Blame it on the Rain

I feel silent today but we see?

Today, oddly, does not give me good feeling ??

But it’s probably just everything and it’s not sunny – I’m not in mood for gray and rain – I have to know it’s coming – no one said anything

Today I worry?? I don’t know why? Probably just the rain??

Oh I am dragging my feet today!! Omg

2 thoughts on “Blame it on the Rain

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    1. Yeah… I was not in a gray sky mood lol … it was awful this morning 😮 I will post soon lol

      Yeah was mostly the rain, but I feel very silent lately?? I dunno?

      I really don’t like that war – that bothers me a lot, that sorta silences me little bit.

      Kinda taking it in. Slowly and little – if I see too much then I feel quiet

      I do not like to see people being devastated!! It’s just disgusting to me so 🤷‍♀️

      Also they want freedom – you have to sometimes fight for that – I am impressed with their strength of spirit ❤️

      I hope they keep their spirits up and I hope all goes well 🙏🙏🙏

      Just makes me worry little about all these superpowers these leaders have … I brace a little because I do not want World War III … kinda hold your breath 😳🙄 I don’t like that feeling!! I wish for no war!!

      But I also understand may happen – and so there it is

      But yes I actually had good day – thank you 😊 hope you had a good day too!

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