Sad day

Well… what can I really say today??

Sad day in the world

That could happen anywhere – that could be your family there or you!!

How you do that to people ??

Can we please NOT have Armageddon???


Fricken leaders playing with peoples lives!!

Welcome to 2022 … SEE …1985 is MUCH better!!! We shoulda just frozen time right then!!

Look at this world 😮☹️

Anyway, not really anything I can say over today? Anything I speak about is insignificant to loss of life or war. So what I gonna say?

Very disappointed in Putin – Russia that is your leader… do you support that??

Shocking that “shit like this” can go down in 2022

What kind of world do you want it to be?

Just very sad to watch such brutality against human beings unprovoked.

Yeah I don’t wanna say anything else – is too much. The world kinda sucks 🤨☹️❤️

My thoughts and prayers are with the people of Ukraine tonight 🙏 I’m so sorry for you ☹️💔 stay safe as you can ☹️💔 I can’t even imagine ☹️💔 peace and safety be with you 🙏🙏🙏💔

7 thoughts on “Sad day

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  1. I take some comfort in the people in 64 Russian cities who demonstrated at great cost against a war they don’t want. I’ve always felt that the Russian people are good, just that they have nasty leaders.

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    1. I saw that this morning. ❤️

      I don’t think he’s gonna listen. I would be surprised if he does. At this point he does not care 😮 and thinks he owns the world

      That’s hard when you and your country are at someone’s mercy.

      I was hoping Russian people would speak out ❤️ is good to know they have heart ❤️ I hope they stay safe too!!

      I’m sorry they have such a horrible leader! Terrible situation! ☹️💔


      1. I do remember 🙏

        Hope Putin’s time is up quickly before we lose more lives!! 🙏🙏🙏

        I do not want to see people hurt or any country being bullied

        It’s awful knowing and seeing this all going on!! ☹️💔

        And here we are in “2022” – crazy that something like this can occur in this time period!


  2. It’ll be interesting to see how this plays out. Putin is dancing on razorblade at present with everyone including his own people. Those that stand against his regime will face prosecution and jail and possibly worse.

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    1. I am appalled by his behavior and leadership 😮

      I know – my heartaches for those speaking up and being arrested or facing bad things … oh that’s got to be horrible … to care or to fear 😮😮

      He is a horrible person… is that how he treats his own people?? 😮

      Is that how Russia is run? 😮 how sad for such a beautiful and historic country!! 💔

      I am sad for Ukraine and the people of Russia 💔 that has to be tough 💔 I hope they stay safe!!! 🙏 My heart goes out to them!!

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