Back in time…

I’m a little quiet currently?? Half because I am busy… very busy – Either working and am organizing house and going through boxes 📦 – some things were in storage, which my oldest recently came to help me move.

I am sentimental so certain things are special

Things I forgot all about 😮❤️ been in storage forever

Opening some boxes is like time capsule of life 😮

For every child there is a box of memories and meaningful things – “a time capsule” ❤️

I taught my kids to read before they went to school… for each child… I would make napkins with jokes and loving messages and put them in their lunches…

They always loved jokes.. so they would read to all their friends at lunch 😄❤️ everyday they couldn’t wait for new joke lol

They loved it so much that the napkins would come back and they ask me to save them lol … so I did. ❤️

They are just funny little easy children’s jokes lol… and I would sometimes illustrate 😄😄✌️it was fun for all of us ❤️

There are just a lot of things … sometimes it stops me for minute to see them 😮 it’s not just photos 😮

Also… check out what else I came across organizing …

😮❤️ I still have not opened … I will – just not yet.

It stops you because when you pick up a relic lol… your mind instantly flashes to the moments of those memories 😮

I reach my hand in a box and my mind just goes back in time 😮

And some boxes have my childhood 😮 … because my mom did similar things – she is sentimental also. so that too…

So you know … I do stuff but then get lost in time – it’s so weird??

There are things worth money, but also sentimental – some are my great grandmothers things and my grandparents – and my parents … plus my whole life 😮

It’s weird to see again. It does flash my mind away instantly 😮

Hahaha one box has these stone tablets lol 😄😄 my oldest had to pick up and carry that lol 😄😄

But they are my favorite stone tablets of all… is one from each child – done in kindergarten with hands and feet prints and different poems on each ❤️ they are beautiful ❤️

I kinda giggled as my son gave me crap for actually having stone tablets 😄😄✌️❤️

I have baseball cards from the 70’s and 80’s… and garbage patch kids also… Archie comics omg … also back in the day…

There are big things too 😮 and wall hangings and beautiful ornate handmade afghans 😮

Anyway… kinda mind blowing and takes your breath away to see again after … everything.

Huh 🤔 my life – so weird – so different… another lifetime but not so many years ago 😮

Yup… sentimentally sappy 😘✌️❤️

Is like seeing ghosts 😮 because those moments in time connected to those things is gone, yet I can still feel the love from them 😮❤️ it takes my mind away.


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  1. I remember unpacking several weird “mythical” frog type statues and taking a long time to recall when/why I’d acquired them. Dunno what I did with them – probably packed right back in another “time capsule” box!

    Back during the start of lunar new year, a couple weeks ago, I told someone about your unopened red envelope!

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      1. Hahaha well is very special to me because was my first ever Chinese funeral … and ya know I loved their kindness thoughtfulness and respect… and was very sweet they include us with those envelopes. I always remember them… and I just wanna open when is momentous lol 🙌 I like the beauty of that I suppose I love time capsules lol 😘✌️❤️ it was just meaningful to me.


    1. Lol well it’s every time I open a box 📦

      The time capsules are interesting with the memories …

      I found some soaps that I saved from the day my dad died 🧼

      Made me smell his smell and remember him there – those are a little hard

      My box of memories from my childhood and my kids memories are amazing ❤️

      All of it is little treasures

      I haven’t even hit any of the massive things or boxes

      I have a 2 car garage and it takes up one whole side of my garage currently 😮😮 I have a lot to go through and organize or evaluate

      Some memories are difficult. Glad I have them but some throw me for a loop.

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