Oh just stuff

Ok so… I have pressure. But that’s ok – I think I can handle. Maybe.


We having some mandatory stress management class on Monday 🤨

Ok… we see… cause what they gonna tell me? Self care – remember self and own life yeah yeah yeah… that’s why I work lol

So what exactly you think you can tell me? See it better be good because we work on front line of death so… what you got to tell me? You better know the experience before you tell me how to manage stress lol

So we see – I do not have a lot of faith that it’s not gonna just be corporate talk

So ok – you tell me how then

I already know “balance” and self care – so what you got?

This should be interesting – I’m curious lol – better be good – I missing 2 hours of work! I have install and end of month – I have soooo much work!!

I do not really have time for stress management lol … so better be good! Do not make me roll my eyes!!

None of the words fit or pertain at all to me – other than maybe having people dance at my funeral because there is totally a playlist ✌️😘 … but since I am funerals and I kinda like this song little bit lol … so whatever … here is new song :


(Lol the Osborne’s)

… I find it very hard to leave death in any aspect. Why is it so hard for me to leave death?? Why am I not running as fast as I can? lol ?? I don’t know what the hold is … is never good time and then I also don’t wanna lose what have.

I feel comfortable and safe with death 😮

But I am not sure what right decision is for “me”

There is massive change coming! Which ok but I can’t keep changing and changing and changing etc etc …omg!! Stop ✋ …. Peace with gradual change not insane crazy full throttle – cmon omg – all the time!!

I am tired so – I don’t know if is ok for me? It’s a lot. I’m nervous

And the transfer probably not gonna happen, my boss doesn’t wanna lose me and we gonna see what options avail to stay.

Whew ok

I’m not sure what I think about anything at this moment.

I have many things on my mind… so that my mind is just jumping from subject to subject. I am little overwhelmed but it’s ok. I got it

So yeah – tell me … stress management – what gonna say?

I stress about missing 2 hours of work – so what gonna say?

I can not wait to see what they say!! We see – I am skeptical of their effort

They give us info and schedule to next weeks training “this week” … ok sooo you can’t do that to funeral people – we are booked with services and contractors … we are 2 to 3 weeks out – so we have to juggle as is and now throw in training AND my end of month work. – cmon lol

Ok so how I manage stress ??? What they gonna say

So we see – I am critic lol ✌️ show me what you got.

Lol… so I dunno … we gonna see about many things

And then this morning in car with my daughter, on way to school … we were talking about something and she says “you get special treatment mom because you are beautiful” 😮😮😮

She was telling me about things at school and teachers and things – was same when I was in school

And no… I told her “I am beautiful because I take care of self (mostly-ish), I like lotions or perfumes because that gives you a scent to remember 😉… I just love scents … and I also wear make up, of course beautiful – I doll myself up” lol

To which she protested and said “ no you are beautiful even without make up” 😮😱 (just kidding with the faces) I dunno?? I am more self conscience and MASSIVELY quiet/shy/avoiding without make up. At home, I walk around make up less lol 😄 sometimes – when I am being lazy – I have no make up on lol … usually lol

I just like it for me to feel good with my own self

And everyone has different view of beauty

I like make up because is sorta like art? You just accent the areas you want. I have beautiful eyes so I accent those… and when I was growing up a girlfriends mother always looked so beautiful all the time…

She would tell us – if you never wear anything at all, at least wear lipstick 💄 💋… so I do lol … I remember that, but I also love lipstick so works out for me lol 😘

You paint what you want… see pretty cool when look at like that

I don’t mind no make up … I am just painfully shy that way and I feel is very personal so yeah 😘

I don’t wear a lot and some say they can’t tell a difference 🤨 but whatever – to me there is and I like it lol

My veil 💋✌️

If comfortable with someone I won’t care but otherwise yes I do lol – but for my own self – not anyone else – I just like it that way.

So whatever – I’m weird like that lol


Totally one of favorite songs ❤️ but I also love pretty much all her songs lol

I am always “me” … is just with my inner core I am highly guarded!! Massively so. Whatever I just prefer that.

So whatever – yes I am aware overly guarded lol

Country Boy maybe wanna stop by and see new house … but why? Cause don’t want emotions so why care?

That is hard to like and appreciate someone – but not want them in your life – maybe is the way he says it because he is very man … and I am very woman lol

I am not sure we speak same language lol (I’m kidding… but I don’t think we understand each other) ✌️

He is soooo much outdoor country man…

I am girly girl and don’t like bugs and stuff lol … no upper Chest strength for any heavy lifting of anything

Plus he has his issues – I have mine.

He just has woman issues 🙄 … I understand – he was hurt by 2 others – got it. But I’m not them so I am empathetic with his pain, but I am also not willing to be faulted as if was them / so whatever not my problem. I keep distance. I give him time and don’t turn away because of he he helped me through death and cancer so… I am forever thankful for his kindness and thoughtfulness

And me… I am highly guarded … I do not understand why he want to be my friend when he knows going to be no… and why care?

It’s very hard to have that because if there is no care then what is point? So I want to turn away… because if anything gonna be in my life – I want to actually want to be in my life so… otherwise fuck that shit!

I think he just wants me to think of him? Ok well put up or shut up lol … sorry but yeah

Because ya know I like peace so – whatever – I just do t want things in my life that will cause any kind of pain so I don’t want what he wants, or vice versa, so even for friends I’m gonna need emotions so if can’t do that then I can’t either. So whatever

I sometimes wonder if …nevermind – still in thought process

Then lol … some guy trying to sell me something today – I say no because no… I do not know enough and have to research so no salesman

As he talking to me – he’s totally flirting … he ask me if is a husband to speak to – I say no, boyfriend? No… anyone else who make decisions for home? No is me… lol – I am all you get lol

So he turned on flirt mode – very nice just flirty

And my oldest son calls me… you can hear a voice with my phone and my sons voice is deep lol

My son is like – ok we on way over …

I say ok … he says he gonna buy me some coffee frap – … I say ok I see you shortly

And we say bye and love you

As soon as I said that lol … he was done lol

Careful with what you think you know lol 😄😄 I should tell my sons … you need to call your mother more lol 😄😄

My favorite excuse is this:


I have a teeny tiny urn on my desk that makes me smile because I think of SNL lol

But son calling and saying “I love you” works just as well lol

Ahhh so funny whatever

I have a parental confession lol … when my children were little – they loved to talk on the phone and say hi to people lol … so when telemarketers would call and ask for the man or woman of the house – I would just hand to them … here sweetie – phone is for you lol

The telemarketer would always hang up – that was years ago before the recorded car warranty stupid thing!!! I hate you car warranty calls!! Fricken all the time – I don’t even have a car warranty! So get outta town with that crap!

Once when I was a child… we got an envelope from publishers clearinghouse lol … I was maybe 9 or 10? And it said “you may have just won” whatever money so my mom ❤️ she was always so fun ❤️

We got all excited and jumping up and down and then my dad comes home and bursted our bubble thinking maybe we win lol – but it was fun lol – she was always fun and kind. We always laughing and things – so anyway

I am on call tonight – yes on Friday I am on call … so listen – NO DYING!!! You stay alive!!! NO DYING on Friday!! 🙏🙏🙏 just don’t – try to hold off 😘✌️

Boys are here ❤️✌️


Bye 👋

10 thoughts on “Oh just stuff

Add yours

    1. Yeah we see 🙄

      I have so much work… and they do this during end of month and an install – plus interviews so cmon!!

      They are the ones that CAUSE the stress – so what do you think they gonna have to say to us?? Lol

      Ok we see


  1. A meeting on stress management for the people who are the masters of it 😂, seems very odd. What are they gonna tell, keep calm and listen to yourself. Yeah but we are doing it already, move on. I understand you how it feels to have so much work on the table and then such stupid things creep into the schedule and we have to attend them because, it’s in the schedule? fucking nuts

    I hope they don’t waste your time, and actually have prior experience or everything before telling anything. I hope they utilise the time given to them well enough. Gudluck

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Yes!!! Totally!! I have a thousand things to do!! And that is not enough time to fit into schedule – if they give me a month they could have me all week – but not they just tell us this past week for this coming week…

      Stress management is placed on not having enough staff and or pay to keep that staff – not to mention … they stopped doing any real appreciation when Covid happened – and every year is mass exodus 🤨

      So I don’t know what they could possibly say – the stress management is because of them!! So what they gonna say? Lol – they are the ones with the pressures and turn up heat

      So ok what they got ?? Lol

      It’s a bit ridiculous – is like they WANT to throw wrenches at you and see how you handle lol

      I hope they don’t waste my time either – I take it very seriously so I dunno – we see

      I will be critic lol

      Liked by 1 person

  2. Try not to be a critic before you have this inner staff course, Trisha. By displaying this negativity now, you are already showing stress levels because of your time, making you the perfect candidate for this kind of course. I used to create and write and train these courses for CEOs and Top Managers in London in the mid-’80s.

    They all would say, “What will you teach me that l don’t already know? Do you know how valuable time is with me?” They couldn’t see the stress footprints they were creating for themselves.

    So, try not to stress about it all, Trisha and approach with an open mind. We all have time issues, but if the world stopped tomorrow, time would become unimportant, and l can guarantee stress would be rife. Try to relax the negativity and the critiques and take everything with a positive vibrancy.

    You might be surprised, you might not be, but two hours is nothing, not even if to hear the same things, that two hours is making you stop and listen and destress already. But it is ineffective if you are already stressing about it wasting your time.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Oh yes – I always have open mind to listen…

      But yes I do not expect much. I am harsh critic here

      I do not trust corporation at all. So.

      Yeah it better be good – gonna be harsh critic on what they say because they don’t care so… we gonna see.

      Just hot air

      They more than welcome to speak words to change my mind – but it’s the corporation so we see

      And yes I’m highly stressed missing work!! I have a thousand things!!

      So yeah – let’s see what they say… let’s see if they can show me something new

      Challenge accepted… let see

      Lol how I not be critic? We just gonna see – I’ll give a chance – I just don’t want my time wasted.

      I don’t waste theirs – please don’t waste mine.

      We see – maybe they be intelligent? Stranger things have happened lol

      But I seriously am just thinking of all the work I have to do and get done – these are funerals – fast … I don’t have time to mess around unless it’s worth it

      So we see – they better be good. All I think about is what I gonna be missing doing because I have to listen to that… so yeah

      It just better be good.

      Ugh Monday 🤦‍♀️

      They don’t do things right normally so why I think they gonna have something to say?

      Corporation = hot air (usually)

      They can’t even keep employees so … yeah. I will listen – but no I have no faith

      But I’m open – we see – I just gonna be tough so we see lol ✌️

      Liked by 1 person

  3. Oh, how nice… causing stress through the scheduling of a stress reduction class. That corp for ya!!

    And am I reading correctly… your boss is blocking your transfer, the one closer to home??

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Lol yes!

      Well no… not blocking… my boss just kinda put some doubt about something and then also offered me a sorta a solution to the high gas prices

      So my boss say to me – we can not lose you right now, just little longer

      And then tell me changes coming

      And this other boss?? I know her distantly, not well… she’s had some issues with few people so not sure if is ok?

      And the location that is .04 miles from me … that’s not the one they want to initially transfer to, but is closer than where I currently am.

      They “promise” to work towards the close one lol

      So ya know?? I don’t know what to think?? What is your opinion?


      1. I know ☹️ but my boss does take care of me and appreciates me – so I just don’t know.

        I know if I leave they will struggle massive. We just don’t have the staff

        I think I want to leave death – but how many times I say that?

        It’s just a lot of stuff so I don’t know?


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