03/11 is National Funeral Director and Mortician Appreciation Day – FYI 😉💋

Show your love if one helped you – google reviews or yelp are always loved … they get JD Power scores lol (they are funny with them they get very excited)

Or a nice simple thank you note is always cherished also ❤️ let them know they helped you.

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    1. ❤️❤️❤️ thank you!! 🥰

      I am not a director or and arranger though – I am admin. …

      But they are pretty incredible with helping families through everything ❤️ I could not do it without them ❤️

      Unsung hero’s who don’t get recognition usually

      Is a job you have to have a calling for… and dedication… they all have stories about what brought them to it.

      “Friday” July 29th is Admin appreciation day lol … I have a day too lol… is on a Friday and in July 🙌❤️

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    1. Lol yes … but appreciation can also be given any day lol … I just like to make sure they know how special they are for what they do!

      Welcome back! Hope you are well 🙏 I have missed your smiling comments lol

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