the English were really hard on them.

        But I mean – do you hop countries so easily because they all governed by the queen?

        So weird you have queen lol … you have storybook everything.

        You live in a storybook place – you have a queen which is usually in storybooks lol

        It just seems odd to have queen lol … but I am only used to a president and he or SHE can only be there for at most 8years (2 terms of 4 years) then someone fresh

        The only stupid thing we have to deal with is this stupid democrat republican stuff … they have zero idea how to make the best calls for our country because they too busy fighting over stupid shit… it’s like always!!! Seriously – all the time!! – NOT United 🤨 they just have to always cause drama. They whiny – I don’t even listen to them cause they just fight always

        At least the royal family isn’t always fighting usually – just having scandals lol

        Would be weird to have a queen and then a king and queen omg that’s so nuts

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      11. The royal family or monarchy doesn’t have any day-to-day say in running the country. They are mostly branding or sovereignty for the United Kingdom. But in today’s world, they are becoming less important in the eyes of many. The country is now divided concerning support.

        It is easier for those not knowing the royal family to say Harry and Meghan are innocent victims. They are not victims. They are, in many ways, perpetrators of a more significant issue: they want to be free of the shackles of tradition to live their own life but still, lay claim to the royal lineage and all the perks. That is not a victim but something else.

        You don’t have to be a royalist supporter to understand the finer details of the royal family. What they did was wrong, and they went about it differently. They overplayed their advantages and shot themselves in their own feet. I have no sympathy for either, but I could see how those not aware of all the backstory that doesn’t involve the press might see it that way.

        No people travel/move and hop countries because they want to enjoy a different lifestyle. Britain is not a great place to live in. It has nothing to do with whether a Queen is present. The royal family has nothing to do with people’s everyday lives directly, although indirectly, she does. They are a bit like the Vatican. They are almost another country within themselves.

        The Queen does have some superpowers, though. She could completely dissolve the government if she chose, and she does hold power over Parliament. The Queen is the ultimate military commander in chief, and she also can reject new proposed laws before they come into force. Not often is the latter exercised, but she could if she felt strongly about it.

        Sure, Kings and Queens look great for storybooks, and of course, millions of people flock to the UK in the tourist industry because of their presence. Still, it takes living in the UK as a citizen before one can fully understand the details of what Harry and Meghan did to see why they were treated the way they were, for example.

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      12. I had no idea the queen held that power 😮 that’s some pretty massive power 😮

        I do not understand having a monarchy

        It seems harsh ? Just a little

        Ok I have to sleep – good night 💤😴

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      13. 🧟‍♀️ good morning lol … still sleepy

        Today will be long day!!

        I will have to answer the other when I get home – my brain is not turned on yet lol ✌️

        … need coffee lol and a shower 🚿

        Ok I gotta get ready – have a great day! ☀️

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  3. Hmm… well I can only imagine how hard things have been on Harry – with the loss of his mother at such a young age and then paparazzi 😠 not leaving them alone

    Imagine having to mourn your mother in front of the world 😮😮

    So… I can only imagine

    He’s become quite a young man. Despite his little deviances lol

    The second child is always the spunky one lol

    And Meghan – they were hard on her from the start… right away!!

    They didn’t vilify Kate

    Imagine having a country just be so mean 😮 to one person – she is a human being

    And Harry and kids have royal blood lines – they family

    If they want to be free let them – I agree …

    And yeah, I also agree no royal perks because is free now… he gotta make his own perks – he will have no problem lol

    I’m sure there is little entitlement there

    The royal family has accepted many new things over latest years

    But I just think they were really hard on them. Is easy to throw stones

    Is just definitely different times!!!

    I never liked Camilla and still don’t – don’t think ever will – I just don’t like her. But I’m also not a Charles fan either – same for him.

    I do like William – and I also like Harry. And their families …

    The rest of them just have scandals

    Mine isn’t any better

    Closest we had to any royalty was the Kennedy’s … and they are nothing but scandal lol

    Is hard when the world watches your step 😮 you can’t really do what want so imagine being boxed in like that your whole life

    So I dunno – we all have circumstances

    We welcome them here – they seem fine to me

    And what do you want in life? Wouldn’t you like to have happiness in the way you want it?

    He has the means and went for what he want – Harry always been wild and crazy in his youth … he has spark of life …

    Why smother that out of someone so they can be miserable?

    He should be allowed to be happy and find whatever path he wish… but he himself does have to carve that path on the outside of royal family – I get it… they left – forfeit

    There are too many in line above him now anyway lol

    If you were in his shoes… what would you want from life?

    Wouldn’t you want to breathe? But still want your family? Want to have own life? Not so much heavy and judgmental ? But still be apart of them ?

    So I dunno. He’s a good kid and she seems same. What adorable children they have. ❤️ I wish them all the happiness

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    1. It’s just not as simple as it is outlined here, Trisha. But also …. it doesn’t matter what l think; l have no say in their lives. Harry knew/knows the expectations of the life he was born into. Personally, l don’t care what he does. It is just another royal or ex-royal, but what matters is not what he did but how he did it. As to Meghan, the problem is that we, as mere people, only see one side of personal celebrity lifestyles through the press. They know the truth. We only have the tabloids to think upon.

      My philosophy is way more straightforward; who cares? I don’t care for royals or celebrity lifestyles. They all should be allowed to live the life they wish as long as it doesn’t injure others, but this is what l do know. I don’t believe what bloody news outlets say on anything anymore, from the royals to celebrities to this danged war in Ukraine.

      You can’t trust the news, and you can’t trust your government. Everyone has a plan, and the agendas have nothing to do with me or you, but you and l have to pay for it.

      Harry is his mother’s son, and Meghan is an American. What they have done isn’t new and good luck to them both and their children. Live their life the way that makes them happy, but did they need to be so underhand to do that?

      No, of course not. Would Lady Di have approved of Harry’s behaviour – not entirely no? She would have understood, but then she wasn’t totally a royalist either – she was a rebel. This is fine. However, tradition isn’t rebellious. The royal family has changed its ways over the years, and we have modernistic thoughts and thinking now in place. The Monarchy is not Hollywood, which is where Meghan’s thinking ran aground.

      To the Americans, the British are seen as being mean regarding the treatment of the Sussexes. Now l am NOT saying the tabloid press, news outlets who are whores when chasing down a story for profit are not guilty. They are. They all are and always are guilty of something. Did they hound Meghan just because of a, b and c? No, of course not.

      It’s not even just the British press who are bad boys, but so are the Americans, the Australians, the Russians. Everyone involved in that industry has wronged someone somewhere. I only have to think of Britney Spears, the crap she had to deal with, and how the tabloids exploited her story to sell the news. Or Cliff Richard.

      But celebrities who maintain they want to live an easy life, including royals too, should not criticise, on the one hand, the tabloids for hounding them and then merely selectively choose another outlier for selling their story on their terms. There is a point where celebrities must concede that they are acting like newshounds themselves when they abuse the news machine.

      Lady Di heavily criticised the news machine and yet jumped on board when it suited her. You can’t be a private person and a victim at the same time when using media for your benefit. That’s what the main issue is and nothing else. Harry was a very much loved royal-like brother William, but he opted to perform a deed that wasn’t easily forgiven by the public.

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      1. I do not pay attention to celebrities either … and not that I follow but my mother always did… she just had stars in her eyes the whole time she watch princess Di’s wedding lol … it was fairy tale to her…

        That’s how I learn of the other American divorcee that married a royal and was banished … the duke of Windsor—formerly King Edward VIII and Wallis Warfield

        This same scenario has played before

        He “was” a loved royal like brother ??

        What was the deed he did? Leaving the royals to come to America?

        Ok I have to close my eyes – they hurt and I’m so tired

        I be back tmrw ✌️

        Ps … it’s the Americans lol … probably because we so free and that is enticing lol 😉

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      2. The deed was the underhand. What l am saying is this … there are two parties in play here the press and the public. Did the public treat her badly, them badly? No, the press did. The British public were upset in the way he handled the affairs that injured the Queen.

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      3. While yes, I see what you say…

        But even though they are royals – they are still normal people… they a family and sometimes these things go on in families.

        They just happen to be royal and it happens to play out in front of the world.

        Because they royal people feel entitled to judge them.

        They have a spotlight on them.

        But they no different than any other family – other than being on display in front of the world.

        You are right he is his mothers child… and everyone loved his mother.

        He is young – he is still learning world for himself

        But again, they the same as any other family – just royal.

        Harry also had to live in his brothers shadow …

        I get that he went about it all wrong? But we all have little rebellion to institution? He’s young

        We all make mistakes in ways we handle things sometimes.

        That’s all I say – I understand your words seeing them as your royals and what you know them to be…

        But I see them as your royals – but also normal people lol

        Just because they royals doesn’t mean they don’t also get family drama lol

        Harry is human, and so is Meghan

        They just want a good life for themselves and they aren’t gonna be king and queen – Harry knows that.

        Like his mother, he wants to create his own life

        Is hard when you are born into something like that. You don’t think so, because people dream of what they think be like … “storybook” like my mom watching the wedding 💒

        And the royals are generations long.

        So while I understand what you say… but I also see them as normal people. They human. These things go on. When you royal is whole new ballgame

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      4. Yes they are people, they are or were royal people. The problem is and something Di thought she could change and so too did Meghan is that they thought they could change the firm. They couldn’t and they can’t.

        There is a way bigger story to all of this.

        They will never be a normal family because of who they are.

        I don’t blame Meghan l happen to like Meghan and l happen to like Harry too as ‘people’, and Meghan as an actor, but they are both to blame for different things.

        However, it matters not really, l support them more now for breaking away than l do for them being royals which they will never truly be.

        My only annoyance is that they used to their advantage what they sleighted as being their disadvantage – that’s my only grievance. Aside from that l don’t care what they do with their lives as long as they are happy,

        I am not a royalist or a monarchist and l have never have been, my parents were, l am not. I don’t see the point.

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      5. This is true… if you going to enter that – you must have understanding of what that life is going to entail.

        Well yes but what I mean by normal people is they have their own family dramas – theirs are just on display. … but yes, because of who they are.

        Well they human… people use their advantages, even if in some areas, are disadvantages depending on how you see.

        So ok I will give you example… I find being pretty difficult little bit… due to my own self… it just draws what I don’t want it to draw all the time lol

        The other morning I stop in store to grab a soda (was a gas station) and checker lady says to man in front of me, you have a nice day… and he turns around sees me and then omg … makes a big deal that I am beautiful and then says “and YOU have a good day!” 🫥 see… so there is that side that I try to hide or run from… because you just don’t know!!

        But I also know the power of beauty, and women and sexuality … so… if I know is advantage and it’s not gonna hurt anyone… and helps me, then yes… I’m ok with the advantage to an extent depending on conditions and circumstances – yes

        I’ve had advantages due to the way I look.

        I can understand advantages and disadvantages too – but isn’t that human?

        If someone won’t listen to anyone else – but will listen to me just because I am pretty then yes – I’m gonna take that advantage

        I know someone like that- they won’t listen to family or anyone else – but they will listen to me as if no one has ever said before lol … so whatever but yes because I know that it helps him.

        Otherwise they can’t get him to do anything

        So ya know whatever it works

        But see it’s not so cut and dry.

        I’m just saying I relate a little on both sides

        I don’t quite understand the point of them besides deep DEEPLY soaked in tradition. They are like living history? Cause of their blood lines

        I did not realize the power though

        I don’t keep up with celebrity things or things that don’t effect my life, and this is not typically on my radar … I only think of because of you

        Is cool topic though – isn’t my shitshow over here lol

        Yours is more fun to discuss than mine ✌️

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      6. You are right Trisha with yur examples, it is the way of life itself. It’s an interesting topic for sure and as a breakaway from all the government hoohahs it’s way better as a discussion 🙂

        Are men becoming more assholish than they used to be? Yes l am a man and yes l used to be very flirtatious with the opposite sex, but mostly friendly. I am still flirtatious l guess, but l still see it as being openly friendly, but menseemingly are becoming more arrogant than l ever remember them being. I was never an asshole, but guys seem to be strange these days.

        I was reading something the other day and it astonished me that men seem to be more selfish than they ever were and at times more needy.

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      7. Yes… that’s why I don’t give my time because they are all mostly Assholes – so why deal with that when I don’t have to? lol

        Narcissistic tendencies

        Selfish, arrogant, entitled, rude, not faithful – yeah I’m good with that.

        I don’t know what happened to men? Is definitely different generation

        I watch one show lol… it’s called 90 day fiancé and is someone from the United States who wants to marry someone from another country and they have 90 days – the amount of time on the visa?

        So they have to decide and plan really quick if goes well.

        But that’s the key “IF” it goes well.

        Because you mixing 2 very different cultures 😮

        My favorite one is a couple – girl is American and man is from Tunisia … while the cultures are different – she is respectful of him and his family and he is sooooo sweet and kind and he’s respectful of her too ❤️

        They gonna have baby and live here in United States – there are alot of opportunities here

        Some couples don’t even speak same language and have to use google translate the whole time lol

        But it’s a cool show because you see the relationship and sometimes you see some amazing people … plus mixing cultures and seeing how that works and seeing other cultures and how they do.

        Men forgot how to be men.

        These men around are not men – they just boys who aged

        There is no chivalry, or care.

        You have the assholes … and then you have the stalkers

        So I just keep to self – way more peaceful and I do not want any drama. I would like to enjoy life after satan

        It’s just different

        I don’t want to give my time to someone who gonna make my life miserable so I’m very careful.

        But my other thing is that I look really young… I look 20 years younger than what I am… so then that attracts young men and … ya know I am leery and younger not my thing

        I get both young and old so 🤷‍♀️

        They don’t know how to approach women actually – none of them

        The older ones are slick – think they know all the tricks 🙄 whatever – I am not 20 and I have a brain

        And the younger ones all wanna get in your pants so no lol 🙄 omg

        Country boy doesn’t want emotions so I’m not doing that.

        But I will say – he is thoughtful and kind and has always been a good friend to me… when we would go places, he would always make sure I was ok, did I need anything – am I having fun?

        He helped me escape from reality with death and cancer so he has compassion and I appreciate and like that .

        But he’s been hurt so he doesn’t want to have another woman?

        And that’s probably the problem – the women today also!!

        Everybody so quick to sleep together

        They all play games which I don’t play…

        And I don’t want someone just to have someone.

        I am fine on own and if that happens then great, but if not oh well.

        Satan show me that there is incredible evil… and then the rest of them show me crazy… so nope 👎

        No one can just be chill.. let it progress and enjoy life.

        It’s just a very different vibe now. Child-like?

        And there is no more taking pride in your appearance – nope… they don’t do that anymore either

        Look at Elon Musk … he’s like a man child who needs attention

        Fricken Trump 🤬

        So yeah 😑

        I dunno.

        I just don’t give my time. I will try… but I don’t know why I do …because is always same?

        I don’t know if is because of my experiences and then I watch that show? But I think American men are the worst!!

        But here in America there is plethora of temptations – so a person has to have integrity and respect.

        There is not much of that.

        If they can’t handle integrity, respect and compassion then no


        I provide my own life and I love what I have and where I am now – why would I want to mess that up if isn’t worth it?

        I don’t play games when comes to entering my life – I’m very serious if someone gonna attempt to come into my life.

        So I am not the type to just fuck with lol

        And that’s another thing … I handle my ownself just fine with PEACE

        So I have no problem just chillin 😎

        They all think they sex masters or something – whatever 🙄

        Maybe show some class and then perhaps you see what’s behind the curtain lol

        Also – I take my time … because it doesn’t take long to see true colors and I do not mess around – I am very serious with anyone coming into my life – man or woman

        I do like men not women just fyi
        It’s America so I think we just say now??? I’m not sure??

        See I don’t even know the rules anymore ??

        Different era

        Like the movie Blast from the Past… he lived in a fall out shelter for 35 years … comes out and it’s all different

        That is me lol 😘✌️

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      8. Oh yes, l remember watching that film, very good. Very good indeed.

        Gotcha on everything written. It’s a strange world. I can relate and then not and then relate, so l get it.

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