Crazy memories

Can life slow down?

Omg so many things!

And my home … I look around and feel ?? Just from everything … to get there. So it trips me up

Is beautiful though … I can’t wait to make all kinds of memories in it ❤️

I already remember moving – and so does my body 😮 I wonder how I will look back?? I still kinda just stare around 😮

And it kinda big all by myself 😮 it’s great when kids are here – but when is me all by myself – it’s really huge and it seems so quiet – which I like … and peaceful … I love it … but there is a sense of ?? I don’t know? I got my salt 🧂 in the corners lol

I have to go bye 👋

2 thoughts on “Crazy memories

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  1. Salt in the corners oh ho, nice – sage might be easier 🙂

    Although salt in front of the door’s better.

    How are you doing, five days on from this post?


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