This is California .. it’s usually sunny ☀️… but ya throw in some rain 😮 and suddenly accidents everywhere!!! Literally all over the place this morning!! Took me hour and a half to get to work today!! Insanity!!

Omg and then EVERYONE was late to work today lol … I text my boss and say hey I gonna be late – I almost there but we not moving

And my boss text me back and says “me too” lol

It was crazy morning – and I had to have someone call the dealership and tell them I be late ⏰ I wasn’t too late maybe 1/2 – 45 min

We had to drive the hearse lol – everyone stares lol … is ominous maybe ??

So whatever work is ok… little stressful – but par for course – is fine – we got it .

It’s not totally the cases it’s just everything else – building falling apart, constantly with repairs and things omg … I do like the work of 10 people.

But whatever … and then I have a staff member who put in 2 weeks ☹️ so ok … wild ride again!

And then, maybe last week, my daughter tell me “mum guess who I see at school” and was someone that we knew from elementary…

I was all excited – we have not seen her in ages

Since was a little girl!! I asked what she look like? Still same? My daughter say yeah but she wears make up lol … my daughter doesn’t wear any – I don’t mind if she wanted but she doesn’t want … she will want – but then gets annoyed because you can not be rubbing your eyes lol

So whatever – that was exciting to hear about few weeks ago.

So today I go to pick her up at school, and she comes over with someone and guess who was 😮 that little girl who was definitely not a little girl anymore 😮😮

Heavy heavy make up – on such a beautiful face … she does not need but whatever – I also like make up – just not too heavy generally

She was cute just totally grown up ☹️

We were about to leave and up pulls her mom – and then we talking and talking and the girls give up and wait 😄😄

But then she telling me her daughter is out of control 😮 and all kinds of stuff

So then we leave … and I say to my little woman … be careful with her – don’t let her talk you into trouble

And my daughter asks what?

I said she runs away and gets into trouble – stay away from trouble … she is already in trouble with me currently with a grade in geography.

Don’t ruin your life … be smart…

She wants to go to Calpoly

So I dangle that carrot lol … don’t depend on anyone… stay smart … don’t do stupid shit – aim for what want

My daughter is a good girl… good head on her shoulders … I want to keep it that way

Oh god teen years with a girl – god help me!!

I could do boys all day long – they are easy! At least mine were

The girl has mental strength, but also she is little more dramatic and emotional lol … she does have my fire lol … she is also very sweet – she has 2 brothers she adores – so I just have to trust my parenting 😳😮

Please let me have done well 🙏🙏🙏

Omg the tests life gives you!!

So gotta keep my eyes wide open always lol

Ugh ok – let me steer her straight hopefully 🙏 I’m pretty sure because she’s a really good girl … she is my rule follower lol … omg she won’t do anything if there are rules attached and she doesn’t meet the requirements lol

I offer to teach her to drive in a deserted area … and she’s like offended lol because she is not old enough to have permit yet – almost but not yet

But we be far away from anyone or anything else lol so I just teaching lol … but she has to follow every rule! Lol whatever – we can follow rules – fine 🙄

Just wanted to give edge but whatever

Alright – so… teen years. Ok. One more time. Please don’t kill me on the last one!!

Ok well I am home but I have to work. I be done soon. 🙏

Today was good, but also “meh”

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