You know how all the time I tell you I am quiet … I am…

I will let people in, but I am guarded…

I am very careful with who around my life

I let a woman come close … only in friendship – nothing dirty …

But then just things I observe with behavior and it became heavy and I can’t … and I had a lot going on with the house and moving in.

Well so I take some pretty hard stances on things sooooooo… first … you wanna enjoy life with me – I have open arms …


But on the flip side of that… I also feel if you don’t want to be there then don’t … if you can’t just enjoy life with me then don’t.

There are certain things that I can’t handle. I do need sincere, and non dramatic, and I am tired so… I do not do stupid shit and I do not like to be involved in any drama or gossipy things. Whatever … I just wanna go in – work and enjoy my days… and go to my new house ❤️ be settled

It was tense and odd… very heavy so whatever …

I would like to enjoy life …so you do too or not… whatever ✌️ peace

So I was busy anyway and I slip sliding away lol


I just went quiet and worked all the time so whatever enjoyed life

But now they noticing something?? I do not know… also someone warn them about her? I don’t know who? So they now notice I kinda quiet … and they asking questions 😐

When and why did I go quiet? 😮


I just let people form their own opinions. I really am very busy at my location and also “in life” I don’t have time for fake friends so whatever

I learn who truly there and truly not so… I watch that. Definitely if they gonna be close in my life.

I’m just REALLY careful with that and also extreme heaviness, drama or pressure – nope… I am ok with life events because that happens – but when someone is causing that – I just can’t

So ya know whatever ✌️ I’m good.

But I also stay quiet and let others make their own choices … what might not be ok for me – might be fine for someone else.

So I dunno? They asking me questions today 🤨

Is just my own choice to just work and I am busy… I am very very busy at work!!

So I just don’t like drama so I be quiet and be careful ✌️ nope – can’t

Life events fine – drama no

Felt like too much to me so I just back off and be quiet and I was moving and had daughter for few weeks and was busy with work too – I had a lot happening and I needed balance ✌️ so I distance


It just so happened we have all been busy and doing many things so my quietness and distancing was not noticed ✌️ 🙌

This is where I got before I fell asleep last night

And I have to go to work now ✌️😘

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