Not so bad

Friday wasn’t too bad…

I am going to work tmrw. I don’t actually have to… but I do have to… I have a lot of work

Kids gonna be here ❤️🙌

I have to go ❤️ I have maybe stories later

We see … cause am still so exhausted 😮✌️

The kids will be mad at me later because I will try to keep eyes open and then they say “HEY” lol …

I say “ I was just resting my eyes for a minute” lol

Awhile ago I was complaining to my daughter about something being really crowded… the comment I made was “everyone and their mother is here” lol

And my daughter says “omg “oldest son” (she said his name) says that!!! He gets it from you!!!” Lol

I had to laugh – he’s turning into me with the sayings lol – how funny 😄😄 that is her older brother

I am queen of sayings because of my grandfather lol … and look … lol ❤️ that’s me ❤️

I am mirrored in my son ❤️ check that ❤️ woo hoo – shhh don’t tell him I said that because it’s probably not cool … but whatever – yay ❤️

My minions ❤️

I made them ❤️ it’s funny to know your children turn into you 😄😄 I remember first time I heard my mothers words come outta my mouth 😮

It’s very funny lol … ❤️

See check it… “he’s like me” ❤️ yay!! He says my words ❤️😄😄 I am a little delighted with that ❤️ 🤫

Ok gotta do they coming

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