Cleaning house

Today was just cleaning house – so it’s all spotless to start week ❤️

I am not looking forward to Monday – Monday’s are usually bad anyway

But is weekend so I am not thinking about all that crazy stuff! Whatever – let the chips fall where they may … whatever

Ya know many people can talk and say all kinds of words – even me. I can talk til I am blue in face and what does that do? Nothing … it does nothing

And depending on the person – words can also mean nothing or be worth nothing.

So … I hear a lot of words – I don’t see action so ya know? We see … actions do speak louder than words

How do you believe words when show you same all the time or worse ?? So ya know?

And then just handle it. While they speak words. If they meant the words – we would see action… but whatever

They promise a lot – no follow through – so whatcha say?

So ok whatever … Monday 😝

But let’s focus on the weekend ❤️

I also think country boy needs to stay out of my life. I’m not the girl for him and also while I am thankful for his kindness and thoughtfulness – showing me how to balance …

I can say hi… but that’s it. I really can’t have it be anything more than that. I don’t think he should come see house or me.

So. That’s my decision on that.

In my life… I do work hard for things… but the best things are always the things that fall into place at just the right moment and easily …

Examples are… I found my landlord on Craigslist and she did not kill me lol 😉 but she gave me respite and let me grow and feel safe and secure ❤️ it was pure fate to meet her … she also had breast cancer AND my dad and her husband both had died in 2017 ,,, so she is just one of my earth angels ❤️

I got the funeral home literally one month before Covid shut down – and here I am now … that just was crazy but slid in easy, and without ?? Where I be? I was safe ❤️ that just kinda was meant to be and it help me through my own grief of my losses

And then my team ❤️ I have amazing group of tight knit people. We build that! They become my second family – I am with them a lot!

And this house… this house was a fast whirlwind!! 😮😮 if had not happened when did, I would not have. So again meant to be.

And every time something happens that way – it’s like the best thing ever ❤️ life just does that… just let life lead you

Also… do you believe in signs?? Do you believe life will give you signs for what is best?

So… I believe in what is supposed to be will be.

But I don’t think coming to my house and coming close to my life is good thing for him to do – I am definitely not on same page. He can call or text hello… but is best he stay away.

So anyway. The answer is no, just better like that. I am ok with just a text message or something. But he is not what I want to have in my life- I’m sorry.

He’s a good kind thoughtful man… totally … we just want different things and also see differently so it’s just best to keep distance. But I’ll say hi if he texts so that’s good enough. I can not have him come close – I don’t want that – we not on same page

He doesn’t need to see my house for any reason.

So. Whatever

My house all clean – I’ve paid bills – I have to do some paperwork stuff (taxes … I just have to do it)

And then tmrw 🙌 my sleep in do nothing day ❤️

So I just need to sit and do the taxes. Ok lol … is good …. Not a big deal – I’m just not in the mood at the moment, to do that lol ✌️

I’ll have it done by end of weekend.

Well that’s it.

Also thank you for not dying on Friday night ❤️❤️

4 thoughts on “Cleaning house

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    1. Yes lol… that’s my plan most weekends – to chill and relax

      Taxes I just have to sit down and go over all the paper work and deductions – is easy when is just for job… but if you have things it’s more involved.

      Shouldn’t take me too long because I have entered most things already. I just have to go through and make sure I have everything correct and included or deducted.

      Ahhh the government lol

      But at least I will get money back ❤️ so I don’t mind lol (that’s only because I let them take as much as possible – because I never want to owe the government – this way they owe me when tax time comes lol) it’s nice to have little money coming back to you instead of owing 😊

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Well is always nice to have little back.

        Hahaha definitely less painful to do – yes I shall happily do this lol

        I usually have done way before now but I been slacking with my own things… so here I am lol

        Our due date is April 18th

        Liked by 1 person

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