Yeah see

What is that all about today?? I was not ready for anything like that today at all! And who is he??

Confident fucker – slow your roll – you don’t know who you deal with lol 😘✌️

And you have to be careful with telling people same thing over and over – you can’t constantly say beautiful beautiful beautiful lol … that makes you sound like a smooth operator

I don’t want that. Just talk to me like human being … you don’t have to come at me like that. Just be normal.

Right away I think “what is your purpose or motive”? Right away I’m watching your actions

I feel is I dunno – superficial or fake so 🤷‍♀️

Just a little red flag 🚩 type thing.

But that’s what I mean … all that stuff is just flooding in lately because now I see people so here we go 😮

Today when he met me… he immediately took my hand and looked for a wedding ring

Ok now see … you should not do that either

Just chill 🙌 … be zen… relax … don’t do bullshit


But yeah … 2022 is just rushing my life …

Before … I just hid myself way out in country… never saw anyone and I am usually hidden at work.

Now I am not so hidden anymore – I really forgot about this part 😞 that makes me feel little overwhelmed – I have that urge to run back to country 😮 I love it here … but I will have to get used to I guess “people” again 😮

I just like my life nice and quiet, peaceful and chill… no drama.. no nothin

So. I do not know how this whole people thing gonna go 😮 I miss being hidden away 😮

This will be … ??? … ok well it will be fine. Just makes me little nervous. Ya know. Whatever

My life was so silent and beautiful in country ❤️

Is beautiful here also… it does not feel so silent like the country. So I guess I am getting used to that too. Just many things.

I still love though!! ❤️

I’m just not used to people everywhere lol

Wow… I really removed myself 😮 lol … I know that I did … I just didn’t realize how completely I did that 😮

And then just technology and things also flood in.

Is not as peaceful

And also today someone else wanted my Facebook … ok well see – I do not do social media. Nope. I went silent … I literally fell off face of earth and remain there – I just like the peace without any of those things. And I don’t have time, and I need focus.

So ya know … and then to some Facebook is like “the thing” … ok well whatever – not me. I don’t like any of them… and that must have been this weeks theme because I also got asked for something else what was it??? I dunno some video chat thing earlier this week.

So … nope nope and nope – I do not give out or use those things. I like my privacy.

I just like to hmm?? Not be chased like I am game or whatever … or treated like?? I dunno … how would you feel?

And then is little embarrassing in front of coworkers and what am I gonna do? I can’t control any of it!

So ya know … people

I do not do that to men lol … hey babe… when’s our wedding? 🤨 I would never lol … omg

Or the other plethora of things men say lol

Who teaches you people these things?? 🙄😄😄

Don’t be overly suave and I dunno?? Don’t be saying stuff like that lol

Is kinda little bit creepy?? Isn’t it?? Cause also… have some respect while I’m at work. ??

That’s hard because it catches me in 2 worlds 😮 at work I am strong but then I am quiet personally. I just keep away. So that’s a little tough and then he wanna take me out on Super Bowl Sunday – nope … I have daughter

So I dunno – just want you to see perspective 😊

Here we go. I forgot about these things – I was hidden away so well for quite awhile ❤️

Ok so.

It’s fine – I’m used to it… but I’m just saying it is overwhelming

So yeah little overwhelmed there. Or a lot

I forgot all about that … but I end on those songs!

Ok boys here – bye 👋

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    1. Hahaha … yes … I already know … no missing that clue lol

      He makes me feel sick 🤮 he’s just way too strong, pushy nope!!

      Also – I don’t have time for bs lol … he’s way too creepy. Very very bad vibe.

      There is no chance in hell lol … I knew that from the minute I pick up phone on Monday and he is like “Is this the beautiful Trisha?”

      And done lol ✌️

      But yeah creep.

      Dude has not left me alone yet omg

      So I am telling him that I have no time or interest in dating, also I am very boring … I do not want to do anything I am too busy and too tired and I’m not willing to have pressure from anyone 😊✌️

      I just wanna be left alone 😩

      I do …but I don’t lol …

      Is quiet and deafening by self lol … but then everyone seems to be insane ? Lol

      So ya know… what’s your poison? ☠️ alone or insane ? Lol

      I just want something that happens ? Not forced – just happens 😊 not creepy or make me feel sick ✌️

      But I just don’t think people can do that so whatever. I do believe in meant to be … but definitely not like that lol

      Ahhh… being a woman 🤨🙄 I should just start wearing a black veil 😄😄

      But then “I” would be creepy lol …so probably not best idea lol

      But I can’t say I am not loving that idea lol 🙌😄✌️

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  1. Wow what a great version by SayGrace! Sorry to read about people overwhelm, can relate. Where l am here in Sandwich right on a busy street, l spend a lot of my time cussing people’s absolute ignorance to other people’s space. So l hear ya.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Yes – I love that song 🎶❤️

      Is that the same place that quaintly looked like an English fairy tale?

      Well this was like insane… everything was normal and going well until Friday and then this guy hard core wanna come at me and I’m not really that type …at all whatsoever lol

      It’s too much.

      I just don’t like certain things and he do every single one of them lol

      I don’t like or use social media… what he do? Requests me 🤨 after I already say no!

      He’s just really creepy – I can not handle.

      I do need a person who would be respectful of my job, my wishes, and also actually listen.

      Busy streets aren’t bad … when I was little we would visit grandparents and they were on a busy street …

      Every time there would be siren 🚨… i would race to window 🙌 that was always cool and exciting

      There is always people watching lol – that can also be quite entertaining lol

      Yeah I dunno what’s up with the world – they all going crazy – or they angry … or both

      So 🤷‍♀️

      All news is about these horrible things and then I think “I guess we learned absolutely nothing” 🤷‍♀️

      Ah the humanity

      But yes boundaries, respect and space. I am happy to respect same…

      But yes – I need time and space lol 🙌

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      1. Living on an English street in a medieval town is a little different when the main traffic roads are only 9 feet wide. Including the pavements [sidewalks] you are talking a maxiumum space of 12 feet from your front window to the neighbours front window.

        Also this is a rental here and the landlord only has single pane windows so every little bit of noise is ten times louder than it could be, so when you have people talking or driving at speed or revving their engines or slamming doors after a while it becomes a little frustrating.

        Yes, you are not having a lot of fun with that kind of male behaviour – is he younger, older, your age group?

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      2. Oh wow! I can see that … some places and homes in Sacramento are like that.

        My windows are bad too – also single pane (or pain) lol … is on my list … but expensive so is far down on my list lol

        Yeah the country was very peaceful in terms of that – I was away from people

        Yeah I am not so hidden anymore ☹️

        It happens – I just don’t like it.

        This one surprisingly is older!! At least 10-15 years older!!

        Ugh I don’t know why is difficulty like it is

        I really loved my respite since July of 2019 ❤️

        Now life floods back in really hardly 😮🤨

        It was so peaceful for so long ❤️

        Now it all comes back 😩 I just have to get used to it again

        I was sooo used to peace – and I forgot all about how is.

        Since was so peaceful and in country, I heal a lot … I didn’t even give it much thought – I was only excited for maybe house cause is a peace there also.

        I will miss that peace very much – I do hope I am ok without it. But I do have the peace of having my own place and not being under anyones mercy – so is trade off of peace 😮

        It also makes me nervous as a single woman living alone … because I do not trust people and people are insane 😮

        And then I have all these issues with these things so yes it makes me uncomfortable and nervous when they act like insane person

        I get stalkers and it’s just a thing so it just makes me nervous with what someone is capable of.

        Definitely prefer being hidden away – was peaceful ❤️

        I have peace to not be at mercy… so there is that ❤️ I worked hard for that 😊❤️ still do

        Just my trade off is not being hidden as completely as I was.

        I got used to the peace from these things so I just have to readjust.

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      3. Older, wow that really is nobjockey nobblet behaviour! I wonder if that is who he is or if maybe he is recently divorced from a long running relationship or marriage and trying to feel young again and not aware of how the market has shifted.

        Or maybe he has lost his wife and that explains it all.

        He is ceratinly out of a touch with the behaviours that are acceptable today in comparison to what is not.

        Not me defending the behaviour, but this aggressive wooing is very old fashioned male egotism.

        Yes at times l miss the peace and tranquility of Kingsdown where l used to live. I love the town l am in, l love being close to the centre of the town and l am lucky l can for the better side to life switch off, it is just at times people are seemingly oblivious to the noise they make. i think many forget where l live is a residentail area it’s either that or since the pandemic people don’t care anymore.

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      4. Lol … how the market has shifted 😄😄 … well it shifted for me too lol

        The behavior makes me think he trying to impress and awe me to start… because probably not a very good person once you know him? So has to come in fast and strong with flash 🤨

        Yeah nope 👎 doesn’t listen or give space … nope … not the way to maneuver lol …

        I have no energy, desire or care to even have anything with pressure and that’s pressure right off bat – dude doesn’t even know me … and all this happened on Friday and over weekend with no warning 😮 I had zero warning with any of it or who he even is!

        Friday came and then that happened 😮

        I think somehow people went crazy?

        Yeah dude needs to check his angle 📐

        But he’s creepy to me anyway?? I don’t think changing his angle will help … he is very creepy – like uncomfortable creepy??

        Hmm 🤔 I don’t know?? I want to give benefit of doubt and say … they probably don’t realize ??

        Sometimes when I am on phone at work… coworkers come in from lunch laughing or whatever 🤨 but they don’t realize until they see me on phone so sometimes they don’t realize??

        I talk to many people who cry and while laughter is important and good – there is time and place when you are comforting someone

        But see you wouldn’t know that… so that is a possibility

        However – people also do not give a shit anymore cause the world is insane?? So everyone is rebellious and angry

        So I don’t know 🤷‍♀️

        It’s very different than the serenity of the country. For sure!

        I have one loud neighbor – blares their music on weekends and holidays lol

        They are renters but are new. Nice but loud lol

        The other night at like 1am… some car with some serious subwoofers 🔊 lol comes driving down the street

        That guy didn’t give a shit at 1am lol

        Just depends on the people, the generation and the situation … so many variables lol

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  2. But he’s creepy to me anyway?? I don’t think changing his angle will help … he is very creepy – like uncomfortable creepy??

    Well if that’s the case … then that’s just enough to put up all barriers, l agree.

    We have a 25mph speed limit down this street, however that doesn’t stop drivers attempting 60 mph late at night because there is no one here to police them.

    I have heard and seen all sorts here in this street since l have been here, from a couple having sex on my front windowsill, to fights, to people kicking the doors and arguments …. groan.

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    1. Ohhh 😮 yikes … drive but also arrive alive 😮 in residential neighborhood not smart but I know people do it.

      😮 wow … you so close you can hear all that?! 😮

      Is that typical or no? Is your area touristy?

      Lol yes … I would say you have heard and seen many things lol

      Fights, arguments and kicking things… well I used to get yelled at no matter what I did – so ya know you can’t control what other people do.

      How come you live there if you do not like it? You can be anywhere right?

      I have seen “flats”?? On HGTV … when they do that show – House Hunters International lol

      Is like townhomes?

      My place is pretty quiet… I’m in town but right on the line to leave town lol

      I do have one neighbor who likes playing loud music and having people over on weekends lol

      But whatever they nice neighbors so I just go in my bedroom in back of house and can’t hear a thing ❤️

      You should get a bullhorn and blow that when people fight or argue lol … that would be entertaining, plus maybe deter that behavior?

      The modern equivalent to tapping the ceiling with a broom lol

      How come police are not policing?

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