Life is pushy

Ok so Tuesday right ? Ok yes – I just double checked lol

Ok so – I don’t know how to tell my staff I am leaving… I half wanna smile really huge, and half want to cry leaving them – they been my life and helped me step up and we been through soooo much

New chapter – things change

But I don’t know how to tell them ☹️ I know they will understand, but it’s still gonna be hard to tell them. I am sad to leave them. I love them.

They still be close and I’ll still work with on occasion but not really – maybe a phone call? Or info things?

So I sorta lose them… they won’t be my group anymore.

I will have new group and location.

I am nervous in all aspects. Shhh just let me 😘

It’s also end of month coming up – I’ve got a thousand things to do… and have little burn out … shhh 🤫 again, just let me 😘✌️

I’m not really overly stressed? But maybe little? I can feel something tense

Personally I have many things I need to take of… I just got my vehicle smogged and paid for registration. I have to renew my drivers license before my birthday which is 7/7 …

Ugh I do not want to go to DMV – ughhhh I dread that!! ugh – so that will suck!! And I have to get real ID? I don’t even know? Whatever

I just don’t wanna go to DMV! (Department of Motor Vehicles)

So yeah I have many personal things piling up too – and I still haven’t changed my name!

That means I have to deal with social security and that’s a thousand times worse than the DMV

I don’t wanna do any of it lol

But ok fine – be an adult

Can’t I just do these things online ? You people do everything online – why can’t I do that???

I already checked – I have to go into BOTH

😝😝😝 torture!!

This is week so far I am being productive. Not that I want to be …but I feel like life forces my events sometimes lol??

I probably would say I am just cautiously slow so life gets fed up and pushes me along lol

So for example – by me doing one simple thing … then like avalanche – other things chain react happen and then suddenly I doing all this stuff – sorta … with life pushing me lol

I just have a lot happening

I also still have to do taxes – but that’s good. I will get money back. Always. I make them take out the most money so I never owe, and then in spring I get money back 🙌❤️

I never have to panic or have them scare me lol … just with their stupid deadline lol – that’s a little pressure lol

But I already check and am getting money back 😊 yay!

That will help. Plus Friday is payday 😊 woo hoo!

So … many things weigh

It’s fine except the DMV & social security – I don’t want to do those – I have to do one I might as well do the other.

I didn’t think I had much to say tonight- but there is all that.

Anyway… everywhere I go this song is on constantly…

I think life is telling me I need big big energy lol

Life is pushy 🙄🤨 lol

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  1. You can do car reg online or at AAA. The smog cert is auto transmitted by the software, no paper forms anymore.

    When do you start at the new location? The sooner you tell your coworkers/staff, the better!

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    1. I had to take to be smogged… so I just got registration done in one shot with the smog.

      Otherwise I would have done online – wouldn’t let me without a smog. 🤨

      I have time. Not for 2 or 3 months because of staffing and transition. I asked for grace out of respect for my current boss and the other team let me have that.

      Yes I know – I am trying to pin them down when is not crazy

      I want to tell them together

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      1. I’ve paid Reg online without the smog. They didn’t send the tag till the smog cert came through.

        Also meant to mention you don’t need a real ID if you have a passport. But if you don’t have one, real ID is the easier & cheaper option!

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      2. Yes I could have paid online but I still have to do smog. I still had to go there, so I just have them do everything 🙌

        I do not have passport. My license expires on my birthday anyway.

        I will just get it done so I have it.

        Although where I gonna go while the world is little crazy? Passport to my house lol … maybe Texas to see family – but where else I gonna go lol

        But I’ll just have it lol 😊✌️


  2. That makes you a Cancer then doesn’t it? Like my mother and my father too thinking on it. That explains a lot about you in a good way.

    As to your staffing issue or friends conundrum, they’ll be fine they get you and you’ll not be a million miles away 🙂

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