It’s pouring buckets this morning – that’s what woke me up was all the rain – not my alarm 😮

I woke up about 5 minutes before my alarm went off lol


Of course it rain today… I am scheduled to take in funeral vehicles to be serviced and I have daughter so I have to leave early

So of course … I haven’t been watching news or weather so this was a surprise … great… said with sarcasm lol ✌️😘

Ok so today will suck and I gonna be a drowned rat all day long. Awesome – still said with sarcasm lol

I only tease – rain is beautiful and we need it … I would like it on the weekend because then I can enjoy the storm in my new house lol

But I don’t wanna be out on roads and watch… every time I have to go outside today it will probably downpour on me! Lol happens every time!

And it’s still chilly … high today 68

Ok so rain. Alright then 😐

We need it – it’s good – I’ll just keep saying that. I just was not prepare to wake to rain lol


Please let it be a good Tuesday 🙏🙏🙏

5 thoughts on “Pouring

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    1. Hahaha I have to google that 😄😄 I have never heard of that before and that is hilarious lol

      Ohhhh ok… just googled lol …

      Well this Saturday it will rain … and then there is no more rain lol

      I didn’t move my butt fast enough lol

      Also I don’t really have any plants yet… just that one aloe plant 🪴 lol ❤️

      I don’t know what I would want? – it’s gonna have to be pretty but also hardy …But not take over my yard lol


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