Is it a full moon?

My morning started with a phone call from someone asking if this was the beautiful Trisha 😮?? Lol

What the??

And then they flirty… I am at work… I do not think on that level at work.

Then he comes in … can not stop telling me how beautiful am … and how he wanna wine me and dine me 😮 …

And then I said something about my coworker needing me and he said yeah we can add her to the wedding list 😮🤨

First of all – no!! Lol not happening

All day he continued to call and say how beautiful I am 😮 (go easy on that!!)

I know of him, have spoken on phone and then totally met him today

But that was a really weird and crazy day 😮

I will tell you more later

Is it a full moon? Have people gone insane? Probably but whatever

Do you see what happens??!!

6 thoughts on “Is it a full moon?

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  1. No flirting around me but people have definitely been weird since Thur evening. And traffic today was waaay worse than usual… more cars and far worse drivers. I was homicidal by the time I got home!

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    1. Yeah I don’t know what is up with that?? Why so many drivers?? And terrible ones too!! ???

      I did check on the full moon and it occurs on Feb 16th so few more days lol

      When was that singles day again?? I asked someone yesterday – there is Valentine’s Day but when is singles day? And they told me “everyday is singles day” 😄😄

      But really …what is that day?? Lol


      1. Hahaha well I love Galentine’s 😄 that is funny – cute name

        And yes … on Valentine’s you are very aware you are single lol 😄 that is also funny

        But isn’t there some other day in the year for singles day ?? Let me Google …

        Ahhh yes … 11/11 🙌😄 I knew there was a day.


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