Just alot of things

Oh my goodness – whew! I was kinda exhausted all day long 😮😮 not by anything in particular ?? I dunno I was just exhausted? Even my body is!! Omg – I need a massage badly ~sigh~

I have this most adorable woman … she is heartbroken 💔 … lost the love of her life whom she did everything with – not really have too many friends – she is bit older than my mom… she reminds me how heartbroken my mom was when my dad passed. They were different generation – one of the greats – classic American housewives… they don’t make ‘em like that anymore!!! Not like their generation… just the woman was very much so to take care of her man… so she is lost. She devoted her entire self to him – my mom did too

She cries 💔 and she feels bad for crying on me lol … I tell her … oh you in safe zone – if there is anywhere where crying is “ok” – it’s definitely a funeral home ✌️ it’s not abnormal – so cry away –

I tell her go ahead and cry because it is a release – is good to get your cries out. And also… you are not under anyone else’s timeline… you take as long as you need to heal from things or to be sad and heartbroken – is ok

She will just need to learn herself now… she is very lost… it be ok. Hearts do break – but you do learn you have to move forward – it’s hard because you don’t know how at first – it’s terrifying

I also warned her – it will hit once everything quiets down and then it’s quiet and just you. I just want her to be prepared

New chapters – and then also… I believe something …

I believe that no one really truly dies – “technically” … BECAUSE … every life touches another… and that impact carries on in those they touch or make impact on… and it just continues because that person touched your life – they just carry on in you because maybe shaped who you are 😘✌️

That made her feel better – but she’s so lost and such a sweet woman … she calls me sweetheart ❤️ my grandfather used called me sweetheart ❤️ ☘️

Ya know people come into your life for reason when they are meant to. So.


So I just helping her through grief … kills me to understand her heart bleeds from the inside – because I know that pain and I know how much it hurts …and then you scared …and then angry … ya know “stages” – there really is that

And you just want them back no matter how irrational. ✌️ you want to believe if you wish hard enough, with all your might …they will come back


She is still in her cry stage… because it hurts so bad – her heart bleeds and breaks – she will probably always cry to miss him. I tell her – no no … all those photos … you just sit and go through them – remember all the funny stories or vacations or whatever happiness or funny things they brought to your life. Laugh and remember

Sometimes you can get lost in photos and also memories – is nice to see the photos

I still miss too.

She will cry until she can not cry anymore and then you just have to take a breath – and make your new life – what do you want?

Awww ☹️💔 … I had her smiling and leaving calm and at ease 😊 … because however you wanna grieve… but I can help ease the soul so she can grieve then I think it helps – because is always how you make someone feel… impact.

She smiles with me – her little face just brightens up to see me ❤️ I can make her smile and feel at ease – so that’s how I know she’s gonna be ok.

Will be ok because she can smile through grief – everyone is different – that’s why I always tell you / know your people… different people need different things – some don’t want emotions and that’s fine too – quick and easy

But she smiles so she be ok ❤️🙏

Ohh I have something HILARIOUS!! Omg – I can NOT wait to show my children 😄😄😄😄😄

Ok you wanna see ?

Thank you for showing me this Leendadll ❤️❤️❤️ omg I just love love love this scene 😄❤️ this is the best!!! ❤️😄😄



It makes me laugh sooooo much – I did look up that movie – it does look little stupid lol … but this totally makes me laugh ❤️😄😄😄

I also have this really weird unique thing lol… I just always know where boss is and what time get there? I do not know why or HOW that happens – it just does … my boss swears I am tracking – I am NOT- totally promise!!! – I seriously just call a place and I usually get it right lol 😮😮😮 on the first or second try always lol

I say it is because we share the same birthday lol 😄😄✌️ 7/7 🎰 so ya know – ride the same wave lol 😘

I would like to be all bad ass and say “I am totally in tune and know everything” but I am not – I just get lucky with my guesses and when I need things lol ☘️ luck of the Irish 💋 🎲 🎲

It’s just funny though – it’s like every single time lol – I do not do on purpose – it just works out


Lol – is kinda funny – I always think of that song lol

Well anyway… ugh I made it through a Tuesday

Wednesdays up …

Is it a full moon? Let me look

It just was – that explains the crazy ok – I got it

The moon was huge tonight ❤️ I love when it’s huge and lights everything up ❤️ but I also like when is dark and you can see every ★ star 💫

Ok one thing I will not miss is watching out for animals lol… omg … they jump out in front of you when you drive – I call the squirrels 🐿 Kamikaze Squirrels because they do not care they go spastic!! Oh look a car – let me run in front


I do believe they do that 😄😄😘✌️

And then the deer 🦌… them too… they dart all over the place in fear 😮 omg

So yeah I might not miss that aspect. Or ugly buzzards and things – definitely will not miss the snakes 🐍 nope – I hope there are none at my house lol 😳🙏

It’s California so I will have the stupid spiders 🕷 on steroids 🤨 huge – nasty – nope – is that why I don’t look like the type? Lol 😄✌️

And with bees 🐝… nope 👎 … I will run away and flail until I am inside or safe because no

But ok… I can maybe possibly grow up there ?? We will see … not really sure this will go well lol

But we gonna see – I’m pretty sure I can do anything … I always think that lol … sometimes I am wrong 😄😄✌️ but I think I can lol… ahhh so we will see

I think I am about to lose my voice? 😳 I dunno it just feels that way? And it sounds just a little off – so I think I will lose my voice soon ??

I used to be in the hospital for a week all the time for strep throat – it would just totally be bad – up until age 25… and then I had my tonsils removed… and I was less sick ❤️ and I didn’t have to always be at the hospital ❤️

So I don’t get sore throats anymore, but I do lose my voice in winter 🥶 so it feels and sounds like it’s at the start of that. 😳😝

I hate that! But whatever

Sometimes – I work alone.

And there was this:


So ya know – alert and careful – we keep our door locked though. You must have appt. Covid and safety.

Scary though … that company should be in trouble for letting her work alone like that. That should never be allowed where people can freely come in.

Look how beautiful she was, and a UCLA Grad

Heartbreaking! But also strong lesson!! Listen!!!!

Ok well… that was a scary and very sad thing – sorry to end on that – but you have to also be careful. Carry mace or whatever – but pay attention!! Trust your own instincts!!!

Alright well… I am exhausted – I do not know how long I gonna last – we see



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  1. I believe that no one really truly dies – “technically” … BECAUSE … every life touches another… and that impact carries on in those they touch or make impact on… and it just continues because that person touched your life – they just carry on in you because maybe shaped who you are

    I also believe this slightly differently to you, but same theme really.

    We never lose a person until the person dies within us and they are just a trace of the yesterday in which we knew each other.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Well yes, but when someone impacts who you are – that continues on in the people you impact.

      Like children – parents and upbringing will impact who that child becomes … and who they become will impact others

      So essentially – not really ever die because pieces keep continuing on ??

      I am who I am because of who my mother and father were. How they raised us

      The experiences we have with people shape who we are kinda

      But I see your point too… eventually memories of the person fade away

      But their impact continues

      Liked by 1 person

  2. It’s California so I will have the stupid spiders 🕷 on steroids 🤨 huge – nasty – nope – is that why I don’t look like the type? Lol

    Hahaha this made me laugh so hard and l nearly snorted my coffee ! I had this vision and in your words .. l am girl like girly girl and then l was thinking Yeah, that might be why some don’t see you as the spider type girly girl. then this vision of this huge spider dropping in and you wide eyed like NOPE not happening and just walking the other way 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Hahaha because that’s exactly how is lol 😄✌️ … and that is “almost” exactly what I would do…

      Only I would not “walk” away… I would be running lol

      I’m not really a bug person 😮

      I will have to have no lotions on, no perfumes… how to attract nothing lol 🙏🙏🙏

      So we see – I will try and see … it be mine so… I’m sure I will learn … I will have to make myself learn

      Oh the struggles lol 😘✌️

      Liked by 1 person

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