I miss coming here … I’m sorry I am absent lately… got my ass kicked by moving and working at same time lol – I do not recommend doing that by yourself… my boys came and help me with large things.

My home is in boxes and I can’t find anything – am little jumbled. Little overwhelmed with society and 2022 rushing back into my life – I have been in peace with 1985 😘✌️not sure what I think about all that. I will tell you about that soon

I am so exhausted, haven’t really had downtime and when I have come here to try to write … I will be writing post and just fall asleep and then the vicious cycle continues lol

Other stuff happens so I wanna start again… then fall asleep – etc etc

I am so exhausted …

I will be back…

I aim for every night but probably Saturday??

I just can’t keep self awake… I am up before the sun… get as much as possible done before racing all around and then it’s dark… between work and going through things trying to find my shit lol … omg … my outfits are creative lol … and I am finding treasures along the way… both my own and new ones 🙌

I went to put trash out one night and turned on outside lights and there was this 😮 … I am still learning the house and lots of fixes needed but that’s ok. I still like it

The neighbors are nice

One neighbor takes my cans down on garbage day and takes them up for me too 😮😊 … I guess because I work so early and come home so late ⏰ he be nice – very thoughtful!

Ok I have to go – I am still alive – I will be back

Please also stay alive 😘✌️❤️

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    1. Yeah … am always grateful 😊…I am alive and have life 🙌❤️ so yes in that way … “always” … absolutely know the gift ❤️

      Am doing ok – just really tired because work is mental, moving is physical so put them both together and it wipes you out!! Omg – no balance!! Burning candle at both ends lol

      And yeah… weird to be back in civilization again 😮

      Lol … yes yes Friday Eve … almost there 😊🙏🙌

      I will be reading and catching up 🔜 … trying for tonight but I feel the exhaustion setting in – I might face plant into bed soon? 🤷‍♀️ we see

      Very grateful for life always …even when face planting in bed lol 🙌✌️❤️

      Stay safe over there😊

      I be back soon – almost have down time 😊🙌

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      1. Yes … I will be around shortly 🙌

        Today is Super Bowl Sunday 🙄

        We just chillin 😎

        I be back shortly – have to do couple quick things lol – which seem to be recently never ending omg

        Is like when you have baby… no one REALLY tells you what’s up – you learn that …

        Same with house – I am learning many things 😮

        But yes love it – ok I be back 🙌

        I hope your weekend been good too 😊✌️

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    1. I know!!! I miss being here!! Every time I “think” I am able – I am not … but I do have down time coming this weekend!!!

      Or I hope for that at least – alarms were going off at funeral home last night 🤨 no reason but whatever

      Saturday – I can’t wait for Saturday lol

      I miss you!! 🙌✌️ hope you doing well and got all your dental and medical things handled 😊 I be around to catch up soon!

      Ps – I love the house… and salt 🧂 in corners is to remove any bad energy 😊

      Is weird to come from a desolate peaceful place and into society 😮 I didn’t realize how much I remove self 😮 or how much it would come back like a wave 😮

      Ok I be back soon ❤️ off to work 😞 … is Friday 🙌 woo hoo!!


      1. No reason??? GHOSTS & ZOMBIES!!!

        I’m glad you’re enjoying the house!! Neighbors bringing trashbins off the street is a great thing! Pisses me off to get home at 9pm and find mine way out in the road, causing cars to drive around, when everyone else’s are put away! How hard is to at least roll mine to the curb?!? Plus, being out in the street with no car in the driveway is a clear sign that no one is home!

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      2. Hahahaha yeah I didn’t think of that aspect 😄😄

        Yes he’s very kind to do that for me 😊

        Yes I am usually at work… they only see my car on weekends or overnight lol

        But yes very kind awesome neighbors


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