Ok so… sometimes I come here and I write but when I finish writing – eh … I don’t wanna say what I wrote.

Either is too personal… and nope lol … or things I am not sure how I really wanna say. And even still doesn’t always come out perfectly 🤷‍♀️ whatever am human.


I don’t really listen to media or outside sources … I see clips of news either at work or quickly in morning if I can handle it … because everyone all angry all the time everywhere and tons of bad things go on … I hear quick for general info and then that’s enough for me. I’m just tired. I don’t want a lot of drama

Anyway so I stay away – I stay away from a lot of things. I can’t have so much drama all the time daily omg – that is why I hated Trump!!! I do not want that constant drama in my daily life 🤦‍♀️

I just want peace … and can Russia please stop … did we not have enough death with Covid ?

Stop flirting with stupid war… stop ✋ don’t be an asshole!! Back up.

Please do not do war.

Can we be level headed and discuss shit like grown adults who can handle that?

Well anyway … can you just please back up. We see.

The world loves drama… if there is no drama someone has to create it. Omg – whatever

I do like France’s President actually … I like that he is diplomatic and that he stepped up to try to help – thank you for that, appreciate 😊❤️

I like him … SEEMS to be decent human being… l like the effort and thought – that was really nice 😊❤️

Oh I have something funny for you…

So we deal with many priests … a couple of them are actually Irish lol … so they have that REALLY thick thick Irish accents when they speak English – it’s adorable… I love it soooo much ❤️

Well whatever – I speak English – I never really stopped to think about how an accent would be in different languages

Then we needed a spanish speaking priest and it was a Irish priest … so we giggled a little bit at first because how is that gonna sound?? What does that thick Irish accent sound like in Spanish?? Lol

The Irish accent speaking Spanish 😄❤️ oh it was even more adorable!!! ❤️ makes you smile

I just never thought about accents speaking in other languages … that just opened up a worm hole for me lol … cause now I just think of them all and what would be lol

So hmm 🤔 …

I guess is the same as English because we have people from all over world and many accents and each does sound different

I just never thought about that in different languages 🤷‍♀️ it just never hit me before … it’s because that Irish accent is sooooo thick lol (and my family is Irish with a few having thick accents) … so makes me notice… and America is many languages, but our big main ones are English and Spanish. Spanish has their own accents… so then when we had to mix Spanish with the Irish accent it just made impact lol

It’s very cool. Pretty adorable ❤️

And in other news 📰… since I am single woman and ya know I like safety and protection … so I just get cameras and alarm 🚨 … not that I have anything …but just because I am alone or with daughter – I just feel safer. Not that isn’t safe here – but ya know Satan and stalkers and shit lol … so ya know …

“Protection” lol or hopefully 🙏🙏🙏

So just helps a little. I work a lot and over summer she will be here alone

And I am alone sometimes so I just feel better

Also I can speak through the system using my phone from anywhere 😄😄 … “hello this is god” 😄😄

I’m a little excited because my kids won’t know lol – so I will do that lol … oh just fun little moments 🙌

Little entertainment for the first time 🙌

So alright… I be safe sorta 🙏🙏

So … Protection/safety ✔️ (ish) 🙏🙏🙏

I wanna say one more thing…

I know the world has anger issues right now… I think that is media and social media doing that… but anyway… it makes everyone so angry

People lose their manners or how to treat people – ya know …maybe sometimes stop and understand that you do not know what another walks through

Someone I don’t know made one of my friends cry… she has cancer … this asshole just yelled at her and said mean things to her… he didn’t know what she was going through – didn’t know she has cancer

It not really a convo you wanna say to whoever … when you say you have or had cancer a persons look changes and just I dunno? You share because is important to save a life with info if possible… but ya know not a convo opener lol especially with a stranger

Anyway… he went on later… on another day and was mean and rude again. When I say rude – he was awful and rude and mean!! Literally no reason and horrible to be that way to others 😮

That is evidentially how this asshole man treats other human beings in general 😮 very sad man

We all need that week in March – it’s approaching

We should just set it in stone yearly … once a year we take break from the bullshit of the world

But I don’t know if the world can even do that unless life throws a life threatening virus 🦠 🤨

And that’s another thing … everyone all scared and careful of a killer virus … but war, and everyone all tense and ready? 🤨 wtf is that??


Whatever just things


Ok and I suppose that’s everything tonight


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