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So I have some fun today … I have a teddy bear that someone gave me a long time ago… it plays a song – but I don’t know the song ??? What is it???!!!

I have an app that can hear a song and tell me what is… but it can’t do this one!! Dang it!!

I don’t know how to add audio?? I try to add it and then it asks me from where and I get lost lol ✌️

But the song sings…

… 🎶 I look at you, my troubles ALL go away 🎶

And that’s the only line I can get this teddy bear to play lol … I’ve had it for awhile.

~ sigh ~ that’s gonna drive me nuts

Is a upbeat gentle song? Ideas??

Anyway … how about some life questions?

Who has been the most influential person in your life?

I would say for me – number ONE is my mother ❤️ she is my most influence… I morphed into a more modern version of her lol

After my mother – I would say all the strong and incredible women who have come to my life ❤️ huge influences and have learned a lot ❤️

Ok next life question…

What was one time you got in trouble as a child?

Hmm 🤔 … as a child … I was a pretty good kid… but once when my brother was born… I didn’t wanna take the school bus – I was 5 years old… we lived in Maine … all woods 🌲

But they wouldn’t drive me lol … I didn’t want the bus…

So in defiance lol … instead of going to bus stop… I just went in the woods lol

But again – I was 5 lol … and my mother had me in a BRIGHT orange jacket soooo I was discovered and brought to school lol ✌️😘

One other time I got in a lot of trouble… was when we were visiting my grandparents lol

My grandfather used to always lovingly tease my grandmother – he would kiss her or try to be like that photo of the military guy kissing that nurse after WWII … he was very funny and sweet with her … and he would also sometimes lovingly smack her ass lol … it was always funny and they were playful lol

So… I also like to play lol … so we visiting and she is setting the table and walked by so I lovingly smacked her ass like he does because I thought was innocent funny and playful 😮

Nope!! It did not work that way – he was only allowed to do that lol – noted – I thought was just like game – but it was not lol

So those are my got in trouble as a child tales… if we talking teenager – that would be different lol

And then lastly…

What is the most adventurous thing you have ever done?

Hmm 🤔 I don’t like that question… because I feel all of life is adventure and there are different ways to view the meaning of that question.

I am adventurous and there are moments I can be fearless (moments lol) sometimes I have to hold my breath and jump and hope all goes ok

So … that pertains to life

But I have been to Caribbean that was adventure … my favorite was St Thomas ❤️ I saw Dori and Nemo ❤️


I went to Tortola and Bahamas too … so kinda counts as leaving the United States lol – that was adventure

Also Vegas is always adventure – and So Cal…

So yeah I do not like that question because it is life that is most adventurous 🤷‍♀️ is all of it not an adventure? Lol


Ok … well anyway … is Sunday and I am being lazy 🙌❤️ it’s sooooo awesome… but I gonna shower and do stuff… definitely shower – but maybe for do stuff … well I have to do taxes so I gotta do that

Happy Sunday ☀️

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  1. Who has been the most influential person in your life?

    This is a very good question and l am not that sure – my mother guided me when young, but l opted to find mentors when l was growing up and they influenced me more from around the age of 13 to 50.

    What was one time you got in trouble as a child?

    Going into a gem shop in Australia and accidentally breaking a $500 crystal gem by putting my finger through the gap where the crystrals were. This was in 1973 l was ten, my father wooped me with a belt and his hand when we got home, l was grounded, lost my pocket money, went to bed with no dinner and if that wasn’t bad enough on the way home after the shop, he accidentally shut my fingers in the car door. Still have the scar on my finger where the door nearly severed it.

    What is the most adventurous thing you have ever done?

    Worked as an escort in London 1990 – 1992

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    1. Yikes 😳😮 did he have to pay for it? 😮

      And wow, I never got in trouble like that. But I usually didn’t touch things or speak lol ✌️ I was shy

      Hahaha well I bet that WAS some adventure lol

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      1. Yes he had to pay for it which is why he was soooooooooooo angry. I mean he walked around in a mood most days but this one was a real stonker 😦

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      2. He should have set up a payment plan for you to pay him back – like maybe with paper route so you learn value of dollar or whatever your currency is lol

        Also learn lesson on not to do things like that lol

        I can see grounding… and no dinner hmm 🤔 – I would not do that. But during dinner we would be discussing this lol

        If that had been your own child how you react?

        That’s a lot of money especially back then

        Did you learn a lesson?

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      3. Oh l paid him back, l was working a paper round back then and l also sold my expensive bike and that made nealy $400 back as it was. it took me a year to pay back the remaining amount by walking the newspapers and also selling squashed cans.

        However there is something else. The whole reason l accidentally smashed the centre is because l was running my fingers over it softly, but my sister pushed my hand and l broke it. I did say this is my defence, but my sister could get away with anything.

        I knew the value of money from a young age as it was.

        If that had been my son, l would have spoken to him first to find out how it happened and then tried to work out a deal with the shop owner.

        Would l have beaten my son up with a hand spanking and a belt? would l have grounded him, awarded no dinner? Would l have terrorised him?


        Did l learn a lesson? Yes, my father was an aimless bastard who loved to exercise cruelty when he could.

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      4. Oh no – no beatings 😮 I’m sorry you had that – that’s really old school

        Parenting should never be fear or terror 😮

        Awww I’m sorry for that. I know people who are that way. I’m sorry you went through that.

        I’m glad you escape it too 🙌

        And here you are 😊

        Do you feel that has hold on who are? While yes I’m sure it shaped you… but do you still hold it now?

        I guess sorta does shape who are … cause my experience make me extremely cautious so 🤔

        I don’t really look back or anything – I don’t want to deal with any of that… mine knows how cruel he was and is… he is satan so whatever

        I understand you there

        Well. I’m sorry you had that experience. ☹️

        I’m glad your life is better now.

        I stay silent sometimes because I do not want certain things to define me

        They sorta do but I don’t want them to. Has effected how I view – and how careful I am

        And yes … this world is not fair most of the time.

        I had cousins like that who would get each other in trouble and be mean…

        We were not like that … I was the oldest so I was the mother

        My little brother came with me to play or whatever

        And I was babysitting both him age 6 and my sister age 1 by the time I was 9! Just while she grocery shopped or her and my dad went out 😊

        My brother was the almighty boy 🙄 lol

        And my little sister was the adorable one – the youngest

        I was the oldest and I should always know better lol

        My dad was hard on me with boys … I had no control over what boys did but I would get in trouble for it …

        Like once one dropped off a love note to my house 😮 oh cmon

        And then some would call – I would get in trouble for that lol

        So ya know –

        My grandparents used to use a belt on my dad and his brothers – the generation before me

        My mothers parents were self absorbed. Love them but yes. I do not believe she was beaten either – she had to be mother to a little brother. She had rough childhood though

        I had a wonderful childhood with much love and adventure ❤️

        I had things I love taken away if I was bad lol or I couldn’t go out and play or out to friends houses.

        They never hit me or anything bad. Was loving 🥰

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      5. My parents were both as bad as the other for different reasons. My father was an aggressive bullying vanity driven narcissist who sat on the spectrum somewhere. My mother was a manipulative flirtatious half narcissist who was entirely neurotic and who always complained about being ill and suffered with Munchausen’s syndrome who when she couldn’t get attention to her imaginary faults used her son as a victim.

        I loved my parents, BUT it was very hard. I had an okay upbringing but it was like being in a war zone daily due to the arguments and domestic violence. My father is now dead and l don’t miss him lovingly and my mother is still alive but l am wary of her because she lies about stupid things.

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