Deep breath

Sometimes when I am tired … and work makes me change my password CONSTANTLY!! Lol …

I get to the password and I have to stare at computer for one minute while my mind races through passwords 🤨 what did I pick ??

Ugh I am tired – but it is Friday ❤️❤️

Ok well. Please stop dying so much!!

Alright it’s Friday… no dying today or tonight!! You must refrain from Friday!!!!

It’s really hard currently 😢💔 take it easy!!

I fight death, but yet, I stay and it keeps me 😮

But it’s alot… ok remember FRIDAY

Please let me survive! 🙏🙏🙏

It’s good – it will be fine – ok FRIDAY

Ok – deep breath and go 😳 – bye for now 👋

It will be totally fine 😳🙏

Can you please just wear your masks to kinda slow down a little ?? Thanks – would appreciate it if people stop catching or spreading Covid

And in other news :

Oh boy… Meatloaf died 😮

And also Louie Anderson

Music and comedy 🎭💔 my 2 favorites genres ❤️those keep me alive ❤️😘

Ok well gonna be heavy day – it is really hard to have sooooooooo much death!! But it’s fine. It’s just heavy and also insane crazy!!

Deep breath 😮‍💨 💔

2022 gonna be a ride 😮😮 buckle up

No dying and mask up 😷🙏


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