All day

So… all day today things coming into my life 😮😮

So sometimes ?? 🤷‍♀️ I really don’t say much but complete strangers will tell me their life stories lol… I do not know why it happens but it does. I have a very approachable personality and then I look all sweet and innocent – comforting I guess?

Anyway – on my way in, I stop at a store I always go to and like – is mostly women … they hard working

And one who been there for long time, excellent worker – sweet woman … cried on me this morning when I stop in. She tell me very sad hard story that was relatable to my own. She works very hard and is so expensive here!! Rents and homes are insane expensive!!! When I say insane – I mean insane

She is homeless with a disabled son – if was just her I would let her use my spare bedroom – but is a 19 yr old mentally disabled male – which I have to think of my daughter first. That will be no.

But I took her number and will check my resources

Then I was chit chatting with coworker about our own stories lol

And then we order DoorDash and the door dasher tell me her story lol … she was in coma twice and a lot of other stuff lol

Today everyone tell me their story lol ❤️

My coworker said you better not stop on way home lol

Ok I preparing to be finished ✔️ almost done then I have tmrw off and relaxed 😌

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  1. People need to get words out of their mouth because of how hard life is. It’s tough to soak all in. People like you who are approachable and sweet to listen to life stories are rare and I appreciate that you lend your ears to people. God bless you.

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    1. Yes … well I once needed help and care from people… I also know great pain so… of course I gonna listen and help if able.

      It’s the very least one can do, and yes it helps for someone to get their cries out or whatever they holding in.

      Thank you very much – that is very kind of you to say… but I only be a human being to another.

      We should make time for others when people in need, because you never know what someone goes through.

      Those emotions give power though so… it’s hard but good to be able to release , it helps!

      Even in my business it helps – I do that at work too because that kinda comes with job – people pour out stories and emotions to us all the time!!

      I hugged another today I didn’t speak of because was work based and also cried on me

      Emotions based on pain of loss comes very easy to me…

      The emotions of things I went through are little harder because I can feel the pain as they cry so that one is tough, plus I want to help, I know the way. Hopefully 🙏

      But everyone needs to release things … it seriously helps lighten the soul – even if only slightly, everyone needs that from time to time . If not all the time lol

      People forget to just be a human being sometimes. And unless someone knows pain or circumstances – they can not always relate or understand

      It takes a moment to comfort someone ❤️

      Thank you for always being so kind also! You always speak such nice things.

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