So I think this is not good idea – the more I think the more I think no.

He want to call me later – because when he was evasive – I just be quiet all day… I was swamped in work and install all day long. Plus we had training at location

So I busy anyway. Plus you know, I have that quiet thing.

It’s just that… I went through a lot and then I’ve gotten used to my own peace? And of course I love peace…

I don’t have to answer to anyone, I am not at anyones mercy, I am not being hurt, I am not sad, I do not have to adjust to another. I have my kids…

So… I do not want to play any games.

If can’t be up front and honest from the beginning – then I see issues. I want to know what’s coming at me

I don’t even wanna give anyone my time if they not ok or worth it.

So it bothers me a lot. And if bother me this much then that’s a no.

He shot himself in the foot before he even out the gate!

I am playful person but not like that. So whatever

He say he wanna call later – whatever … because I’m gonna lay it out – either he say things or I’m good and we do not need to go out.

I just don’t wanna waste my time at all.

Will totally have to be worth it, if I’m gonna have anything in my life and so far no.

Otherwise – I’m happy with the peace. So 🤷‍♀️ whatever … see this is how is!!

This is how guys are … so whatever 🙄

I don’t need someone, am already happy so… I can take my time and I don’t have to if I don’t want to – or if doesn’t feel right.

But I dunno?? It’s more that I think be?? Because it also makes me feel little sick 😮

Just because again the time… I feel sick because I don’t want to give my time to anyone who shouldn’t have it.

I gave all my everything to satan always so… I’m not doing that again… and I’m also going to be REALLY careful

So I’m just really careful about my time… and then you know I’m silent type so 🤷‍♀️ … I speak to him but when he evasive – I be quiet.

And ya know – I also question if I even have the time. So. I don’t know

Maybe I’m still not ready.

But then I also think the longer time goes by, that maybe it will panic me even more ?? So I dunno?

I don’t think I do very well with this. I just like peace. This does not feel like peace.

~ sigh ~

Maybe he say something later that will change mind – but I’m thinking no, cause he already playing games and being evasive.

I’m just good on that. I do not need other life dramas lol omg – that would kill me for sure!

Is that bad to say?

But kinda yes – I don’t need new drama or issues

If can’t be easy – then I am all set … I am not willing to have my life be crap again so – whatever

Also… 🤨 … there is this movie called “Nope” … well in my mind is about all the things you could say nope to, like I do lol … it sounded like my perfect movie – right??? PLUS it comes out in July 🙌 the month of all months lol 😘✌️ … although this year – I wish for it to take its time 💋

Anyway… Then I watched the trailer …

And then I said “Nope”!! Because no way!! I will have nightmares for a very long time – nope – still works – good choice on name lol

I have not even dealt with any of this other job stuff – been too busy!! Crazy busy this week!

All of us are exhausted – today my face was like screw you for wearing make up lol – I keep yawning and just wanna sleep – is also hard to concentrate when you are sleepy

Oh before I go… he texting me now… so he want to talk about taking me out – and I just texted back – I’m not comfortable going out with you – unless you tell me this. So. Line drawn.

Let’s see how he plays his cards – ok buddy. Let’s see who you are. So far he is silent so there ya go, or he doesn’t know how to answer me. It’s a pretty easy answer – yes or no. So … I’m think I’m pretty done.

Nope lol … I really love that word… I love the word Nope and also “whatever” lol – my 2 favorite words currently. 😘✌️

Gnite 💋

8 thoughts on “Nope

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      1. Yes l could see you naming a movie Nope, but it wouldn’t be a horror, well l don’t know actually it might be hahahaha 🙂

        Liked by 1 person

      2. That’s so funny!!

        Ya know… I dunno what would be ?? Because there is comedy a lot …
        There is also drama 🤨 lol… there is horror… and scary lol … sometimes action adventure lol

        So I dunno know what category? Lol

        How funny 😄❤️

        Liked by 1 person

      3. Hahaha what’s a mixed genre film anyway? Is it a hybrid genre a cross, l don’t know, but l could most assuredly see you directing one of these types!

        “Nope! nope, nope, not going to happen, not on my shift! Which part of Nope aren’t you getting? Which part of Private Nope don’t you get? Did you see the sign on the door, it most assuredly Said Nope Entry!

        Ah l know, perhaps something like a Sci Fi Noir … oh yes and then we could throw some Western in there too alongside all the other genres 🙂

        Liked by 1 person

      4. Hahaha yup totally!!

        Your messages made me laugh today – had a rough day – so thank you 😊 😘

        I can see stuff – just snip-it’s of the actual message… but I work so… I wait til personal time to reply lol … or maybe in a quiet moment – but those do not come often.

        But yeah was hard day – you make me laugh so thank you 😊

        Liked by 1 person

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