Things to go over…

Ok so… first … careful… I do not like to be chased – please back up and please chill.

It’s really not that hard – just chill and maybe learn who am before you charge at me like a fricken bull 🤨

Holy Moly 😮🤨

Dude!! Stop ✋

I can not do this or handle this omg – c’mon!!!

He sending Facebook request after I already say no to that too and mentioned how I do not go on … I’m not fuckin approving that – fuck that!!

I’m not going on for any man – so back that shit up right there.

Who the fuck you think you are? Back your shit up … that is NOT how it works!!

Kinda offended by the nerve… so yeah watch your shit when approaching

And get the F away from me ..seriously what the F?

Am I being punked? Wtf??

First off I am quiet … so you need to step slowly. Do not instantly invade my space!!! Back it up

I am not looking for crazy and insane so nope

I’m really good… and he keeps saying how beautiful and now because is constantly …it’s ultra creepy like omg

Ok he can cut that out now!! So I am uncomfortable

I think he’s mental because no!!

Way way WAY too strong, too fast, too much … back your shit up!! Omg

What the hell people?

Relax… chill… zen

Cut the shit!!! Why??? Why??? Why is this way? Why can’t it just be all peaceful …I want to run away lol

Now I fully remember all the reasons I left civilization to begin with 😮😮 because I have the urge of wanting that back lol

Ok well I am adult – ish lol … I just don’t want to deal with this sort of stuff and I feel you should not force things – and I feel heavy pressure and uncomfortable with this one

Makes me little scared. Yeah. Not comfortable at all

I just want him to leave me alone 😮 it’s over the top. Too creepy.

That’s really rude… I dunno I am offended. First of all … do not suffocate me or come in really hard … I do not do well if you do that – and is instant NO. Nope no way!!! Back that shit up

Please give me space

When I tell you I don’t do social media – don’t go and request to be friend and no!! How rude… I tell him no …and he just goes and does that

He has zero chance at all ever!! Zero!!!

Back the F up!!!

Ugh 😑 I hate this.

Whatever – I am just offended and I do not like how hard he coming at me – I don’t like any of that!!! Please do not do that

I’m not interested in bullshit 😘✌️

I want to enjoy my life – and that’s not gonna let me cause all that shit is overtop! I do not wanna be anyones arm candy or whatever … nope

Not interested with anything superficial and fake

He just keep saying how beautiful – always 🤨… stop ✋ and then doesn’t hear what I say on top of that … so get the f out lol

Not that I don’t love a compliment … sure thank you very flattered … but then ok stop ✋ do not bring to level of creepy … stop ✋

If makes me think there is his focus and that he’s completely superficial and get the fuck away from me – no!! And it’s creepy – just don’t … in a special moment is fine … but please not every single time you contact omg stop ✋

This is definite no


I miss the country 😩😩😩

I am not liking civilization much – I forgot all about it 😩😩😩

So… lol … women perspectives because society has gone crazy 😮😮

Dude seriously needs to back his shit up!! I am sooo not comfortable at all!!

Who he think he is? 🤨

And then also… this house omg – so much to do getting settled 😮 not just move in and be done lol … I actually have to be adult and do stuff lol

Not that I didn’t before but omg even more now

And all the kids have been with me ❤️

But I’m still exhausted all the time??

I do love the house … had my first bug… eww … luckily oldest was here so I let him handle it 😘✌️

And now I have to go shopping 🛍 for Valentine’s things so people can exchange those at lunch tmrw lol

I said “when is Valentine’s?” And she’s like “TOMORROW” lol … oh oh yeah lol … dang time is fast

But still NO on the massive aggressiveness – just don’t do that – I don’t like that!!!

Ugh … do we know how to be human beings??

That is questionable and debatable lol 😑

I am tired … so probably just because so much stuff coming at me? ya know – exhausted lol

March?? 🙏🙏🙏 please – one week 🙏


Well whatever 😑 let me know if that’s a thing because I definitely want that lol 😘

So anyway, ugh let me see if I can just order Valentine’s?? Lol.. I do not want to get dressed and go outside …

Ok I gotta go out 🤨 great … more seeing people in daylight 🤨 buying that stuff 🤨

Ok well whatever – is for chocolate so … ok fine – but that’s the only reason!! ONLY!! Lol 🍫

Ok fine whatever – going out 🤨 ugh

7 thoughts on “Things to go over…

Add yours

    1. Oh he is making me feel sick to my stomach 😮 soooo creepy!!

      Yes I agree … am handling

      But he makes me feel sick 😮🤮

      Way too strong!! Holy moly


      So yeah that’s a no lol


    1. Oh yeah – has not left me alone yet. Called several times today 😞😩

      Lol yes… indeed!! “Some people!”

      See … I miss the privacy and peace of the country – it was worth the drive out there and through the Mountain roads – that peace was always incredible and healing ❤️‍🩹

      I have had peace for awhile now… so is adjustment.

      I will miss peace 😩

      Liked by 1 person

      1. It was beautiful 😍 so peaceful on the country roads – it lulled you ❤️

        Was a great peace after work ❤️

        But being in town is nice too… everything is right here and they deliver to my address now lol … and those windows 🪟 ❤️ … they make my kitchen light up with color ❤️

        Is beautiful here too – just a different peace than the country has

        I do miss the peace of the country though – it was just so peaceful and beautiful ❤️ it’s hard once you’re spoiled lol ✌️

        Liked by 1 person

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