Well… I feel sick to speak about what’s happening.

What do you do if your leader is mentally unstable?? 😮😮 I do not know governments who are not democratic … what a nightmare 😮

What do you do??

Imagine … if you are Russian – if you speak out they threaten to arrest or punish… and the sanctions and cut off from banking systems is going to also hurt the Russian people. That kills me too because so many are going to suffer here. He’s mentally unstable 😮

What is he doing??!!! Omg – careful!!

If you are in Ukraine – you probably won’t see this but my thoughts and prayers are with you… my heart goes out to you – stay strong … the USA stands with you – fight – you can do it!!

I’m sorry to endorse fighting but let me tell you – if was you and someone attacking your country unprovoked – what you do? They have no choice.

Imagine – have to take up arms for your country 😮😮 how horrific – I’m so sorry they experience such brutality

Ya know maybe… you can be whatever kinda government you want – but perhaps we should require them ALL to take mental health evaluations every other year or something to prevent any insane people in charge of nuclear weapons??? For all countries – the mind is a very vital thing for a position as such. We are all human… no one is super human – sorry to inform

This is nuts! What world am I living in? This is insane 😮 seriously – who does this? Hold the world hostage with the pain and suffering of others 😮😮

Yeah it makes me feel sick

Anyway …

I never ever ever want war or anyone being hurt – but I understand the love of their country, their land and their devotion to their people – look at the position they are in

I can’t even imagine going through what they are going through right now!! I’m soooo sorry 💔💔

Ok I need to change that subject… it breaks my heart way too much. I need a balance not that there is one for anyones pain and suffering – but mentally I need a balance so does not over take me… that is heavy… so I need to lighten little

So ya know … I don’t do a lot of electronics or techy things – I used to… but then I went 1985 and the world just exploded with all kinda of things … so I just like 1985 better lol ✌️

I am not familiar with smart things … I have smart TV’s … so I don’t need cable or services

I watch documentaries on YouTube or these funeral things lol 🤫 I like cemeteries – I find them beautiful and captivating – I like to read the graves and imagine life ? In that era ?

Is just peaceful places – final resting

Anyway … I was watching news because I want to make sure people are ok… when suddenly the tv said something like a really quick notification (like what you would get on phone) 😮…

And I just see it for quick second and it said you are now connected to blah blah blah

Ok well whatever … at first I was like “wait what?” Who? What is happening but then I thought …oh well only YouTube whatever lol let’s see what happens lol

Next day I turn on YouTube and it was connected to her YouTube and was all news 😄😄

She was like “HEY! Why are you using MY YouTube?” 😄😄

So I told her what happened night before lol

She said she was texting with friends and suddenly a notification popped down – would you like to connect to Tv? And she was going so fast she accidentally hit button for yes 😄😄 but also not sure what happened 😄😄

That was soooo funny ❤️

And then while unpacking … Not to age me… but I came across a Walkman my grandfather gave me when I was maybe 13?

It was the coolest thing… I had just discovered music – I went to stay with them that summer – I was his shadow ❤️ I was also his princess ❤️☘️

He showed me and then gave it to me and those headphone never left my ears after that lol ❤️

I found the Walkman ❤️ it doesn’t work anymore – but it’s just the memory I want – makes me feel him here.

Anyway ok I have to run 🏃‍♀️ I have so much to do!! Dang it!

I kinda feel bad for balancing because they can not. I just also understand the need to lighten or let mind escape – make spirit stronger for moment 🙏

Can we please have peace 🙏✌️

“Week IN MARCH”!!!!!

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  1. And tRump is openly supporting Putin’s war, which is now a nuclear threat!!! Jeebus.

    Do you have a “decoder” of headstone symbols? I have one somewhere. I stibled across a song I meant to share for younger gen funerals/memorials… I need to go find it. I can recall parts of the video but not the artist or title.

    I hope you’re doing well!

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    1. Yeah I hear what Trump say – he’s insane also – his words are also insane … I can feel for Russia because we also have this insane person!! Is anyone even seriously listening to Trump anymore ?? Also insane person…

      Oh thank god he is no longer in power – we can all be thankful for that!! That would be a thousand times worse!!!

      No I do not – very cool

      I am doing ok – little stressy but it be fine. It’s just the world 🌎

      I come back and it’s all crazy. And then all life crazy stuff so I keep trying to balance. I should just come here lol – there just a thousand things to do 😮

      So I am trying to figure how to time manage – cause right now I am thrown off

      How are you doing? Are you feeling ok? How is knee?


      1. I think is life?? Cause I am also always exhausted! Lol

        Hopefully is not lupus 🙏

        Well weather been weird … my breasts react to change in weather 🤨 I can feel pains around my scars

        Perhaps they react to the air pressure?


      2. I shouldn’t have laughed about your boobs but I did. First thing I pictured was them inflating like some teen boy’s fantasy.

        I’d like to blame my knee pain on weather but the only link is them locking up in the cold. Despite office rules, I’m still using and under-desk heater. Helps my knees but that warm air drifting up into my face makes me even more tired!!

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      1. Yeah… diff flowers have meanings, swirls, wheat. All I recall is that lambs are usually for children. They also tend to have small headstones. At the local cemetery, there are several sections that are all children…visible by the small headstones.

        The cemetery is also largely segregated (it was opened in 1906)… rich, asian, latino, black, and “potter’s field” (destitute)… weird to realize prejudices extended into death.

        Liked by 1 person

      2. Yes lambs are for children

        Yes I know … I never understood that when I was growing up? Is people and they dead? So??? What reason to segregate? – as a child that was so weird to me


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